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Thread: Season 4 Speculation *No Spoilers*

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    Season 4 Speculation *No Spoilers*

    Just wanted to start a speculation thread for fun. No spoilers please, we already have a spoiler thread for this season.

    I have a feeling Rami is going to win, especially with his previous appearance on The Tyrant Show.
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    Re: Season 4 Speculation *No Spoilers*

    I have this sneaking suspicion that Rickey is going to "Wendy Pepper" his way into the finals. He is proably a nice guy (couldn't stand her) but he is not on the same level as the rest of them and should have been gone several times over.
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    Re: Season 4 Speculation *No Spoilers*

    Oh God no way do I want crying Ricky to do a Wendy Pepper yikes, one thing though in Ricky's favour he isn't a b*tch like Wendy yikes I just started to watch season 1 on youtube and Wendy was a nasty piece of work.

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