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Thread: How will they choose the winner?

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    How will they choose the winner?

    Will the Judges choose a winner based ONLY on the 12-garmets the presented at the runway show. Or will they judge based on what they had done the entiire season of PW3?

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    FORT Fogey TunaFests's Avatar
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    i think by the time they get to fashion week they assume that the designers are on a pretty level playing field with eachother so most of the judging would come from the collections

    but of course they'll always have their opinions of them from throughout the show

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    FasHiOn LuvER
    Judging by PR1 and PR2, they judge the finale collection the most, and they should.
    This is the time to bring it to the table, no crazy time-limit, no theme just the opportunity to showcase design talent.
    But they also take in cosideration their performances before fashion week to see who is the best.
    IMO, it's fair enough.

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