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Thread: Project Runway 1/28 Recap: Tag-Teaming the Highs and Lows of Fashion

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    Project Runway 1/28 Recap: Tag-Teaming the Highs and Lows of Fashion

    It’s Week 3, but it’s time for some firsts in Project Runway-land: the first team challenge, the first trip to Mood, and the biggest shopping budget in the history of the show. Let’s dive right into the action and relive the squabbles, quips, and clothes.

    A History Lesson

    The designers wake up, brush their teeth, and head out to meet Heidi on the runway once again. And, as usual, she sends them out on yet another fieldtrip with Tim. This time they don’t need hip-waders; they are privy to an up-close and personal look at some of the most fabulous gowns in the Metropolitan Museum of Art’s Costume Institute collection. Tim challenge the designers to work in pairs, with two days and the record-breaking budget of $500, and create a look that would fit in with the Costume Institute’s collection.

    Next up is team selection. Tim names team leaders first: Jay (because he won the last challenge) and then Jesus, Anthony, Janeane, Mila, Ping, and Emilo are lucky enough to have their names drawn from the velvet bag. Ping is excited to be a team leader because she says she has great delegation and direction-giving skills. Ahh, editors, you’ve got to be slyer than that! The leaders get to pick their partners; Jay picks Maya, Jesus picks Amy, Anthony picks Seth Aaron, Janeane picks Ben, Mila picks Jonathan, Ping picks Jesse (much to his chagrin), and Emilo gets Anna. The designers then take time to eyeball the collection of Dior, Balenciaga, Madame Gres, et al.

    Recreating History

    Back at Parsons, the teams start sketching. Ping notes her style is flowy and Jesse’s is tailored and she wants to combine the two. Anthony talks about a black jacket that opens up to a yellow top for a surprise. Jonathan quickly learns that Mila is not going to hold back in making decisions. Maya decides she has to step up and take more of a lead because Jay has immunity and his ability to skate through the challenge may put her in a bind.

    And off they go to Mood to frantically look for fabric for 45 minutes. Ping and Jesse are already arguing, but Emilo and Anna get along well despite having been the default pair. Ping loses her sketchbook and nearly loses the cash to pay for the fabric. The gal is a bit scattered; heck, she started out the day nearly leaving Atlas without her shoes.

    Back at Parsons, Emilo gives some kind direction to Anna, who is a tad in awe of working with someone with so much experience. Mila tries to go about business in an organized way but Jonathan just wants to sew NOW! He’s in need of a time-out. Ping and Jesse are not working well together at all. He’s trying to rein in the crazy because her ideas are completely unfocused; he doubts she has a vision of what she wants to make at all.

    Mila has decided to take the lead on the 60’s inspired coat she wants to make while Jonathan will work on the pants and top. At least that gives him something to do besides whine, at least for a little while. Anthony has chosen the colors of bright yellow, red, and black which he fully realizes sounds like a dress for the VP of McDonald’s. The first day winds down with Jesse realizing they’re going to need more time to make the origami-like top to the dress made of 30 small pieces of fabric sewn together.

    Day Two brings Tim in early to the workroom to throw a twist at them: they now have to also create a “look for less” for $50 that is inspired by the design from another team. Ping & Jesse take inspiration from Emilo’s team. Janeane and Ben pick Mila’s team. Jay and Maya go with Janeane’s team. Mila and Jonathan pick Anthony’s team. Anthony and Seth Aaron pick Jesus’ team. Jesus and Amy pick Ping’s team. Emilo and Anna are left with Jay’s team. Head spinning with names yet?

    The designers take a quick 20 minutes to sketch before one of the team members heads to Mood. Jesus reduces Ping’s drapy style to throwing fabric over a simple look. Emilo notes Maya’s dress is sculptural so they’re just going to do a simple A-line dress in the colors of the inspiration gown. Seth Aaron isn’t thrilled with the peach lace used in Jesus and Amy’s look—it’s too old lady. Similarly, Mila and Jonathan are slightly perplexed at working with the bright yellow and black of Anthony and Seth Aaron’s look.

