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Thread: Project Runway 10/15 Recap: What a Girl Does and Does Not Want

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    Project Runway 10/15 Recap: What a Girl Does and Does Not Want

    It is getting down to crunch time in the Project Runway season. Gordana carries forward her immunity from the last challenge, but it is the last immunity there will be from here on in to Bryant Park. Christopher is definitely feeling the heat after the last challenge; he pledges to go big, but not so big as to scare the judges. Shirin is out to continue to prove herself after her last garment met with a favorable response, and Carol Hannah is sick of being stuck in the middle.

    All the sequins in Greater Los Angeles in one room.

    The designers meet with Heidi for the standard oblique message about the challenge before she sends them off to Tim and someone they’ll be excited to meet. Heidi’s final words are that it is now their opportunity to shine. So off they go to the basement or wherever FIDM houses their fashion museum where they’re introduced to Bob Mackie, the Sultan of Sequins. He’s famous for his stage wear for Cher, Diana Ross, Tina Turner and Madonna…not a wall-flower amongst the lot. The designers’ challenge is to create a stage look that reads well way back in the cheap seats and on giant monitors. Tim gives the designers 30 minutes to sketch while looking at the Mackie display in the museum, which is so sparkly on its own, they have to turn down the lights so as not to blind anyone. Mackie advises that stage wear is on a whole other level than regular fashion, so they really must push themselves. Nicolas is all atwitter because he loves, loves, loves Bob Mackie and then nearly passes out from excitement when they find out the client is Christina Aguilera.

    The obligatory visit to Mood, on a $300 budget this time, goes as one would expect. Lots of feathers, sparkly fabrics, leathers, lace, and sequins. Nicholas says that buying the pre-sparkled fabrics is not how Bob Mackie does it; he applies each sequin himself, and that’s exactly what Nicolas does too. I bet Bob Mackie also has more than 2 days to make a garment though.

    Back in the workroom, Nicolas says he’s going to make a couture garment with his pile of, yet again, white fabrics and feathers. Irina waxes bitchy about how some people clearly knew what they should buy and others just have no clue, like Shirin. She’s working with some bright red satin, which she even deems “bad prom dress red.” Speaking of prom, Christopher’s inspiration is 80’s fun prom look to reveal shorts. Carol Hannah bought a ton of fabric, all of which Irina thinks looks like bad Halloween costume material; Carol Hannah is at a loss on what to make because doing big, over the top garments isn’t her usual style. Irina is really getting the bitch edit now, so I’m going to call as the winner now, but not before she has some kind of emotional reckoning, a la Jeffery.

    More Logan-Carol Hannah flirting ensues, as he wraps Carol Hannah up in the furry material and she runs around looking like a bear for a few minutes. Gordana is not comfortable at all with the challenge or the design, and is really glad she has immunity. Her beads fall off the fabric, she’s down in the dumps, and has to take a moment to lie down.

    The next morning Gordana decides to completely start over. Althea wants to blow everyone away and win the challenge. Nicholas applies lace and feathers to what looks like the ice skating version of his Evil Ice Queen outfit from a few weeks ago. Shirin has allegedly taken the 1940s glamour look and that somehow translates into a long black gown with weird strips of fabric applied vertically to the skirt.

    Tim arrives to take a look, and his snark control is turned all the way up to eleven. Christopher explains his dress opens up to reveal the shorts outfit, but Tim’s “general disappointment” is that it doesn’t open up to be something “super-sexy slut” not a 1989 Halloween ice skating outfit. Althea explains that the model will come out in the big, black feathered coat and then take it off to reveal the sequined dress. Tim comments that both she and Christopher are sending their models down in pumpkins to pop out in a new look. He leaves her with a very dry, “Thank you, Althea.”

    Gordana confesses she’s worried about the dress, which Tim finds matronly. She knows she’s in the weeds, and despite the immunity, she still wants something nice to send down the runway. Stopping by Nicolas’ station, Tim immediately sees the dress in progress bears a stark similarity to the Evil Ice Queen costume. He warns Nicolas not to be one-note and advises to ratchet up the design. Carol Hannah explains her fitted black feather-covered dress as glam to sexy. She doesn’t want the dress to be short because it could be too Ice Capades, and Tim agrees. Finally, he visits Shirin, whose gown he describes as Guinevere meets Vampira and lacking her usual level of sophistication and construction and is turning out a student-level bad prom dress. Irina is perplexed as to why Shirin is still even in the game; according to Irina, Shirin is bargain-basement and not even a designer. Tim and his tornado of advice departs, and Shirin thinks about scrapping the whole dress, but then gets another idea and literally runs with it.

    The models arrive and fittings ensue. Shirin does make some changes to her dress, but it still looks like a mess. Three hours remain on the day and Carol Hannah is punchy, so Logan tells us. Then the sexy-time music comes on while she confesses Logan is so hot it is distracting her. Gordana is also gone loopy, laughing at how awful her dress is. Everyone gets a bit nutty, and of course Irina has something bitchy to say about it.

    All that glitters isn’t gold.

