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Thread: Project Runway 4/1 Recap: Solved Mysteries

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    Project Runway 4/1 Recap: Solved Mysteries

    They say the full moon brings out the weirdness in life, and, after this week, I can’t say I disagree. During the waxing an waning of the full moon, no fewer than four people I know got into car accidents and the week just had general bits of nuttiness thrown around: Monday I witnessed a dude go psycho on a Walgreens clerk because she asked him for ID to buy cigarettes, Tuesday a couple of guys were at the gym just wandering around muttering to themselves and not working out, Wednesday I was out for drinks and there were bona fide celebrities there but the ladies I was with were more interested in discussing chicken nuggets, and then Thursday. Yep, Project Runway got in on the act and got weird too, on April Fool’s Day no less. Let’s relive all the bizarre goings on together, shall we?

    If Tim comes back in the workroom one more time, heads may explode.

    With only two challenges left before Bryant Park, the designers are worn out and stressed out. The guys miss Anthony and the fun chatter he brought to the apartment and workroom. Mila is still feeling the sting from the judges’ harsh words in the last challenge and Maya still seems to feel weird about being the youngest designer left in the competition. After the requisite coffee and hair straightening, it’s off to Parsons where Heidi tells them they have to create a red carpet look for a very demanding celebrity.

    In the workroom, Tim introduces the celebrity—Heidi herself. She cautions that red carpet looks must work from every angle and adds it will be for her post-pregnancy. The designers then have 30 minutes to sketch and review Heidi’s past red carpet looks. Mid-sketching, Maya leaves the room. The others continue sketching; Mila is going simple but Emilio says that red carpet looks need to be eye catching and photographable.

    Tim and Maya re-enter the workroom; he says they just had a talk and she has something to say. Maya has decided to leave the competition because she’s not ready to get to Bryant Park yet. She doesn’t feel fully formed as a designer yet and just doesn’t want to risk showing at Bryan Park when she’s not ready. The other designers are perplexed and sad, except Emilio who drops the “quitters never win” in his interview. Seth Aaron understands though; the long days and pressure are enough to get to anyone. I’m just glad the MBFW mystery is over. Maya went out on her own accord and there was no disqualification.

    Tim returns and takes the designers to Mood. Emilio gets sparkly dark fabric, Jonathan plans on doing his cut-away technique, and, in another shocking turn of events, Mila doesn’t buy black and white fabric. Back at Parsons, the designing starts but another distraction happens. Tim enters the workroom to announce that the challenge was designed for six designers so they are bringing someone back. Dun, dun, dun! Cut to commercial…who will it be? The teaser at the start of the show said it could be Ping, Anthony, or Jesse. Ping, really? But then the door to the workroom opens and it’s, of course, Anthony. Everyone is glad to have Anthony and his humor back in the workroom. He’s going to get extra time to catch up. He’s not back to prove anything to the judges but to prove to himself he can do it.

    Having only one day to create a red carpet look is a tough challenge for everyone. Jay wants to make his look perfect and sounds on the verge of tears due to nerves. Jonathan is doing the cut-away work which takes hours to do. Emilio’s shiny fabric is kind of see-through so he has to build and under dress with all the right support elements. Mila hopes her dress isn’t too simple and Seth Aaron admits his is pretty damn simple and will depend on fit and proportion to succeed.

    Tim returns yet again to the workroom to retrieve Seth Aaron for a hallway conversation. Everyone tries to work but they are all distracted. What is it THIS time?! Seth Aaron returns with the news that his model has taken another job for runway day so he gets the last booted model, Cerri. She isn’t the same shape, so he’s going to have to work to get the fit right.

    Once more Tim stops by the workroom; this time he’s with Heidi for a preview of what the designers are creating. The designers are not exactly pleased at this turn of events; Jonathan says they’re sweating bullets, which is just the start of a theme. If you wanted to make a drinking game and only had “Tim enters the workroom” and someone saying “sweat” you’d be passed out before the winner is chosen.

    They start with visiting Seth Aaron; his dress is still in the short form—it will be long—and Tim asks him about it. He’s waiting to fit the new model before making it long. Heidi is okay with black but thinks the dress lacks a “wow” element. Anthony has a potentially exciting black and white gown. Heidi likes what she sees of Emilio’s design but thinks it is going to be difficult to complete. Jay has constructed a pleated bustier top and will complete the skirt with ruffles. Heidi and Tim caution not to make the hips look bigger. Heidi then questions the bust line on the top—there is a space between the breasts and she pulls down her shirt to show Jay that there is no space there. Yep, she flashed Jay in another Project Runway first. They next visit with Mila who is color blocking in other colors than black and white; she hopes it’s not too simple. Heidi says there’s nothing wrong with simple but asks if maybe the others are better. Finally, Jonathan shows his coral, black, and pale grey draped top over the cut-out textile skirt. Heidi hates the cut-out textile; it looks like curtains to her. Tim says if he can change it in the next four hours he’ll prove that he can be responsive to the client. Jonathan thinks if he makes the dress Heidi wants, it will take him a week.

