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Thread: Project Runway 9/10: Model Clients

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    Project Runway 9/10: Model Clients

    Last week we all bid a long overdue farewell to Mitchell and saw that not everyone can be a team player. What will this next challenge reveal about our current crop of designers? And will Michael Kors come back to grace us with his presence? Letís just get to it.

    Homeless Eskimo bridezillas would have been more fun.

    Heidi teases the designers from the runway by saying that in the workroom await thirteen women who they need to make very, very happy. The identities of the women are unknown, causing some apprehension amongst the designers. Once they get to the workroom to get the details from Tim, they find their clients are not homeless Eskimo bridezillas, but their actual models. Well, this shouldnít be all that bad, now should it? I was hoping for zombies, actually. Tim explains the models will be attending a special industry event and they need to wear something that will make an impression. He gives them thirty minutes to caucus with their clients, $100 to spend at Mood, and the rest of the day to get the garments complete. Thatís right folks, thereís no wasting time on this challenge.

    Johnny and Emarie talk about an understated dress; he says that they have the same vibe and will make for her what heíd wear if he were a black girl. Epperson faces a wall of words from Matar, who wants a tight, sexy, but not too revealing, tiger-like dress. Qristylís model Valerie wants to show off her curves and stand out at the event. Louise is perplexed at Fatmaís choice of red fabric, as thatís just a bit too much for Louise. More troubling is Ebonyís request of Shirin for a royal blue and gold jumpsuit with gold rope. Logan has some concerns about Kojiiís insistence on a 50s aesthetic with leather and lace; he doesnít do 50s or lace.

    The thirty minutes at Mood fly by in an orgy of fabric purchases; Epperson has to ditch the plan for orange fabric because the choices are very limited and Qristyl changes her colors too, thinking basic black and brown are the only earth-tones out there.

    Back at FIDM, as time is short, the sewing commences almost immediately. Louise and Johnny chat a bit at the sewing machines, wondering who will be the next to go, while Christopher laments that people are getting knocked off quickly. The time crunch is felt by everyone, including the always-dramatic Nicholas, who comments that Tim will probably have to pull the needle from his pasty pale hand when time is called. Well, something like that.

    Timís visit yields comments of approval for Altheaís skirt, tank and smoking jacket ensemble. Tim finds Christopherís choice of bright green fabric a bold choice; he did not say it looked like a salad, as Christopher feared. Eppersonís dress bodice of pieced together strips of fabric to create the desired punk tiger look gets Timís okay as well. Taking a gander at Qristylís overly draped brown and black dress, Tim concludes it looks messy and she has a lot of work to do. Logan tells Tim heís worried his bright blue and black lace looks like a Smurf prom dress, which it kind of does. Finally, Tim advises Carol Hannah to re-think the draped top on her dress, as it appears to rob the model of her youth.

    Tim takes his leave, noting the models will soon be in for their fitting. So, during this big time crunch of a challenge, what happens? Epperson takes a few minutes off to call home and enter the competition for Season Sixís Biggest Crier. He misses his family a great deal and pledges to never be away from them for this long again. Nah, I donít feel any producer manipulation at this point. Not at all.

    Raímonís hammering something and Qristly starts an entire new dress, and then the models arrive. Epperson goes through a long explanation why he had to scrap using orange fabric, but heís successful in selling his client on the new, tone-on-tone brown look. Altheaís client likes the progress so far, but Althea still has a lot of handwork to do on the details of the outfit. Kojii loves Loganís gothic Cinderella dress, but heís worried people will be looking at her at the party for the wrong reasons. The Feather King of New York, a/k/a Nicholas, is just a complete wreck as usual and has all the detailingózippers, hem, etc.óto complete. Shirin tries to explain the dress to Ebony, but its still in pieces so itís hard to tell how itís going to turn out.

    Party Dresses, Partly Interesting

    The next morning brings the runway show and the last two hours of preparation. Logan dons his shiny silver pants and shoes, hoping to distract the judges from his 50s/Marilyn Manson prom dress. Qristyl works frantically on her black dress, hoping that it skates by on the theory that every woman wants a chic LBD. Carol Hannah is confident in what sheís made, while Irina opines that no oneís garment looks like crap except Altheaís. Nicholas thinks Eppersonís pieced together dress looks like rags and Johnnyís dress looks like itís been stomped on. Christopher is a bit more generous towards Eppersonís dress; he says itís something the judges are going to either love or hate and only time will tell. Tim calls the last ten minutes while Althea tries to put in the last few details and Louise breaks a needle on the sewing machine. Time is up, and itís off to the runway.

    Oh, no readers! Neither Michael nor Nina are present for tonightís panel. Instead, Heidi introduces three new judges: Marc Bouwer, a designer who looks like the love child of Iggy Pop and David Bowie botoxed into the next century; Zoe Glassner, editor of Marie Claire; and Jennifer Rade, a costume designer and stylist. The designers and their model/clients show the following looks:

