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Thread: 10/15 Show Discussion - Season Finale **SPOILERS**

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    Re: 10/15 Show Discussion - Season Finale **SPOILERS**

    I just hope that Leanne uses some of her money on shampoo and a haircut!

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    Re: 10/15 Show Discussion - Season Finale **SPOILERS**

    Before the show, I learned that Christian favored Leanne's. Then on the show, Jillian said she liked Kenley's; and Rami liked Korto's. And it's odd that they all placed the same way.

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    Re: 10/15 Show Discussion - Season Finale **SPOILERS**

    Quote Originally Posted by Endit;3218316;
    That wasn't the one I think. I think she was referring to these (Balenciaga Spring/Summer 2008 RTW)


    Her wedding dress looks like a cross between these two (McQueen Fall/Winter 2008 RTW):


    Oh yeah, here's Jerrell's real link... HAD NO IDEA THERE WAS A 30 MINUTE EDIT LIMIT: Project Runway: Jerrell - Project Runway: Jerrell - Spring 2009 Collection
    You are completely right! I'm not sure how I didn't remember those.
    there is no energy shortage, there is a shortage of imagination

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    Re: 10/15 Show Discussion - Season Finale **SPOILERS**

    Quote Originally Posted by Jexter;3218332;
    I don't understand what is meant by "granola". My sister is an outdoorsy type who lives in the wilderness of Utah. I'd call her "granola".
    Yes, that would be granola. Another phrase would be earthy crunchy. Laura Bennet was definately NOT granola.

    watts Laura was sophistocated cocktail party on the opposite end from granola.

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    Re: 10/15 Show Discussion - Season Finale **SPOILERS**

    Oh come on, you actually believed that Tim thought Kenley needed to take a fashion history class in order to discover what has been done in the past.

    You don't think that girl knows every major designer's collections and has taken the best from the best and used them in her collection.

    When her wedding gown was first likened to AMQ's, she said something about he didn't have anything like her silhouette in his collection...duh Kenley, you do know that because you took the design from the previous collection

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    Re: 10/15 Show Discussion - Season Finale **SPOILERS**

    I called it a while ago. Leanne might be a little boring, but what she did was different and well constructed. That is a winning combination for these judges. I think her point of view, her architectural influences, will allow her to have versatility while keeping a certain signature look. Let's hope she continues to develop and gets the breaks needed to be successful at this career. I loved Korto's colors. They were bold. And as many people have said already, she can design for different body types. You can imagine all of the clothes she showed on women of different sizes. She should be this season's Uli. Kenley just needs to grow up as a person and a designer. The talent is there, but boy does she sabotage herself so she can be justified in her view of the world against her. Final note, for now, did you notice how po'd Bianca (from ANTM) looked on Korto's show? That girl looks like she could get in a fistfight at an airport. Oh, wait...

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    Re: 10/15 Show Discussion - Season Finale **SPOILERS**

    I have no problem with Leanne winning, but was rooting for Korto. I truly enjoyed her collection and loved how she doesn't have one body type in mind when she designs. She'll do well with the exposure and I'm glad that at least she walked away with fan favorite. Was surprised that Jerell didn't take that one.

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    Re: 10/15 Show Discussion - Season Finale **SPOILERS**

    Apparently they are not going to have a reunion show like they have in the past? They always announce the fan fave during that show but they already did last night-Korto.
    I'm OK with Leanne winning, I figured she would. The only problem I had with her collection was hardly any color, only white, light blue and tan and alot of petals.
    I liked Korto's collection very much. I also liked Kenleys but she did copy 2 of the dresses from Balenciaga and of course had the AMQ wedding dress in there too.
    Did they use Morgan as a model from Season one?? I missed that.
    Did anyone notice Korto had Bianca from Americas Next Top Model in her show?

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    Re: 10/15 Show Discussion - Season Finale **SPOILERS**


    Topic: I loved Leanne's collection and found many pieces I think would be very wearable. Loved several of the cream and beige outfits. And she captured the "waves" theme beautifully, IMO.

    I thought Kenley's collection had no cohesion at all (contrary to what the judges said). I found the dress that her model wore (the one back at judging) to be garish, with a black square effectively over each nipple. Funny, the dresses I liked (and I don't know Balenciaga from McQueen from Kors) were pointed out as essentially knock-offs!

    And what bugged me about that was that other contestants night have said, "Oh, yes, I'm influenced by Balenciaga and others, but I feel my designs are still unique." Kenley always denied looking at the work of other major designers, period. I have no respect for someone I believe is a liar. And from my POV, no way did Kenley just "happen" to come up with garments that were so close to looking like the originals that were presented in other designers' collections at a previous time. I'm over Kenley and her nasal voice.
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    Re: 10/15 Show Discussion - Season Finale **SPOILERS**

    Quote Originally Posted by mschulz;3218220;
    Me too....They so manipulated the results to get her in fashion week, just to see a rehash of other designer's work.
    Yep, they sure did, manipulate the fans and the judging. Stupid.

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