    Half of each team go to Mood; Jesse is worried about what Ping will return with. Apparently it’s a justified worry; the black synthetic fabric she comes back with is hooker-chic. In the workroom, Maya gets a bit pissed off that Jay is slacking off. Ben and Janeane have a plan and are good on time and are loving it. Wait, what? Can that really happen on PR? Mila’s devout attention to constructing the grand coat for her high-end look irritates Jonathan; they haven’t started on their second look and he’s not sure they’ll finish on time. He also thinks he’s carrying the workload making everything but the coat and even having to fit models. Seth Aaron and Anthony have a bit of trouble working out their second look together, but eventually they do, probably in no small part to Anthony’s realization that slapping the hell out of Seth Aaron would not be the best move.

    The models arrive for their fittings. Most of it goes pretty well, but of course there’s more squabbling from Jesse and Ping. The gown Ping designed has a tremendous amount of fabric hanging off the back, so the model has to carry it. The bickering back and forth on how she is supposed to hold the fabric irritates everyone; Emilio wants them to just shut up and work. I second that motion.

    Time for Tim’s visits! Maya and Jesus are stressed because they’re still constructing. They plan to get the gown done by the end of the day and may make the jacket on the second look just a vest if they get short on time. Tim advises to keep it simple, but he doesn’t look overly concerned. Next he chats with Ping and Jesse. He finds that the first garment is nearly done and fit the model well. The second look, eh, not so much on the “done” side. Tim agrees with Jesse’s assessment that the fabric Ping picked up for the second garment looks cheap.

    Visiting next with Anthony and Seth Aaron, Tim can barely look at the bright yellow without squinting. They show him the second dress of lace and pleated detail on the top. Tim tells them to do whatever they want for the top because the lace hits the mark of the inspiration piece. Anthony says that Seth Aaron already did a top but abandoned it. Seth Aaron disagrees—he only put it on the floor. Anthony replies that it looks like it was abandoned and admonishes him to stop acting up in front of company; this comment elicits one of those great Tim Gunn laughing moments. Let’s hope there’s some great outtakes for the reunion show of Tim laughing. Finally, Tim takes a look at Mila and Jonathan’s garments; he likes what he sees. Then there is a bit more working and the day is over.

    Go, Speed Racer, Go!

    On the morning of the runway show, the guys chat it up while getting ready to go. The guys know Jonathan is feeling the pressure because Mila only worked on the jacket and he did everything else. He is fully prepared to throw her beneath a large multi-passenger vehicle. The ladies almost all dress in funeral garb and the all head to Parson’s. Emilo bags a bit on Anthony’s large “couture” dress. Maya is still miffed that Jay slacked off and Ping and Jesse still aren’t ready. Mila tries to mitigate any plans Jonathan has to sell her out on the runway; at least they’re equally matched game-players.

    Tim enters the workroom; there’s just an hour to get the models ready for the show. Jesus and Amy are happy with their garments; Jesus will not be in the bottom two again. Tim calls the 10-minute time limit and the mad scrabbling ensues. They all reluctantly leave, and Ping nearly forgets her shoes again.

    The judges this week are Heidi, Michael, Nina and British designer Matthew Williamson, who strikes a pose in his chair that says both “I’m better than you.” and “I pity you, you sad, colonial children.” despite the bald patch on the back of his head that the camera reveals. First we see the high-end looks:

    Anthony and Seth Aaron’s long gown with a voluminous black skirt and a bright yellow bodice decorated in lacey bits. It’d be great for a Hi-Liter industrial party.
    Jesus and Amy’s long column gown of peach underlay covered by black lace, with a vest-like sleeveless jacket that puts me in mind of a lizard with his gills blown out.
    Mila and Jonathan’s black and white jacket, black sparkly tank, and black (with a white racing stripe down the sides) pants. I don’t know if it’s skiwear, racecar wear, or actually maybe kind of cool. The yellow on the inside of the jacket makes me think more racecar.
    Janeane and Ben’s short black dress with a sleeveless vest. There appears to be a lot of detailing in the way the dress was made, but it doesn’t translate well on television. It’s cute, but definitely not in the same league as the Costume Institute’s prized collection.
    Emilio and Anna’s grey fitted dress with a sleeveless vest. It’s well made and quite pretty, but still not really as glamorous as you’d want for this challenge.
    Jay and Maya’s highly sculptural gown, with large waves jetting up from one shoulder while the other is bare. This is the kind of thing you’d want to see at the Costume Institute.
    Ping and Jesse’s sweetheart neck fitted short dress with miles of fabric out the back, carried slung over the model’s arm.