    The morning of the runway show brings a lot of last minute sewing and worry. Shirin is still working on her dress, Althea has confidence she’ll be in the top three with her giant sequined dress. The models arrive, starting the two-hour clock count down. The shortness of Nicolas’ dress gives me flashbacks to Emmett’s “vulgar” ice skating look back in Season 2. Carol Hannah is still busy sewing feathers into the dress as not to send down a boring black sequined dress. Irina talks smack about Carol Hannah to her model, saying that she’s annoyed by Carol Hannah and if she’s going to be a mediocre designer the least she could do is have a good personality. Nicolas, while noting Irina is a really good designer, says she is a true bitch. Christopher is pleased with his final look because you just can’t go wrong with a bustier and sparkle panties. Words to live by people, words to live by.

    Runway time arrives. On the judges panel tonight is Heidi, Bob Mackey, Nina Garcia (yay!), and Xtina. The “stage” looks that come down the runway are:

    Althea’s long silver-sequined gown with a low neckline and a slit up the thigh, topped with a feathery black jacket.
    Logan’s short sparkly dress made out of a striped patterned fabric topped with a little, furry, sleeveless bolero type jacket.
    Shirin’s long black gown with the strips of fabric down the skirt; it’s better than before, but not that great.
    Christopher’s top dress/jacket thing with a short bubble skirt that is removed to reveal a black sequined bustier and silver sequined hot pants.
    Nicolas’ short white dress with the feather skirt.
    Gordana’s long white gown that makes the model look like she has wide hips.
    Irina’s short black dress that looks appropriate for skating, topped with a little black jacket.
    Carol Hannah’s long black feather and sequins strapless gown.

    After the show, Irina is called forward as safe. Gordana is also safe, but only because of her immunity. The models come out and the judgment commences, starting with Carol Hannah. She says she’s not used to working with high-glamour so she wanted to focus on one piece. Christina thinks she did a great job and it would come off well on stage. Nina finds it glamorous, and would have liked it to change into something shorter. Carol Hannah explains that she was avoiding making it look like an ice skating costume, and Bob agrees that would be not a desired look. He really likes the different textures of the black and Heidi says that it does not look cheap, one of her highest compliments.

    Shirin admits she is not confident about the look; she took on more than she could handle. Heidi thinks it would be a perfect witch Halloween outfit. Christina worries that if she wore it, she’d trip. Nina likes the top okay, but the bottom is way too Carmen Miranda. Althea explains she wanted to step up the glamour with the shiny sequins. Bob thinks it is pretty cool that Althea reversed the sequined fabric to create the contrasting grey strips. Nina thinks it is a well-made dress but wonders if Althea thought about movement and a train might be cumbersome. Christina admits it is a beautiful dress.

    Christopher explains his inspiration was Christina covering a Cyndi Lauper song and do the reveal and transition to one of her own songs. Heidi doesn’t like the top or the pants and Nina thinks it’s just Lady Marmalade Part 2. Bob hates Christopher’s corset, saying he wouldn’t put it on a chorus girl. Christina is a bit more kind, saying that she likes where he was going with the story and the fun he brought to the challenge. Nicolas says he decided to go short as soon as he knew the dress was for Christina; Heidi could see her wearing it. Christina thinks it is a fun dress and really could move on stage in it. Bob likes the way the feathers were applied, but only wishes there was something more with it. Finally, Logan explains he wanted to go in a punk rock princess with edgy chains on the back of the jacket. Heidi thinks three chains don’t cut it for a dramatic punk rock look. Christina gets “cave woman” out of the garment, with the cut-off sleeves and the Fred Flintstone-like print. Bob wanted the dress to be shorter and let it flap open to reveal the pink material that lines the dress.

    The judges then deliberate privately. Nicolas’ dress allowed movement, was sexy, and fit Christina’s body type. Carol Hannah’s dress is beautiful, technically impressive, and the textures of black on black worked. Althea’s dress was beautifully thought-out with the different textures and shapes. Shirin’s dress was unfortunate, and Nina thinks it is a shame because she has a lot of technical ability. Christopher’s is tasteless, appropriate for the road company of the Pussycat Dolls, and just a re-tread of what Christina did a while ago. Logan’s really was cave woman; Bob thinks it was too short to be a long dress and to long to be a short dress. He’d have the dress cut up to the crotch and put diamonds on the hem. Bob Mackie may just be a bit of a perv.

    The designers return to the stage and Althea is in first; Christina then announces Carol Hannah wins for a well-fitting, flattering dress. Christina may, possibly, but probably not will be wearing it some day. Nicolas is obviously in, and for some reason Logan gets another pass. I think they just don’t want to break up the tiny Logan-Carol Hannah romance. Heidi says Christopher’s was a cheap knock-off of Christina’s Lady Marmalade look and Shirin lost herself in the challenge and put out a boring, unflattering look. With that, Shirin is out and Christopher skates by again.

    Shirin is going to suck it up and deal with going home. The rest of the designers have to suck it up and deal with Irina flipping her bitch switch into high gear next week.

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    Re: Project Runway 10/15 Recap: What a Girl Does and Does Not Want

    Logan's look was pretty awful, but he is so darn cute and sexy, the judges just can't let him go yet (besides Carol Hannah would cry as would most of the models). At first, when the models found out he was straight, they all wanted to work with him. But, now that he has turned out a couple of abysmal attempts at "fashion", not so much.

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