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Thread: 7/29 Season Premiere Show Discussion **Spoilers**

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    Re: 7/29 Season Premiere Show Discussion **Spoilers**

    The show was okay last night. Don't think they needed the extra 30 minutes because it was mostly commericals. Okay now on to the designers. The outfit that won shouldn't have in my opinion. It looked like a dance outfit my daughter wears during her dance recital. Casanova outfit I could see the Kardashian girls, Lady GaGa, heck even JLo wearing because they love to shock people. Don't get me wrong, it was a hot mess. The girl that made the outfit with the inside/out jacket should have went home along with Staple Man with the Kimono. I agree with Heidi, it does look like a cape you wear at the hair salon. Ivy should have went home as well because techanically she didn't make/transform anything.

    Oh well, I'm looking forward to next week.

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    Re: 7/29 Season Premiere Show Discussion **Spoilers**

    I would have sent either Ivy with the pants or the kimono guy home. Neither transformed their garment, and the kimono guy's work was shoddy.

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    Re: 7/29 Season Premiere Show Discussion **Spoilers**

    I can't recall her name, but my least favorite was the khaki jump suit shorts. I didn't care for it at all. I thought it far worse than the girl who was sent home.

    Do they still have the show about the models that used to come on after PR? I really liked that part.

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    Re: 7/29 Season Premiere Show Discussion **Spoilers**

    My observations:

    1. McKell should've been given a second chance - her dress was nice and elegant. They sent her home more because of the styling, which isn't the point of this competition. The only thing I can see right here is that there should've been a bit more material on the sides of the dress so there wasn't a chance of peek-a-boo with the chest.

    2. Ivy - should've went home, no doubt here. She made pants of pants, which lacked inspiration (at least McKell and Casanova's were inspired), and the top was... Meh.

    3. Casanova - outfit barely wearable, especially top. Did agree with Selma the back (skirt) was OK because it was a bit daring. Am concerned about his sewing in the future because he didn't have his model ready and Tim was NOT a happy camper here. I'll give him a second chance as well, but if he does this again - out, please. Do find it ironic that at least right now he's not similar to his namesake.

    4. The one who won the challenge - yes, it was simple, but very well made. Probably one of the best dresses made in this challenge. Sequins are something that can go overboard in designing so instead of using all of it and risking making the dress a "hot mess" she went subtle. That said, I do hope she takes bigger risks beginning next week.

    5. The new grad (jacket inside out) - dress wasn't good, but do see potential here too so I understand the second chance.

    6. The kimono guy - I totally agree here he should've been home. That said, he's the steampunk fellow, and I think they're wanting to see what he can do with that genre (which is bascially sci-fi crossed with Victorian - think "Doctor Who" in its earlier years and the 1996 TV movie).

    7. Peach (oldest contestant) - her dress was lovely... HOWEVER it was hard to see the material she was supposed to use. It was in the back. That said, I'm glad she was safe because she shows potential.

    All in all - I have to admit this is the only time I'd want to be called out as safe - because even if it meant I wasn't the winner (though here she didn't get immunity at least that we know of), I knew I WASN'T going to be gone before the actual contest began.

    Next week's promo was interesting - it sounds like the judges may be second guessing some of their decisions to let people stay from the bottom six. I could see more than one eliminated if that's the case.

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    Re: 7/29 Season Premiere Show Discussion **Spoilers**

    I didn't really think the winning dress was deserving. Yes it was nice but kinda plain IMO. The ones I liked the most were A.J.'s rocker design with the puffy skirt & Michael's design with the beading circle and the wrap around dress.

    I dont think the dress that went home was the worst. The worst honestly was that awful black, backwards, komoto type dress.

    Also I didn't really like the catchphrase "one of you will not make it on the show" What?! If you're on tv, you're in the season, you're on the show!

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    Re: 7/29 Season Premiere Show Discussion **Spoilers**

    I actually liked the extra half hour. We got to see more of the judges comments and could see where they were coming from with the bottom feeders. I got a big laugh out of Nina's facial expressions during the runway show and her mumbling to herself.

    Not so sure about the follow-up show. I never did like Santino and to put him with Austin. Oh my! I think I'm going to miss Models of the Runway!
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    Re: 7/29 Season Premiere Show Discussion **Spoilers**

    I was impressed with last nights show and think this is going to be a good season.

    I liked McKell's dress except I agee, more material on the sides would have been better but her dress was cute I thought.

    I also liked the dress that the older woman made and she did not have much to work with since the garment she was given kept coming apart so she used it in back and around the top.
    Really liked her dress tho'

    I also think the one to go home should have been Ivy since she did nothing with the pants.

    Did anyone watch Santio and Austin show which came on next?
    Maybe there is a thread for that show, I will have to look.
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    Re: 7/29 Season Premiere Show Discussion **Spoilers**

    Yes, there is a separate thread for Santino and Austin. See "Other Reality Shows" under "Other TV".
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    Re: 7/29 Season Premiere Show Discussion **Spoilers**

    i don't know . . . i was underwhelmed by the designers last night. i hope it's going to get better.

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    Re: 7/29 Season Premiere Show Discussion **Spoilers**

    The first show is too early to judge. Of course no cast will ever be as much fun as the Christian/Chris March group. That was a cast of characters. I liked the extra half hour. The fact that we heard more judge comments made it easier to understand what they were looking for....although for the life of me I can't figure out how the kimona guy got through---pins and all.

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