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Thread: Kevin - Season 4

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    Re: Kevin - Season 4

    Quote Originally Posted by MFWalkoff;2750676;
    Kevin has worked/works on her morning talk show. He has been mostly described as a "stage hand" in articles. (I don't watch the show so I don't know how much she mentions him) I think he's also designed some clothes for her.
    Thanks MFWalkoff

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    Re: Kevin - Season 4

    Sad he got eliminated

    HEre are my reviews on his work
    (sorry I am harsh)

    Week 1: Cute..except for that silver plate in the middle..I mean what the hell!!!!
    Week 2: Him and Victorya made an amazing dress that I own (yes I really do) and it was sooo cute!!!!
    Week 3: Sylish for a man..I guess. I mean it was nice, yes. It was however not as good as I had hoped
    Week 4: I totally loved the shorts, but the shirt..... eh, not so much. I could see his inspiration though
    Week 5: Insanely cute! I thought it was going to be terrible because of that Jacket but it came out gorgeous!!!!!
    Week 6: Cute, but not memorable. I mean was it nice? Yes. Was it anything better? No. I wouldn't buy it if I saw it in a store.
    Week 7: I was so dissapointed in this! The dress clearly had an amazing vision but he took it no where and he really slacked off w/ this one.

    Overall: 6.6/10

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