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Thread: Project Runway All-Stars Special - Show Discussion Thread **Spoilers**

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    Re: Project Runway All-Stars Special - Show Discussion Thread **Spoilers**

    Quote Originally Posted by Bearcata;3675121;
    Daniel V won. Total yuck. Hated his collection. It was crap. His dress was nice but that was it.

    I am also totally surprised that Uli was not in the top four. I loved what Chris March did. While I hate Korto's attitude it really irks me, I did like her print dress. Still over all the feel of the special is that they producers felt that they needed to give Daniel V something. Again I thought his collection sucked.
    I agree - Korto's was the best out of the final two IMHO. And, I agree that they were going to give it to Daniel V for some reason or another (I didn't follow his season, I did Korto's).

    Korto's attitude did get me at the end because she acted as though she was entitled to win this challenge prize, I did like her collection best out of the final four's here. Maybe if she put the restaurant challenge dress as the red carpet entry, she might've actually won. That dress was very creative and elegant - I missed the early part of the episode, so I was very surprised to find out that she made it out of place mats and the rocks in the vase.

    Daniel's I felt was sloppy save his black dress with the white panels. Sad to say - I think that dress alone is the reason he won compared to the rest of his ensemble. If they went with the whole kit and kaboodle, I think Korto should've won.

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    Re: Project Runway All-Stars Special - Show Discussion Thread **Spoilers**

    I still don't see a conspiracy w/ regard to Daniel V. winning the All Stars. W/ regard to Daniel's book, would Michael Kors and Nina choose him b/c then his book would sell more copies and that would be more exposure for them? Don't Michael and Nina already have a tremendous amount of exposure? Especially from people who are already fans of the show who were the one's watching and heard about the book?

    And if they wanted Daniel V. to win Season 2, wouldn't he have won it? I think Daniel V. just learned to design clothes that are more in line w/ Michael and Nina's aesthetic.

    Michael and Nina just have an aesthetic that doesn't just appreciate pretty, wearable clothes. And they are actually pretty open about that and you will often hear them look down upon clothes that are too 'retail'. I don't agree w/ them either in certain cases but I think it's important to understand where they are coming from w/ regard to a design point of view.
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