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Thread: 10/18 Finale Show Discussion Thread **Spoilers**

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    Good luck and congratulations Michael, Laura, Uli, and Jeffrey!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by KrazeeKy07;2108143;
    I'm not going to be bitter, I'm just going to wish him the best and pray that he learns how to treat future customer's better!
    Agreed! Maybe it is Jeffrey's attitude that gets me angry at him. Maybe that is why he rubbed me the wrong way.

    But Jeffrey was not the best best collection that was there. The judges did not take into consideration the over budget aspect.

    This season really did not take the business aspect into perspective at all. That I think is another reason I am mad with Jeffrey. He did not follow the budget guidelines. If you did that in the real world, there would have been serious consequences.

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    I'm sorry, I don't understand why people are 'disgusted' that Jeffrey won? When it came down to Uli and Jeffrey, I was hoping Uli would win, but I wasn't surprised at all that Jeffrey won.

    Was Jeffrey my favorite designer, no. But I think his win was similar to Jay winning the first season. I didn't completely 'get' Jay's design asthetic, but he was obviously very talented.

    Throughout the season Michael was by far my favorite. Unfortunately, Michael took a risk with his collection and he lost and I'm disappointed for him. But, he'll go far. I have absolutely no doubt.

    Everyone is entitled to their opinion about this season, but I will definitely continue to watch.

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    Well that's nothing new

    Quote Originally Posted by sera00em;2108138;
    I agree. I don't think any of them have any TASTE

    Well their lack of taste is nothing new. I remember the first season when the competition was between Kara Saun and Jay, and they chose jay with all those dang Yarn outfits. I knew then that the weirder your stuff is the grater your chance of winning will become. Jeffrey designs were weird enough. Plus, although I may not have liked Jeffrey's designs he had waaaaaay more range than Uli with her Hippie garments.

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    Quote Originally Posted by KeepItReal;2108161;
    Yeah, this show really disappointed me on many levels this season. Michael took it too far, Laura played it too safe, Uli was dead on point, Jeffrey had really good moments and really low points as well IMO. The fact that he already has a successful clothing line makes it feel like this is less and less a competition for up and coming designers. Exactly how much success is too much to make it on this show?
    I AGREE, his studio is HUGE and acording to him he is already successful....i cant believe he won

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    Maybe I am just not as sophisticated as the judges, but what would make the regular (size 6) woman look better? I can't bear to think it would be Jeff's collection (or Michael's collection for that matter). But, Uli or Laura should have won.
    I am with the others re: at least the other three will get more work.

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    For those of you who are disappointed, and felt Uli should have won over Jeffrey, remember Kara Saun from Season 1? She was ultimately thrilled
    that she came in second. As she explained, a ton of people called her
    to discuss working with her or sponsoring her who told her they would never
    have called her if she'd won; they would have just assumed she was far
    too busy. She got her backers, and she had much more control than
    Jay, who was bound by Bravo's lawyers restrictions. He ultimately
    decided not even to take the $100,000 because he couldn't deal with
    all their rules. So Uli, Laura and Michael are in a very sweet spot!!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by rt1ky;2108144;
    I must admit that although I liked all the collections, I am a bit disappointed in Jeffrey's win. I'm not sure why. I didn't root for him all season, due to his behavior, but his collection was well done. Why am I not happier?
    Perhaps because he is so mean-spirited it makes it hard to like him? His comments after winning: Are you kidding me? Thank you, thank you. Then, I did it. I effing did it. Any guesses what his kid's first word is going to be?

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    I actually saw one of Jeffs garments

    Quote Originally Posted by katy123;2108177;
    I AGREE, his studio is HUGE and acording to him he is already successful....i cant believe he won

    Actually, last night I saw one of Jeffrey's designs in the new Justin Timberlake video. So, it seems that he's definitely got a clientele lined up.

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    He designed great clothes all season, hitting his peak at the shows end. He knows what it takes to survive in the fashion industry as he's already done it.

    Lauras collection was totally her leaving me totally bored. Michael's collection did not live up to what he did during the season at all, it's obvious people just wanted him to win because they were fans, I mean he did win fan favorite after all. Uli's collection was amazing, she easily could've won, but in the end you have to agree with the judges.

    Now tell me, where have you seen Jeff's clothes before? No where. He is a one of a kind type of talent, he is a more controlled version of Santino.

    And anyone saying they shouldn't win because you wouldn't wear there clothes, nobody wheres 80% of the clothes you actually see at a fashion show of this magnitude. You think someone would ever wear one of Jay or Chloes outfits just for the hell of it? No way.

    Jeff and Uli were in a class of there own, Laura and Michael were not too far behind. All of them will go on to bigger and better things.

    You should all be thankful to Bravo and PR for actually keeping designers worthy of producing the great show we saw tonight. And if you can't, just remember back to the Wendy Pepper show.
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