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Thread: Project Runway 9/3 Recap: Paired Up and Ticked Off

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    Project Runway 9/3 Recap: Paired Up and Ticked Off

    Greetings fashionistas! Time again for another episode of Project Runway, and it’s finally getting to the point in the season that high drama ensues with not just the fashion construction, but the personalities as well. After all, what else can come with being cooped up in small apartments and being under stressful working conditions? Add a team challenge into the mix, and there’s sure to be some petty squabbling reality television is famous for.

    Surf’s Up!

    Heidi meets the designers on the runway, reminds Shirin of her immunity and dispatches them all to the lovely Southern California beach. Off they go to meet up with Tim Gunn, dapper as ever in sunglasses, a blazer and…flip-flops?! Ah, he cures my moment of panic and disbelief by qualifying that he only wears the most heinous of footwear at the beach. He’s joined by shill of the day, Philip Carreon, who is introduced as a Garnier Celebrity Stylist and will push their products later on in the episode. Tim instructs that this challenge will be to create a fun and fashionable surf wear look, and introduces some surf wear sporting ladies on the beach from whom the designers may obtain inspiration and a feel for the style. Philip is there because the models’ hairstyles are also going to be integral to the judging and product placement.

    Tim drops the first bomb of the episode on the group—they will be working in pairs. Seven team leaders are chosen; Shirin is one because she won the previous challenge, and then out comes the velvet button bag. The other team leaders chosen at random are Logan, Nicholas, Mitchell, Althea, Qristyl, and Johnny. They pick teammates in the same order, and the pairs shake out like this: Shirin and Carol Hannah; Logan and Christopher; Nicholas and Gordana; Mitchell and the wildly disappointed Ra’mon; Althea and Louise; Qristyl and Epperson; and Johnny and Irina. Mitchell openly admits in his producer interview he picked Ra’mon to carry him through this challenge. Let’s hope Ra’mon has been working out.

    Tim gives the designers twenty minutes to caucus (oh, how I’ve missed him using that term), talk with the surfer girls, and figure out which model they’ll use. They learn surfers like comfortable, functional fashion in colors that reflect the beach. The seeds of discord are planted early; Ra’mon feels he needs to take the lead from Mitchell and Qristyl starts to be over-run by Epperson while they’re just talking to the surfer girls. She feels he’s trying to be a teacher, not a team player.

    In a marathon shopping session, the designers run around Mood LA to spend their $50 in fifteen minutes. Epperson and Qristyl aren’t doing any better choosing fabrics, and neither are Ra’mon and Mitchell. Okay, editors, we get it. These are the two teams to watch!

    Back in the workroom, Irina and Johnny work on a Bohemian-chic casual look. Nicholas is preparing to dye some strips of fabric to make an “hombre of macramé” top to pair with wrap-around pants. Tension builds with Epperson and Qristly as he impresses upon her the need to be perfect while privately saying he did not like the green fabric choices. They both end up dosing some Tylenol to deal with the stress of possibly being eliminated.

    Over with the other drama pair, Ra’mon works on the garment while Mitchell does who the hell knows what, other than giving a patronizing “That’s fiiiinnee.” sing-songy response to Ra’mon’s progress. Ra’mon knows he’s pulling the weight on the team and doesn’t like it.

    Someone sound the air raid alert, because Tim arrives to drop bomb number two of the challenge. The judges think the challenge, as it stands, is just a bit too easy. Now, in addition to the surf wear look, each team will have to create an avant garde look as a companion piece to the surf wear looks. He suggests the designers come up with their designs that evening and send only one member of each team with him to Mood the next day for the purchase of $200 worth of fabric.

    With this news, it’s apparent the designers need to bust their asses during the remaining three hours of the day. Louise and Althea are hopeful they can complete the surf wear before heading home for the day. Epperson gives Qristyl a basic sewing lesson about how to line a garment, which even I know. Logan and Christopher hum along in accord, which is a nice change.

    Day Two of the challenge dawns with half the designers at Mood and the other half back working at FIDM. When they all are back together, Mitchell realizes he’s in big trouble because he can’t sew at all, let alone sew a swimsuit. Nicholas is impressed with Gordana’s macramé work for the top of their surf wear look. He gets to draping stretchy white lace on his mannequin; draping may be too strong of a word—he’s making what appears to be a body suit/assless chaps combo out of the lace, which he plans to dye blue. His fear of making an outfit befitting a bright blue tranny is not unfounded.

