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Thread: 1/9 Discussion Thread *Spoilers*

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    Re: 1/9 Discussion Thread *Spoilers*

    I didn't like Victorya's dress at all....were those sequins? They looked like little buttons.
    I think Ricky meant well in trying to create an age appropriare dress....it just got lost in the execution.
    Sweet Pea should have won but I don't think they wanted her to have the immunity for the next challenge.

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    Re: 1/9 Discussion Thread *Spoilers*

    Sweet P and Jillian had amazing dresses. Victorya's was not nearly the best to me.

    I'm growing tired of Christian's attitude. If a challenge doesn't tickle his fancy, he just floats by, acting above it all. Chris is the exact opposite: he tries to find the fun and humor in whatever they throw at him.

    Kevin deserved to go for the red dress. It was too short and plain for a prom dress; it looked like an everyday dress. Plus the boobs jutted out like torpedos. It's too bad, I really thought he was going to make it to the finals...his heteromaniacal parting comment got a little under my skin: "Plus I got to hug Heidi Klum!" We get it Kevin. you say you're straight, whatever, mazel tov! What's that saying about doth protesting too much?
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    Re: 1/9 Discussion Thread *Spoilers*

    Victoria- I loved this dress and she deserved the win. It was young and fresh. I adored the honesty of her client; she was the last to choose and got her by default! I would like to see Victoria's portfolio so I could understand why no one chose her.

    Sweetpea- It was too long to negotiate the dance floor and looked more like a sexy boudoir dress in the 50's a la Marilyn Monroe. They raved about the fit and execution but that did not read through the TV.

    Chris- Very nice dress, he is pulling out of the crowd and showing his stuff in these recent challenges. I can see him going the distance. His clothes are complex. Loved his confusion as to why he was chosen by this young woman and after seeing his portfolio I got it! Very funny.

    Kit- Nice dress and in another fabric it would be a dynamite sun dress. I liked it.

    Christian- His client was an impossible and obnoxious little girl. I felt some sympathy for him and at the same time was astonished that he didn't take more control. Of all people to let his client run rough shod over him, never would expect that.

    Ricky- I was surprised that he was not eliminated for his doll flesh creation. Terrible in every way.

    Kevin- Fine with me that he went; dumb dress.

    Jillian- The color combination was bizarre. Beautifully excuted and lovely but those colors threw me for a loop. I am still not sure if I loved or hated them.

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    Re: 1/9 Discussion Thread *Spoilers*

    Christian deserved the girl he got....he can be an ass sometimes and it was karma that he got stuck with her.

    It was Ricky's time to go. Sorry that Kevin went out and Ricky continues to slide by every time.

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    Re: 1/9 Discussion Thread *Spoilers*

    I have yet to see the episode or the dresses, but I am BUMMED Kevin went. He was my PR crush this season *giggle* now all I have is Rami...
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    Re: 1/9 Discussion Thread *Spoilers*

    Victoria- It was cute and modern. Not really my cup of tea, but I can still appreciate that it was a good dress.

    Sweetpea- I thought it achieved the "Hollywood glamour" look that her client wanted. It was beautiful.

    Chris- I loved his dress. I was really surprised when they called him as one of the "middle of the pack". I thought he should have won this challenge! Plus, he just has such a great attitude.

    Kit- It was cute. However, I don't know why she added buttons on the waist. That really seemed weird to me and made the dress look less formal.

    Christian- I was really annoyed by his client. I felt really bad for him, and I have not been his biggest fan. I thought he would take more control, but he was kind of stuck between a rock and a hard place. If he had taken more control and told his client that her design sucked they would have been mad at him for not listening to his client. This was a lose-lose situation for him which was a bummer and I am glad they didn't eliminate him for it.

    Ricky- Blech! The concept wasn't terrible but the dress sure was and I think he should have been the one to go. The color on her was atrocious and I don't know why he did spaghetti straps for her. I have always heard that unless you are super thin with really skinny shoulders, you should avoid spaghetti straps because they make the shoulders look wider. I think a different strap (as well as a more saturated color) would have made that dress a million times better. I saw a pic on the PR website of Ricki with the comment that he was wearing a hat that he designed himself. I think he should be eliminated just for deigning those awful hats!!

    Kevin- That girl really did end up looking older and the dress was not flattering. I couldn't tell if she looked older due to the dress or the hair/makeup choices. However, I don't think he should have gone over Ricki. Kevin had created some really great things before this show.

    Jillian- I thought the concept was good, but I hated the way the top of the dress turned out. I thought it looked like the fit on her client was very poor. If it had been built with some structure in the bodice/chest section I think it could have been really great.

    JRami-I agree that it looked older. However, I thought that part of the design was okay. I think the draped shoulder (her left) and the rouching around the hips were the particularly "aging" parts of the dress. If he had done both sides of the top with the braiding/twisty straps and the had it fall from below the bust-line into a flowy skirt that was a bit longer, it would have been very pretty and more age appropriate. A slightly brighter shade of fabric probably wouldn't have hurt either! I also agree that we have seen this kind of thing from him before.

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    Re: 1/9 Discussion Thread *Spoilers*

    Christian should have gone, that brown dress was ugly, the color, too many ruffles, it makes anyone look fat. Who would wear that mess.

    Sweet Pea, her dress color was good but I didn't like the way it fit, was too baggy.

    Victoria's was good but too many sequences, she over did it for me.

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    Re: 1/9 Discussion Thread *Spoilers*

    i haven't been watching much this season, something is missing, maybe it's the contestants that just don't intrigue me.
    They will never beat PR season 1, that season had it all (good challenges, personalities)

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    Re: 1/9 Discussion Thread *Spoilers*

    I thought Rami's dress looked like the one he did the first time (gray one)

    Chris is did a great job. I can't help to be in love with that guy! He's so sweet and funny. When Christian said that he was voted best dressed--"Is that your own opinion or did they take a vote" HAHA

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    Re: 1/9 Discussion Thread *Spoilers*

    I dont' think the color of Jillian's dress was very flattering on the girl. Maybe it looked better in person.

    I liked Chris' dress the most.

    They picked Victorya's dress because it looked like a teenager's dress.

    I love Rami, but I did not like that dress. The color was awful and it did look matronly.

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