    The looks for less are:
    Jesus and Amy’s black tank and loose-fitting grey silk trousers inspired by Ping’s gown.
    Anthony and Seth Aaron’s dress with a black lace overlay on the peach bottom and a simple black bodice as inspired by Jesus’ team.
    Mila and Jonathan’s take on Anthony’s team’s gown—it’s a babydoll dress with a yellow halter and black skirt.
    Janemarie and Ben’s version of Mila’s coat outfit consisting of a black and grey jacket over a short black dress.
    Emilio and Anna’s short, asymmetrical top, and fullish skirt in a print reminiscent of Jay and Maya’s gown’s color palette.
    Jay and Maya’s short black dress with pleating detail down the front and a little black vest, as inspired by Janeane’s team.
    Ping and Jesse’s simple black skirt and grey sleeveless top dress allegedly inspired by Emilio’s team.

    After the show, Heidi calls Janeane, Ben, Jesus, Amy, Emilio and Anna forward—they are safe. The four teams remaining are the two high and low teams. It is no surprise that Anthony & Seth Aaron and Ping & Jesse are the lowest scoring teams; they are sent out while the judges talk to the top two pairs.

    First Heidi asks Jay if he slacked any due to his immunity; he denies it and Maya keeps mum. Maya then goes on to explain her high-end look, saying that she wanted to create something that would fit in the museum. Matthew finds it a very striking piece; Nina thinks it’s very modern. The judges collectively like the “look for less” better than the inspiration piece. Mila says her signature look was to be a fun, elegant signature look. Matthew appreciates the sportswear look and the other judges love it. The “look for less” doesn’t fare as well, though the judges still like it better than the inspiration piece. Jonathan admits they should have gone with the trapeze style originally intended and Michael agrees. Overall, the judges are most blown away by Mila’s coat.

    The lowest scored designers come out next. Ping says she designed something timeless. Nina sees just a bunch of fabric wrapped around a model; Michael is not so kind—he just sees draping fabric. The “look for less” has no design at all, as per the judges. Jesse says he had to teach Ping how to sew; the “look for less” model says that Ping never fit her in the dress. Mass transit, meet Ping! Next, Anthony says he was going for the classic Dior silhouette. Michael thinks it’s cotillion from hell—it’s a costume from “Gone With The Wind”. The “look for less” was just something they threw together because they had to; Nina thinks they’re both ugly but Seth Aaron stands behind the hot messes.

    The judges deliberate; Jay and Maya’s cheap look was chic, wearable, and well constructed. Mila’s coat was exciting, unique, and made beautifully. Plus, it wasn’t a dress. Ping’s “dress” was too many ideas and the “look for less” didn’t have any attention paid to it. Anthony and Seth Aaron’s main dress was costume-y and needs to stay in the museum.

    Decisions are made and the designers are called back to the runway. Jonathan is in and Mila is the winner for being modern and not having done a gown. Never mind the fact she pretty much copied the shape of the jacket from one of the pieces at the Met. Maya and Jay are also in, obviously. Anthony and Seth Aaron presented an old-school ball gown and the “look for less” didn’t flatter the model. Ping and Jesse’s “look for less” was under-designed and ill fitting and the signature look was a hot mess. That saida, Seth Aaron and Jesse are in. It comes down to quip-master Anthony and Ping. Anthony is in, to quip another day. Ping is out, one week too late in my humble opinion. She seems like a nice gal with super-cool glasses, but still…never send a bare-assed model down the runway.

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    Re: Project Runway 1/28 Recap: Tag-Teaming the Highs and Lows of Fashion

    Jonathan will work on the pants and top. At least that gives him something to do besides whine, at least for a little while
    omg i am sooo glad someone pointed this out. I found Jonathan's behaviour to be really nasty this past week. I think he (or the higher ups) are pushing him to be this season's villian. Not 100% sure though, just the way he comes across.

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