    Over in couples’ therapy corner, Epperson criticizes Qristyl’s joining of the surf garment’s pieces and urges that they need to understand each other to make the design work. Ra’mon instructs Mitchell that one of them needs to finish the surf look while the other makes the avant garde look. Ra’mon sets about working on the latter, some take on a wet suit, while Mitchell hopes that at least Ra’mon knows what he’s doing and contemplates finishing the swimsuit.

    It is once again time for Tim to drop a bomb, this time it’s on Carol Hannah only. It turns out that Erika, her model, booked that Arby’s commercial she wanted so much and won’t be available for the fitting. Carol Hannah decides to chuck Erika and bring back Valerie, who was eliminated in the last challenge. In a bit more happy news, Tim then sends in Philip for hair consults and the models in for fittings.

    As Nicholas’ model tries on the naked lace garment, Gordana rationalizes it as perhaps being like a mermaid becoming human, but the look is too revealing for her taste and I don’t remember Daryl Hannah wearing anything like that in Splash. Ra’mon fits the wetsuit on his model, and is frustrated with having to lead the team and keep Mitchell on task. It seems to me that Mitchell has just given up and maybe wants to screw Ra’mon over.

    After some hair consultations and product placements, Tim returns to check in on the looks. Johnny and Irina are making a dark brown woven/macramé gown to echo the macramé they did on their surf wear. When the hell did this macramé trend blow up, I ask myself. Tim likes what he sees and sends them back to work. Tim likes Epperson and Qristyl’s surf wear when it was all put together as one piece; however when the center bodice piece is removed to leave a bikini top and the skirt comes open, Tim worries that the skirt is a bit too I see London, I see France.

    Shirin and Carol Hanna’s avant garde gown is made to reflect waves of water; Tim finds it ambitious. He’s impressed that Logan made a hat to go with his and Christopher’s beach wear look. Louise and Althea impress him both in their cute look and teamwork. Tim’s reaction to Nicholas and Gordana’s macramé bathing suit is positive. However, when he gets to Ra’mons wet/jump suit, he can only ask, “What is THAT?” Tim fundamentally doesn’t get how the superhero and Greek goddess looks go together and urges them to make the looks relate to one another.

    With ninety minutes remaining, Ra’mon scraps the wet suit and pulls out some yellow/green neoprene and starts draping. Epperson and Qristyl keep bitching at each other, and the day winds down.

    Wherein no swimwear was shown, though we all know it was constructed.

    Finally the morning of the runway show has arrived and back to FIDM the designers go to complete their garments. Qristyl is nervous that two people may be going home. Christopher is confident he and Logan will win. Ra’mon is stuck with a Sisyphean task of keeping Mitchell on task. Then Tim comes in to set the clock at two hours until show time and sends the models in.

    If your name is Ra’mon in this episode, you are having a bad, bad couple of days. First Tim wonders if Ra’mon can finish the avant garde look in the remaining time and then the realization that the skirt looks like a ball of lettuce hits him. His solution at the 11th hour is to don a trash bag and apply dye to the skirt. As he furiously blow-dries the skirt, Tim returns to tell him he has only 35 minutes remaining and doesn’t want him disqualified by not having two looks to show. The clock ticks down to fifteen minutes and it’s looking iffy for some teams, but they all do make it out on the runway.

    The judges for this challenge are Heidi, Max Azria, Nina and some actress called Rachel Bilson. According to IMDb, she was on The O.C., and I realize I’m just plain old. Michael Kors’ absence is not explained; I figure he passed out in the heat somewhere on the Sunset Strip, due to the black t-shirt and blazer he’s always sporting. The designs fly down the runway and we see:

    Qristyl and Epperson’s beachwear look of a green print bikini top, torso piece, and ballooning skirt and avant garde look of V-necked shiny brown onesie and some kind of voluminous brown and green robe/cape thing that looks more appropriate for the wrestling challenge from last season.
    Johnny and Irina’s surf wear look of a brown one shoulder t-shirt with macramé back detail over a short white skirt and avant garde brown gown with a woven bodice.
    Mitchell and Ra’mon’s beach wear look of a green, blue and cream draped halter dress and the avant garde look of a green neoprene top and short skirt, with blue dye spilled on one as though a paint accident occurred.
    Shirin and Carol Hannah’s surf wear swimsuit with a wrap that sits just under the bust line to create a maxi-dress look and the avant garde look of a long blue green gown that is supposed to remind one of the ocean.
    Althea and Louise’s surf wear look of a black and white bikini under a magenta short dress with a bubble skirt and avant garde black gown of a highly detailed bodice with zippers, pins and glitter, and a skirt cut up to there in the front and trailing to the floor in the back. It’s the mullet of skirts.
    Nicholas and Gordana’s beach wear look of the blue macramé swimsuit top covered by some really baggy white wrap pants and avant garde body suit made of white lace (some dyed blue) stolen from Madonna’s Like A Virgin wedding dress.
    Logan and Christopher’s surf wear of slim white pants and a tank top over a bikini and avant garde a gown that has some kind of scub wear top with a bustle and maximum volume tulle skirt that screams late 80s.

    After the show, Heidi calls Shirin and Carol Hannah, Althea and Louise, and Christopher and Logan as safe and they take their leave. The bottom two pairs are Nicholas and Gordana and Qristyl and Epperson; they’re sent off while the judges talk to the top two pairs. Yes, people, Ra’mon and Mitchell are in the top tonight.

    Heidi starts with Johnny and Irina. He sewed the skirt on the beachwear look, though Irina helped him drape it and did the back macramé work on the top. Nina loves the back, saying it looks exciting and lovely. Rachel would wear it and Max loves the woven top of the avant garde dress. Turning to Ra’mon and Mitchell, Ra’mon says the inspiration came from the seaweed washing up on the beach. Heidi asks to hear from Mitchell, as he was the team leader. Mitchell cops to Ra’mon doing pretty much everything other than the swimsuit. Heidi loves the avant garde look, the color, and the neoprene. Rachel would wear the avant garde dress “with a few alterations” while I still think it looks like a tennis ball cover with ink on it.

    The bottom two pairs come out while the top pairs await their fate. Qristyl beings by saying she was supposed to be the captain of the team but Epperson took the lead. Epperson lays into Qristyl for not coming up with a concept, and it becomes apparent to the judges that they did not get along, and the bickering continues on the runway. Rachel likes the print of the beachwear dress, and Heidi thinks the top is well made. But Nina has no idea what the avant garde piece is. Max admonishes that if you can’t be a team player, you can’t be a designer. Moving on to Nicholas and Gordana, Nicholas says they did the macramé top together. Heidi loves the top but hates the wrap pants; she hates the avant garde look as well. Nina thinks they went too sexy, but Rachel thinks it is fashion-forward.

    Off they all go for deliberation time. Johnny and Irina’s designs are good and tie into each other. They’re impressed with Ra’mon’s avant garde look, but the judges are troubled that Mitchell did nothing for the challenge. Nicholas needs to tame the sexiness and get a handle on fabric choices, but they loved the macramé top on the surf look. They also liked the top of Qristyl and Epperson’s beach dress, but find that he took over the challenge and she was weak. With everyone’s smirk firmly in place, they agree they’ve made their decision.

    The designers then return to the runway and Heidi names Ra’mon as the winner; he gets immunity for the next challenge. Irina, Johnny, Nicholas, and Gordana are all in. Epperson is then in as well, leaving Qristyl and Mitchell on the runway. Heidi says that Qristyl’s leadership skills were non-existent, which led to the bad outfits. Mitchell, however, left them disappointed and confused; no team member who was on a winning team was ever out in seasons past, but the three strikes rule applies and he’s gone. Qristyl is safe for another day, while Mitchell takes his overdue leave.

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    Re: Project Runway 9/3 Recap: Paired Up and Ticked Off

    Great recap as usual!

    Ah, he cures my moment of panic and disbelief by qualifying that he only wears the most heinous of footwear at the beach.
    Whatcha mean heinous footwear?! i LOVE my flip-flops!

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    Re: Project Runway 9/3 Recap: Paired Up and Ticked Off

    Quote Originally Posted by raisinthesun;3691722;
    Whatcha mean heinous footwear?! i LOVE my flip-flops!
    Hahaha! I know many people do, but I have wrecked my ankles more than once wearing them, so I find them cursed! (At least for klutzes like me.)

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