    Qristyl and Valerie: A short black dress, with a lot of drapey gathering, and a one-shoulder top.
    Nicholas and Celine: A short white dress, exceedingly well-fitted, with a detailed collar around the neck and a perfectly tailored open V back. Hands down my favorite for fit.
    Irina and Kalyn: A simple short dress in a funky print with a short sleeved jacket and a flower belt. It looks appropriate for daywear.
    Gordana and Tara: A golden colored short dress with long sleeves and a basket weave detail down the front. It looks like a more figure-conscious Mod dress but the hem is terrible because I can see it from across the room on my non-HD TV.
    Shirin and Ebony: A boring royal blue short halter dress that J. Crew does better.
    Logan and Kojii: A dress with a black lacy top and a blue full-A skirt puffed out with crinolines. Think 1984ís Cyndi Lauper on downers.
    Christopher and Katie: A green lettuce dress. Seriously, it looks like a lettuce wrap, with two black stripesóone below the bust line and one at the hiplineóthat do nothing but make a really tall girl look short-waisted.
    Epperson and Matar: A fitted short dress in brown fabrics; itís stretchy material with brown shiny strips placed around it; the dress gets my vote of second best of the night.
    Johnny and Emarie: A purple, short dress stolen from the racks of Davidís Bridal, giving Emarie the requisite ďfat tummyĒ look of all of their dresses.
    Althea and Tanisha: A grey tank, a puffy short black diaper skirt, and a fairly unstructured jacketÖin other words, 2 out of those 3 things are in my closet. No diapers for me, thankyouverymuch.
    Louise and Fatma: A fitted black short dress with a big puffy lizard throat-like collar.
    Ramon and Vanessa: A short dark teal sheath with a ginormous flower deal on the front. What stain is that thing hiding?
    Carol Hannah and Lisa: An asymmetrical purple top, a black belt, and a shiny-on-black print skirt dress. Third best in my book.

    Did anyone else get the sense that these gals werenít all going to the same industry event? Thereís a lot of cocktail party wear, but not everything.

    Acerbic comments regarding old and lace.

    After the show, Heidi calls out Nicholas, Irina, Gordana, Shirin, Christopher, Louise, and Raímon. They are all safe. The judges then turn their attention to Carol Hannah, who says she captured Lisaís personality in her the dress. Marc thinks the dress is beautiful and a job well done. Zoe finds it sophisticated without being stuffy, and Jennifer thinks it is a good mix of soft and edgy. Carol Hannah is so taken with the praise she lets her Southern slip and busts out a ďyíallĒ, much to the delight of Heidi.

    Although Kojii loves Loganís dress, the judges hate it. Zoe finds it looks like a cheap prom dress. Logan tries to explain the over-use of black lace on the topóhe doubled it up to conceal the floral pattern in it. Jennifer says he should have scrapped the idea, but heís cute and has on great pants and shoes. I guess his plan to distract the judges with shiny things worked; what magpies they are!

    Epperson explains he was going for the punk, tiger-inspired design his client requested. Marc is impressed with Eppersonís work of piecing together strips of stretch fabric. Heidi loves the dress, but thinks Matar needs some support up-top; she blames her bust obsession on her years at Victoriaís Secret. Jennifer concurs Epperson did a good job on the dress.

    Johnnyís purple dress takes a beating next. Emarie wanted fun and flirty, but Jennifer thought the only thing interesting about it was the purse that came from the accessory wall. She says the dress is cute, but the world doesnít need more of it. Heidi finds it looks like a bridesmaid dress and Zoe says it suffers from being a bit too wearable. Johnny takes the criticism gracefully, stating that heíll take their advice as a stepping-stone to learn.

    Qristyl fares even worse in front of the judges. She wanted to makes a dark, effortlessly chic dress for Valerie, but Heidi says it ages her 10 to 15 years, which is like dog years for a model. Ohhh, thatís not so nice. Jennifer says Qristyl failed to take a risk, but Valerie says she likes the dress. Jennifer responds that is why sheís a model, not a designer, thank god. Thatís a lot of trash-talk from a woman who looks like she raided the Louis XIVís wig wardrobe.

    Althea must have taken a breath of relief, knowing sheís not in the bottom three. Heidi first compliments Tanisha for being the best walker on the runway and then says the suit is very chic. Jennifer loves the simplicity, while Zoe says it is a suit she would wear.

    The designers are sent off for the judgesí deliberations. Qristylís LBD looks cheap, Logan focused too much on what his client wanted and lost his way, and Johnnyís dress is too accessible and safe. On the other hand, Altheaís outfit was a breath of fresh air, Carol Hannahís dress had classy sex appeal, and Eppersonís dress showed off his clientís body the best.

    The designers return to the runway and Epperson is in, and Althea is named the winner. Carol Hannah and Johnny are also in, and it comes down to Logan and Qristyl. Qristylís dress was boring, cheap, and took no risks. Logan made his model stand out for all the wrong reasonsóbad choice in fabric, styling and silhouette. After the requisite pause, Logan is in and Qristyl is out. She says itís too soon for her to go home, and she has a lot more to prove. I say itís about time I get to stop pausing every time I write her name to get the goofy spelling right.

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    Re: Project Runway 9/10: Model Clients

    This was your best recap so far!

    Homeless Eskimo bridezillas would have been more fun.
    I agree! As well as zombies! Designing for a model is just a little to easy imo.

    A grey tank, a puffy short black diaper skirt, and a fairly unstructured jacketÖin other words, 2 out of those 3 things are in my closet. No diapers for me, thankyouverymuch.
    GAK, how did Althea end up in the Top 3 much less the win?! I agree that Nicolas (and his pasty white hands), Epperson, and C.H. should be the Top 3.

    Thatís a lot of trash-talk from a woman who looks like she raided the Louis XIVís wig wardrobe.
    Grrrr....that comment was so uncalled for!

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