This is a cute article wherein Diana, Daniel, Nick, Wendy, Nora, and Katherine give ideas for Halloween costumes. (Big surprise--Wendy does a witch costume!) I'd love to see Nick in the Flavor Flav one.

From the beginning of the article....

Project Runway Makes Halloween Costumes Work
by Melody Joy Kramer, October 26, 2006 They've had a postal uniform challenge. A pageant dress challenge. So why not a Halloween challenge?

The task? Design a fashionable Halloween costume that anyone could whip up this weekend.

The designers? Contestants from the first three seasons of Project Runway.

Below, their sketches and suggestions for get-ups that even Michael Kors would like.

So if you really want to look "in" while you're out celebrating Halloween, pick one of the Runway patterns. And then make it work!