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Thread: Week 5 Creations - "Lipstick Jungle" Challenge

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    Re: Week 5 Creations - "Lipstck Jungle" Challenge

    Quote Originally Posted by SimplyCharming;3168098;
    That drag queen challenge next week is gonna be AWESOME!!

    I'm ready to see that episode RIGHT NOW!

    Can't wait to see Chris all dressed up.
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    Re: Week 5 Creations - "Lipstck Jungle" Challenge

    Quote Originally Posted by SimplyCharming;3168098;
    Keith and Kenley's outfit was definitely cute ... that skirt was gorge. I think it was kinda what Keith was trying to go for with his NY challenge, but this definitely came across WAY more polished and put together. I don't know how much of that came from Kenley's influence, but kudos to the hottie for finally putting together a look that got positive attention from the judges.

    Jerell and Stella's outfit was also pretty fantastic, save for the accessorizing. I'm with Brooke on the zebra-print belt. That was a little bit too much. But the leather cumberbund was fantastic, and the colors were spot on. Who'd have thunk that Jerell and Stella could've put something like that together? Suddenly, I'm rooting for them both a little bit more than I was before.

    Blayne's ... wasn't flat out horrible. I think our brilliant recapper put it best when she likened it to a $29 Old Navy outfit. But the positives -- I think the separates were actually constructed fairly well, and the colors were pretty. The shorts, though, did nothing for the model's figure. The sharp contrast between the blue top and the khaki shorts kinda 'chopped' Polina up, and gave her some child-bearing hips pretty quickly. And really, Brooke was the one who wanted to make the sketch a reality, so I think that figures a lot into why Blayne was safe last week. (Extra kudos to Blayne for taking some responsibility for his work. Not that Leanne was ever in any real danger of going home.)

    Daniel and Kelli ... what a mess. I'm sure there's a tasteful way to incorporate leopard print into work-wear, but that ... just wasn't it. Someone said something about the outfit giving the model 'eye-boobs with blue eyeshadow,' and I couldn't agree more. And the exposed midriff? And that skirt? Ew. While it was Kelli's design and her idea, I really do think Daniel should have been on the chopping block instead of Blayne. The entire time, he could've cared less, and it showed. Mr. Impeccable Taste has yet to demonstrate any of the qualities that he's advertised a das esigner. Did he come into the competition thinking that every challenge would involve creating a cocktail look?

    I've been on the Terri love train since episode 1, but this last episode ... she contributed skinny black pants. Granted, they were well-made skinny black pants. But the focal piece was that top, and she should have been all over that, and delegated the pants to Suede. (Assuming Suede can make pants. Not a skill I've seen from him yet.) She micro-managed the bejesus out of Suede and drove the poor little man bananas. Honey, it's just easier to do it yourself than it is to micro-manage someone else into doing it the way you want. Fortunately for the both of them, the look turned out okay ... But, damn, Terri ... (Although, the whole spiel about 'packing balls or a vajayjay' was pretty freakin' hilarious.)

    Which leaves Korto and Joe ... my opinion of Korto's work changes from week to week. This week, though, she fell really flat for me. Team Korto was particularly lucky that there were two assier outfits than hers that walked the runway. The poofy yam-colored jacket was actually pretty nice. Loved the trim on the lapels, although I seem to recall the whole thing being kinda wrinkly and in need of a good steaming. That oatmeal-colored dress underneath, though ... ugh. The color was drab, and the fit (especially in the back) was really poor. I'm having a harder and harder time seeing Korto in the final three. The quality of her work lacks a lot of consistency, and if she has another off-week where she's not at the top of her game ... I'm pretty sure she'll be getting a good-bye kiss from Heidi.

    So ... favorites:

    Best in show: Jerell & Stella
    Worst in show: Tied between Kelli & Daniel, and Korto & Joe.

    That drag queen challenge next week is gonna be AWESOME!! I can't wait to see Daniel sweat buckets over that one. "I don't do stagewear -- I only work with high-end fabrics." I can see it now.

    I agree about Daniel not helping Kelli at all in this challenge. He didn't even pretend to collaborate. I think he was content to just go along with it and not bother to improve it and then let her get sent home. When I watched a rerun over the weekend, I noticed that when they were picking out fabric, Kelli specifically asked Daniel for his opinion. He said her choices were okay, but in his taped video he said that his choices were richer and more tasteful, while hers looked cheap. So why didn't he respond when she asked him to be honest? That could have changed how the outfit looked. I think Heidi picked up on the fact that he didn't really bother to give input or suggestions about the design. He better watch out, because when Heidi says that she doesn't like someone, then they don't usually stay. Look at Jennifer.

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