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Thread: Week 6 Creations - Drag Queen Challenge

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    Re: Week 6 Creations - Drag Queen Challenge

    i don't mind blaynes aside from the wings and the hanging... whatevers. the outfit was styled nicely? i just like blayne, even tho his liciousness is annoying. lol.

    terri's was gorgeous in the sense that it was totally unique and i can appreciate the thought that must've gone into it. sude's... ew. daniel's dress was gorgeous; i would LOVE to wear it, but i'm not a drag queen, hence his auf'ing. leeans was really cute, too. i hated jarell's. ;]

    kenley's was really pretty too; i liked the concept. stella's was... what she's done since the first episode. hot topic-esque and nothing else. boring to me.
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    Re: Week 6 Creations - Drag Queen Challenge

    Actually I liked Daniel's dress. The problem was it wasn't very drag queen. I could see someone wearing that at a red carpet event.
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    Re: Week 6 Creations - Drag Queen Challenge

    I have a top 4, a bottom 4 and a middle three this time. Great challenge, this was a riot!

    Daniel should have been sent home last week, not this week, although he made yet another wearable (but slightly ugly) cocktail dress, he did not follow the spirit or directive of the challenge. But I have to say, I would have sent Keith home. Molting Chicken, Feathered Onesie, Big Bird's baby!

    Top 4:
    I would have Terri for the win. That was sooooo different from traditional drag-queen garb, and suited her particular model.
    Joe would have been second place followed by Stella, with Jerrel getting an honorable mention.

    Middle of the road:
    Suede, Leanne, Kenley -- nothing wrong with any of them, they listened to their clients, LOOKED at their clients, and produced a wearable garment.

    Korto-- I hated it!!! What am I not seeing, judges? The removable skirt wasn't her idea!! And, it was just really bad.
    Blayne-- "Pterodactyl from a Gay Jurassic Park" also "Pastel Court Jester" need I say more?
    Daniel -- not a drag queen outfit, and I disliked the print.
    Keith -- as stated above, just awful, there is nowhere to go but up...
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    Re: Week 6 Creations - Drag Queen Challenge

    Blayne was a perfect match for Miss Understood. Her favorite line is that she's "the child of a cake decorator," which explains her fashion sense. She usually wears even wilder color combinations than what Blayne gave her. Here's a write-up about her.
    It's not that I think Blayne would have made Top 3 if his left wing hadn't drooped, but the design was far from the worst in terms of bringing out the drag queens' personalities.

    You can find write-ups on some of the other drag queens from the show at the site I linked to above, just click on the "New York City Girls" link.
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    Re: Week 6 Creations - Drag Queen Challenge

    JOE_ Although his frock did match the dqueen’s persona fantastically, it was not the true winner in my eyes. It was nothing more than a sequined pantsuit with collars and cuffs

    KORTO_ Hers was a showstopper, but not THE showstopper. I felt it was really well executed and worked famously for the dqueen’s persona. It had both pizzazz and an outfit you would remember

    KEITH_ Although I do agree that he should have been second to last in this competition, I do feel that he still correctly captured the persona of his chosen dqueen. The outfit worked perfectly on her.

    BLAYNE_ It did fit the persona of his dqueen but it was not flattering at all. Also, he had a wardrobe malfunction on the runway.

    KENLEY_ I love the style of this frock and it does fit the persona of the dqueen, however like Joe’s frock, it is very basic in execution. It is a simple shift dress with feathers attached.

    STELLA_ I am not very sure with this one at all. It is more like goth meets suburbia. I just don’t like the plaid swatch in the front of this frock and it doesn’t really match the dqueen’s persona very well

    JERELL_ This is just a hot sequined mess to me and was not at all flattering to the shape of the dqueen. It does not work as a dqueen frock nor anything I would wear. The collar just don’t work with the outfit that well and it is just too dark and vegasy. She specifically stated her love for vintage outfits and this just missed the mark completely. However, maybe Jerell saw what I saw and went Vegas because he dqueen looked a lot like LIZA MINELLI!!!

    LEANNE_ I actually loved this outfit and although it did not match the dqueen’s professed persona, it ACTUALLY CREATED A BETTER ONE!! The Jetson-esk look flattered and like Korto’s frock, was a showstopper.

    TERRI_ Hands down, this IS THE SHOW STOPPER!!!!!! Her frock COMMANDED THE RUNWAY!! This outfit was just an eye catcher as there was so much to see and pick out and the eye was just dazzled by it. This is the type of ensemble that I love seeing on the runway. Clearly she should have won this competition. Love it or hate it, you WON’T forget it!

    SUEDE_ It did hit the persona on the head with his dqueen BUT it wasn’t much different than the one she was already wearing. All he did was change out the jacket and add gloves. Nothing very dramatic here

    DANIEL_ In his defense, he made his dqueen look more feminine and the gown was gorgeous. However, there was nothing dqueen about it and although I would have auf’d Jerell for his unflattering frock, I understand why Daniel was eliminated. He once again ignored the gist of the competition.

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    Re: Week 6 Creations - Drag Queen Challenge

    This was the best challenge, ever! I really enjoyed watching it and the characters. Loved the fun and lightness of it. How different they looked when they were not in character.
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