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Thread: Project Runway - 4 **SPOILERS**

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    Re: Project Runway - 4 **SPOILERS**

    Quote Originally Posted by watts;2803325;
    I thought Kit had a unique vision. You can tell by the way she dressed. And when she tried on the hideous wedding gown and wanted it, I was intrigued with what she could have done with it.
    I agree. I was disappointed to see her go. Loved her personal style and vision.

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    Re: Project Runway - 4 **SPOILERS**

    Quote Originally Posted by watts;2805011;
    How come I didn't see any reference to Sweet P having a fight with Victorya in the reunion show? I'm glad that Christian won $10,000 considering he said he needed money.
    I hope this is a sign that he did not win the whole enchilada!
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    Re: Project Runway - 4 **SPOILERS**

    Quote Originally Posted by shoepie;2796278;
    Anyone know why Sweet P had a collection? She came in 5th and the PR site says she came in shy of making Bryant Park. Makes no sense.
    Because Bryant Park was before the show in which she was auffed was shown. So to keep people from knowing that she had already been auffed, she showed also.

    I replied when I first read this comment and forgot that others had probably already explained it a whole lot better than I could or did!
    Oh well! I'll have to remember to read everything then think about commenting!
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    Re: Project Runway - 4 **SPOILERS**

    I have the feeling Rami made the final three and Christian won. When I went to the PR site to look at the collections, Sweet P and Chris switched around, Jillian and Rami switched around, but Christian always stayed the same place in the order. I know it's a really off the wall reason to think you know, but I've discovered winners on these shows using even weirder logic.
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    Re: Project Runway - 4 **SPOILERS**

    From Nick Verreos' Blog:

    I was here for New York Fashion Week but more importantly, for the much-anticipated Finale Fashion Show of Project Runway Season 4. Friday (the day of the show) was upon us and I received a "Wake Up Call", in the form of Season One Winner Jay McCarroll--at 6 AM! "When and where do you want to meet?", he asked. Two hours later, he pulled up in a cab in front of my hotel and we were ready to go to Bryant Park. Once there, we could barely make it through the front of the tents because Jay was completely accosted by ten screaming girls! The fans love them some Jay!!! I felt like his bodyguard as my partner David (who came with me) and I, waited for all the fans to get their MySpace photos taken. Inside the tents, the scenario did not change, just the people. Every time he tried to move a foot, another person wanted a photo or a reporter wanted one of his off-the-cuff one-liners. After 4 seasons, it is pretty obvious who is still "Project Runway Numero Uno". It's my dear enfant terrible Jay. Bravo, take note: It's time for another "Jay Show", there is a market for it. Ditch those vapid Laguna Beach Housewives for more Jay!

    We passed the endless line of people and were led inside the hallowed Main Tent . Jay and I were then taken backstage quickly for a "sneak peek" of the final designers' collections. That morning, we realized that because of last week's "WWE Challenge" episode, five designers would have to present collections at Bryant Park. Sweet P, Chris March, Jillian, Christian and Rami. They were the ones left on the show and therefore, so as not to "give away" who the actual finalists were, Bravo was left to have all remaining designers show. Now, I am assuming this. Since usually, there are only THREE real finalists, so there must have been two "decoys". But I may be wrong.
    I quickly saw Rami putting the final touches on a decadent black gown and said "hello" and wished him "Good Luck". Ditto for Sweet P, Chris and Christian and also saw beautiful Amanda Fields looking like a Greek Goddess in one of Rami's creations. At one point, one of Christian's models, the exotic Atong (who has modeled for me before), had just arrived--5 minutes before the show was about to begin!--and madness ensued as he quickly helped her put her ensemble on. I finally saw Tim Gunn, who was monitoring the designers' every move, gave him the fashionista double kiss and headed for my seat.

    Seating Dish:
    There was a whole section where all the former Project Runway designers sat. There was what seemed a "Seating pecking order"--the Winners (Jay, Chloe, Jeffrey) plus Daniel Vosovic and Kara Janx--seated in the second row and with each season, the designers were progressively in the rows behind--I sat next to Andrae, Raymundo in the fourth row, while Laura Bennett and Mychael Knight were behind. To be honest, we got to our seats so late that it was more a "free for all": There were people in our assigned seats and so we had no choice but to sit wherever there was an empty space.
    Personally, I think all of us should somehow be in the front or second rows, just so the viewers (and fans) can see us while watching that final episode on TV. I am sure many fans want to know "How so-and-so looks now" or "Oh look: Where's Andrae...there he is! " Incidentally, for my season, we got to sit in the front row. I did not recognize most of the people in the front row, save for the designers' families, Elle Creative Director Joe Zee, Ali Hilfiger,the judges, guest judge, Victoria "Posh" Beckham (in orange jersey) , Harvey Weinstein and the Bravo executives. I am sure there were plenty of Saturn, Tre-Semme and other sponsors within that never-ending front row. Speaking of the front row, actress and Hollywood legend Meryl Streep arrived and there was not a front row seat for her so she walked her divine self to the back and watched the entire show backstage. As we say: Attagirl! Her beautiful daughter somehow got a seat up front. Germany's Next Top Model also had to find a seat way up top.

    The Show:
    1)Sweet P:
    Her collection began very strong. My favorites were the first three looks. But then it sort of fizzled after that. Her color story was lovely and intelligent, showing muted emeralds, olives, and grapes. There were slight fit problems with a strapless dress that was way too big for the 16 year old model wearing it. But besides this, I liked it. No hippy -dippy wedding gown in sight!

