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Thread: Favorite Sayings From Season 4

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    Re: Favorite Sayings From Season 4

    Steve (channeling Tim Gunn): Designers... I am here to tell you that you are screwed, and that there is nothing you can do to save whatever you're doing. Carry on!

    Christian: Hi, everybody! Thank you for coming! I would like to thank my beautiful family for coming... hey! (the Tyra ANTM kinda hey) Wow, everybody looks fierce! Kay... enjoy the show!

    Christian: Fierce, flawless and fabulous!

    Chrisitan: I'm kinda fierce, and I'm kind of a celebrity... in my own head.

    Christian: I'm not a miracle worker lady... I can't make you have an a$$!

    Christian: I love Asians. Asians are fierce.

    Tim: We're going some place...
    Christian: Fabulous?
    Tim: Fabulous!
    Christian: Is it fierce? Better be fierce, Tim!

    During the updated trends challenge

    Heidi: Tim's in the workroom with a familiar face, and she's brought some old friends along to help you on your challenge!
    Sweet Pea: So the first thing I think is that we are going to be making clothes for senior citizens.

    Jillian (in overalls): I would like to bring overalls back.
    Nina: Why? Oh!

    Sweet Pea: Why am I always last! Is my button stuck to the bottom of that bag on purpose?

    Steve: Chris keeps telling me "Girl, this jacket is going to be hot! Don't worry about it!" *blank stare* Oooo-kay.

    Jack: All the trends are outdated for a reason... they're absolutely terrible. So I went for Britney Spears on crack.

    Kit (working with Jack & Christian): 'kay.... I'm just going to make this a cap sleeve instead of actual fringe, or else it'll look like armpit hair!

    During the prom challenge

    Heidi: And each of the girls has had a chance to look at your portfolios and they've made choices about who they wanna work with!
    Chris: I don't know what the poor girl who chose me was thinking...
    *Cut to Chris in drag with a Wonder Woman costume on*

    Christian: I think prom is horrible and tacky and gross.

    Waiting outside the room where the WWE divas were wrestling

    Sweet Pea: I'm scared!

    After winning

    Tim: Congratulations! You deserve it... can you believe it?
    Christian: Yeah.
    *Michael Kors cracks up*

    ... yeah, I pretty much love Christian!
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    Re: Favorite Sayings From Season 4

    Rami: "Christian is like a cartoon character. There's so much yakking & bitching. If I had hair on my head, I'd want to tear it out."

    Christian: "Ooh my gawd I'm gonna die of barfness. So disgusting."

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