    The models arrive for their fittings and learn of Maya’s departure. Seth Aaron gets the necessary time with his new model to fit the dress. After the models leave, the designers get back to work at a manic rate. Jonathan scraps his changes to his first dress and starts a third one. Jay struggles with going forward with his original skirt design or changing it to something different. Time winds down for everyone but Anthony who got to work until 2:30.

    Wherein I grow weary of the term “style icon” being thrown about so casually.

    The morning of the runway show, Anthony is tired on one hour of sleep, Mila is worried about Heidi’s comments, and no one seems to have enough time. Seth Aaron has a lot of grommet hammering to do, Anthony has to fix the front of his dress because the interfacing was going weird, and Jonathan is trying to finish his third dress. Mila sees Jonathan’s troubles as possibly being a safety net for her dress. The models come in for their hair, makeup, and final fitting. Emilio thinks Seth Aaron’s black dress is neither Heidi’s style nor red carpet. Jonathan points out that Mila’s dress fits strangely in the bust line, which it does.

    It’s time for the show and the judges are Heidi, Michael, Nina and Jessica Alba who possesses the credential of having been on the red carpet before. The looks are:
    Jay’s pale grey pleated bodice and vertical waves of ruffles for a short skirt.
    Mila’s dark grey an gold short dress that has some definite fit issues.
    Anthony’s one side white one side black grey dress that flows beautifully.
    Seth Aaron’s black gown that has detail on the front—black strips—that don’t read all that well even in HD.
    Jonathan’s short draped dress made out of a dark cream colored fabric with a bit of coral and black.
    Emilio’s long sparkly column gown with this weird tab thing that comes up on the right side of the bust line.

    The judges go straight for the questioning. Seth Aaron went for a sleek look and wanted to keep it his aesthetic. Nina thinks he focused too much on himself and Michael thinks the dress would be worn by a Miss Golden Globes, not the winner. Jessica doesn’t think it looks like something Heidi would wear and Heidi doesn’t think it is sexy enough. Anthony went with the sophisticated black and white color combination. Heidi thinks it’s sexy and Jessica loves how it flows. Nina sees that it is very red carpet. Mila wanted to do a sleek and sexy dress that is jewelry friendly. Jessica likes the overall style but doesn’t like the top. Michael echoes that sentiment, noting the breasts are too far apart, and Heidi says it is too simple. Emilio points out he designed a very sophisticated silhouette but found inspiration in the metallic fabric. Michael thinks it is impeccable. Heidi sees it as simple and sexy. Nina says it looks expensive but it could have gone the other way with the fabric. Jessica appreciates that he built the structural dress underneath. Jay says he wanted a strapless short dress with some color and a 360 view. Heidi likes the top, but doesn’t like the bottom. Michael says no woman wants to look big in the butt and Nina agrees. Jonathan wanted an easy, sexy, fun dress. Michael and Jessica think the dress is too short. Michael likes the back but thinks the front looks rushed. Jonathan admits this is the third dress he made. Nina hates the color, calling it waxy.

    During deliberations the judges conclude Seth Aaron went safe and boring, Anthony’s dress was chic and had great movement, Jonathan’s dress was a waxy pillow case, Jay’s skirt would make anyone look like they had a big butt, Emilio was the only one who got the structure right, and Mila’s dress was at best a cocktail dress or at worst a RHoNJ look.

    With the decision made, the designers return to the runway to learn the outcome. Heidi says there is not a winner for the challenge but two winners. The first winner is Emilio and Heidi will wear his dress. Jessica then picks Anthony as the other winner and wants to wear his dress. Emilio is proud of his three consecutive wins and Anthony is excited Jessica wants to wear his dress. Seth Aaron and Mila are both in, and the choice comes down to Jay’s unflattering dress and Jonathan’s mess of a dress. Jay is allowed to remain, despite not heeding Heidi’s advice in the workroom. Jonathan is out but he knows he didn’t have a shot with a 2 hour dress.

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    Re: Project Runway 4/1 Recap: Solved Mysteries

    Man, that full moon kicked my butt around all week as well. Strange days...

    Thanks for another great recap!
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    Re: Project Runway 4/1 Recap: Solved Mysteries

    It's a shame about Jonathan, because the dress he was originally making was fantastic. I blame Heidi. :/

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    Re: Project Runway 4/1 Recap: Solved Mysteries

    Quote Originally Posted by Kao;3871891;
    It's a shame about Jonathan, because the dress he was originally making was fantastic. I blame Heidi. :/
    True. Why do two challenges designing for Heidi? They should have gotten someone "braver" in her fashion choices (not necessarily a Lady Gaga-type). The result was very lackluster (REALLY!?! Anthony's black and white cookie dress and Emilio's "somber" gown, borrowed description from Tim Gunn - he says it like it is) and a boom to Emilio's choo-choo train ego. Come on now!

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