    2)Chris March:
    People expected to see the 12 most fabulous New York City Drag Queens to sashay-shauntay their stilettos down the catwalk. Nope, this was Chris showing he could do something else than a gown for Lady Bunny. The first look was fabulous. Modeled by one of the contestants from Americas Next Top Model, it was a halter neckline slinky gown in a Mona Lisa-esque navy print. It was probably my favorite of his looks. Only one problem: DROP THE DAMN TRAIN GIRL! I realize it was an asymmetrical fishtail train, but you do not walk the whole runway holding it. Several other models (including another winner of UPN's ANTM) did the same with similar dresses in his collection, which led me to think that they were instructed to do so. They were ill-advised. It took away from seeing the gowns in their entireties. There were some great coats but the horse (or was it faux human) hair trim on collars and cuffs was a bit distracting if not downright macabre.

    The standouts of her collection were the knitted faux-hawk caps and her gorgeous coats and jackets. The girl can cut a mean jacket and coat, no contest there! They were molded on the models' bodies. Her other corresponding pieces were not as strong and/or memorable in my opinion. But there was cohesion. I also noted that she did not cry (as did Sweet P and Chris) when introducing her collection. Is she one of the top three, I wondered? Maybe I am reaching...

    Rami began with "I want to make women look like Goddesses...they are my muses" Well, he achieved it , plus more! When the first looks came out from behind the scrim, I muttered to myself: "Now, we're talking!". His collection was very Rami but hardly a jersey draped dress in sight! In fact, the first look was undoubtedly woven, sending a message to the judges "Think that all I can do is draped jersey? Well think again" The collection had overt Greco-Roman influences and featured the shoulder as the "special guest star"-- highlighted in just about every look. He even showed several suits and separates-- for that Guggenheim Museum Gallery Director who would actually wear these pleated draped power suits for a 10 AM board meeting! Rami's strength was in his three final evening gowns. My favorites included a side cowl-draped crepe gown worn by the panther-like Amanda Fields (who could teach these awkward and emaciated 16 year old Estonian girls a thing or two about walking the runway!) and a black strapless stunner that had Oscar's written all over it. If there was any criticism it is that I would have loved to have seen more gowns. But that's just me. Nina and Michael are not obvious fans of an entire gown collection so maybe that is why he tried to include more "day" looks. Only he knows.

    Three words: Fierce, Fierce and Fierce. It is amazing that a 21 year old can have such a mature grasp of the art of technical dressmaking. I think I was just learning to sew! For his final collection, he showed 12 looks almost entirely in black or champagne. Lots of ruffles resembling his "Avant Garde Challenge" gown. Almost every blouse featured exaggerated silk organza ruffled treatments. He paired almost every single look with the skinniest of black pants. It was as if he cut the same pant eight times. Only the blouses changed. It was very editorial and had a definite point of view. One of my favorites was the ensemble that latecomer model Atong thankfully got to wear. I could see every single look on Posh. A good source tells me (they were seated facing her and the rest of the judges) that her and judge Nina Garcia were nodding in positive agreement while his collection passed in front of them. Michael Kors was also digging his music. Elle Magazine Creative Director Joe Zee just sat there typing in his Blackberry. The final feathered gown was an homage to Alexander McQueen or to Hitchcock's The Birds. It was incredible in its haute couture craftsmanship but arguably very costumey. I can see Bjork wearing it, but she would definitely end up on a "Worst Dress List" but then again, Bjork and Chrstian would not even care.

    Final Thoughts:
    First of all, I have to say that this Final Project Runway Show was one of the best, if not the best of all the seasons. The designers--as well as Bravo--should be proud. All of the 5 designers' collections were great! But who will win Season 4 of Project Runway? It's a toss up. Just from seeing the collections, it was evident that Rami and Christian's were the top two. I would pick Sweet P as the third one, but it could be Jillian. Between Rami and Christian, Rami's was more all-encompassing, but did not evoke emotional responses the way Christian's did. One could argue that Christian's collection was limited in showing one ruffled top after another with (what looked like) the same pant, but showed promise of fresh, new and boundless talent. If he can do this at his young age, one can only imagine what else he is capable of. In the end, Christian's made me feel fierce. Rami, on the other hand, made me feel sublime. Fierce or Sublime? Watch what happens.
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    Re: Project Runway - 4 **SPOILERS**

    Wow! I really hope Christian won!

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    Re: Project Runway - 4 **SPOILERS**

    I so hope Christian doesn't win. He's already SO arrogant and conceited that he'll be successful no matter what. I'd like to see Jillian or Rami win... I think it would change their lives to win, whereas Christian is just going to be a **tchy diva his whole life/.

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    Re: Project Runway - 4 **SPOILERS**

    Quote Originally Posted by simplechef;2808612;
    I so hope Christian doesn't win. He's already SO arrogant and conceited that he'll be successful no matter what. I'd like to see Jillian or Rami win... I think it would change their lives to win, whereas Christian is just going to be a **tchy diva his whole life/.
    My heart says Chris, but my head says Christian.

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    Re: Project Runway - 4 **SPOILERS**

    After reading Nick's comments, it appears Christian will be the winner. I don't get it. His line was almost all the same design. I loved Jillian's clothes.

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    Re: Project Runway - 4 **SPOILERS**

    I think it's almost a foregone conclusion that either Christian or Jillian will be the winner. Doesn't matter to me. I wish I could have been more invested in this season but really I was never drawn in. I just look forward to seeing the runway shows.

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