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Thread: 9/27 Show Discussion Thread *Spoilers*

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    Quote Originally Posted by MFWalkoff View Post
    The final four have a history of choking on the last runway: witness Nancy O'Dell's Grammy dress and Iman's red carpet gown. They really should give the designers more direction in this challenge. Not because they can't ever do it, but mostly because after doing this for a month straight, they're just too plain bured out to be brilliant and forecast their whole look in 2 days.

    I think Uli really pulled it off under pressure. And with Nazri's hair, it's hard not to dress her in a 60's mode.

    Exactly. I don't know why longtime watchers would be suprised about the designers choking on the final challenge because they always have.

    I love all of Uli's stuff, so I'm not going to pretend to be impartial, but I did think that the shorter proportion and more sophisticated front was a really nice change. AND I love dresses that I can wear as a dress (in my case I'd need it a touch longer), or that I can wear with pants underneath. Uli's got a style and she's workin' it and a lot of us love that style so yay.

    I wouldn't wear them, but usually like Laura's stuff and I did again tonight. Yay.

    WHAT THE HECK HAPPENED TO MY BOYS?!?!?!?! They were both a straight MESS. Michael; Sexiness, Sultriness, Sensualness = the same thing, bro! LOL! I'm glad the judges went ahead and considered the entire season and not just the one dress 'cause they both bumped their heads. Yikes. Oh well, I'm happy they're both in FW. Yay.

    YAY overall for me.

    - Tania

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    Isn't it funny that Nazri has been with the winning designer for both of the challenges where the prize is being in a magazine?

    This was an okay episode, but I really liked the result. I was very worried about Michael for awhile.

    And I'm looking forward to next week's episode. It should be very entertaining. And I hope Alison wins the fan favorite thingy.
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    On the bonus footage on the Bravo site- Kayne left a sweet note for the Final Four in the workroom.
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    Tonight was really boring. I sort of expected the ending (although I was really worried Laura's "one-note" problem would do her in), and aside from Uli's model swipe, there wasn't too much drama. Even the designs were blase. Oh well... I think the best episode of the season will be next week: the Reunion Show!!!
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    I love how Uli always steals Nazri "I think Keith had an advantage with her... so I just took her away" and does so in a way that doesn't indicate her ruthlessness. I am also pleasantly surprised that most of the remaining modesl are rather unique in their respective looks, but I do sometimes miss 16 year old Melissa from season 1. Still, everyone knows Nazri is top dog on the floor... cool hair, lady.

    I am surprised however, after seeing the collections from the designers, that Michael continued to do the same style of dress that almost got him booted during fashion week. Slow learner, Miguel? Uli bored me to tears with her outfit, and I cannot believe that merely shortening the same dress she always does would get such rave reviews... well considering that Laura duplicated her winning dress from the last show, maybe I can.

    Jeffrey, like Michael, didn't learn. He also did similar styles from this show in his own collection, and it didn't work here on the show, and I dont think it worked in his collection. Plus, all the play with Uli in the world won't undo him using that nasty language with Angela's mom. I mean, damn dude.

    I don't really care who wins, honestly... because given the lack of surprise in their designs, and the fact that no one's collection wowed me, I'll just watch because I watched all the other shows. I mean, I still remember and love Jay's patchwork coat that rightly secured him the win. Did anyone have a single piece that could champion them in that way?

    No. They didn't. And they should have.
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    This weeks episode was really boring... nothing but the model swap was really that surprising. I can't wait for the Reunion Show next week though! I think it should be good and I can't wait to hear what Keith has to say!

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    Interesting editing I almost liked Jeffrey for the first 5 or so minutes of the show. The best scene was him helping Uli and playing Superman with her dress. The scene with his son I could have lived without, tad staged. I am surprised he has a girlfriend. Why did I think he was gay? Was it his sharp rapier tongue that rips apart anyone he targets. I know his girlfriend must be into mental abuse. No way no how to I see Jeffrey as being kind and gentle to anyone. Then he rises ture to form and skewers Michael's dress. Ahhhhhh, the Jeffrey we all love to hate is back.

    Why am I not surprised to see all four going to Bryant Park, they had too, because otherwise Uli would have been there all by herself. Still I am looking forward to the bitchfest, Oh, excuse me, the reunion and Keith still being angry that he got kicked off. I just wish that they could be this real (read vicious) on Survivor or the RR/RW Challenge reunions.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Lex View Post
    Isn't it funny that Nazri has been with the winning designer for both of the challenges where the prize is being in a magazine?

    This was an okay episode, but I really liked the result. I was very worried about Michael for awhile.
    I was thinking the same thing about Nazri,she's def. getting the most out of this competition so far from a model's perspective.

    I too was worried about Michael, the man just looked totally lost out there and the dress did suffer because of his lack of focus.

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    Quote Originally Posted by MHcarrollton View Post
    I think IMHO that Uli was whom they wanted to send home this week, but she was the only one that did well in their opinion on this challenge and I think it through them. I really think they wanted the final three to be Laura, Micheal, and Jeffrey.
    I think this is dead on. This was Uli's time to go, but after Tim's advice, she tore her dress apart and came up with the perfect solution. As she said, she does better under pressure and a deadline, and she did deliver something very different from her previous projects (even though it was a pattern, the pattern was not the dress).

    Furthermore, I think Tim showed true happiness at the 4 of them being able to show for Fashion Week. Those were genuine displays of surprise and delight at the end of the show, and I don't think he is one to act in this situation. This says to me that they were not planning on keeping all 4, but it would have been anti-climactic to let either Jeffrey or Michael "out" after they won most of the late challenges.

    For those of you who thought Laura should go, she may be a "one-note" designer, but it's hard to argue that her dress was worse than either Michael's or Jeffrey's. She clearly had a better dress on the runway and I can't see her being eliminated for creating something that good, despite it's repetitiveness. She executed the challenge perfectly, just in a boring way.
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    I Had suspected from a commercial that they all might get through. There was something with Heidi saying they were not committed to sending 3 designers to fashion week. However, I had forgotten all about it by the end of the show last night - I was really worried for a minute that Micheal might get sent home!! I'm actually really glad that they are all going - I hope this means we get more than an hour of show for the finale!!

    As far as the final challenge, if they really want to see something great from these designers that they have been pushing so hard for weeks on end, then they should give them a little more time for the last challenge. I think if Michael had more time he could have adjusted the fit of that gown to make it look better on his model.

    As for Jeffery, this episode made me wonder if he has had other moments of nice/silly behavior on this show that got left on the cutting room floor. If I had seen more behavior like him running around in Uli's dress I might actually like him!

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