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Thread: Fashion Week **Possible Spoilers**

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    chez moi
    I said there wasn't anything wrong with posting positive comments. And there isn't. I've posted postive comments and negative comments about quite a few designers. I believe I've even posted negative comments about Angela's designs. I can't recall exactly what because I don't have anything at all invested in any of the designers. (I don't like most of Angela's designs, but I think she was being teated totally unfairly by Jeffrey and Vincent and said so).

    But I did notice right at the beginning of the season that there were at least two brand new posters here who who knew a LOT about Jeffrey and were touting him as being such a totally brilliant designer and all around nice guy. I asked if you were one of those people who knew Jeffrey who showed up to post positive things about him.

    If I knew anybody on the show, I'd admit it immediately. But I didn't even start posting in the PR forum. I started in the ANTM forum -- I know nobody there either -- and have since posted in several forums of shows I have happened to catch.

    I'm just curious about somebody who shows up who is so gung-ho about one particular person. I like to know where posters are coming from in their comments.

    BTW, as I said, I am not Angela's mother, I don't know Angela or, as far as I know, anybody who knows her. I'm a software engineer who lives just outside Washington DC. and would immediately acknowledge any personal bias whatsoever if I knew anybody on any show.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Lizard View Post
    Jeffrey's: the red dress + black clunky shoes = yuck

    Michael's: those dresses are too short
    20 year olds wouldn't want to wear them

    Uli's: I hate to say it, but her clothes do look beautiful. So sorry I bad mouthed you Uli girl

    Laura: I think Laura may have been the 4rth person. Her collection doesn't look like a spring collection. And it's suppose to be a spring collection.
    I agree with your assessment for the most part.

    Urli's was the best although none were steller. Very hot looking and many different types of women could wear that agewise and size-wise. That woman is awesome

    Jeff's --He wins the worst dressed award of everyone there. I don't trust a designer who can't dress himself. He looked bad. There's rock, and then there is the rock-wantabe that was too dorky to make it. A follower instead of a leader type. I don't think they would let him win even though some of his pieces were good. I think his collection showed the most versitility

    Micheal's--What? I didn't like the lenght. I'm a little turned off by the recycling of the foxy-brown design outfoot although I thought I show the quiet dude's cher outfit in the Jeff's collection.

    Laura--Know what her collection would look like. Didn't even have to look at the images. Predictable and boring. I think she should be the fake collection but who knows.

    None were really different or innovative. Only uli had something different which was really the same thing we have seen over and over. Should be interesting.

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    It's possible they truly don't know Jeffrey... *shrug*

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    Quote Originally Posted by Weinie View Post

    Jeff's --He wins the worst dressed award of everyone there. I don't trust a designer who can't dress himself. He looked bad. There's rock, and then there is the rock-wantabe that was too dorky to make it. A follower instead of a leader type. I don't think they would let him win even though some of his pieces were good. I think his collection showed the most versitility
    True, Jeff isn't the most classicly dressed person in the world - but do you remember Jay? I love Jay, personally - but a great dresser... never. The dude wore earflaps! lol

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    Quote Originally Posted by Brandy View Post
    It's possible they truly don't know Jeffrey... *shrug*
    No, the *shrug* was that hideous thing Angela wrapped around her model's shoulders...

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    Just as a reminder, contestants are open season; other members are not.

    We do not allow flaming, baiting, or insults of other members of our site. We enforce this rule strictly.

    Contestants of a reality show, having voluntarily agreed to appear on our televisions, are open for criticism and praise, and everything in between, assuming it falls within the bounds of the rest of our rules.

    You don't have to agree with another member's opnion, but you DO have to respect it, and realize that it IS just an opinion, which may differ greatly from your own.

    Along the same lines, comments like "you must be deaf if you don't hear what I hear", "anyone who doesn't agree is an idiot", and so on are not acceptable. Practice the golden rule, and treat others like you would want to be treated.

    Our contestant threads are NOT specifically for "only good comments" regarding that contestant. They are for discussion of that contestant, both good and bad. We are not a fan-site for any one contestant, or any one show.

    Members who are flaming, baiting, or insulting other members will be removed from the site. And a special note here: if you ARE a contestant on a reality show, and you choose to visit our site, then you will be required to obey these same rules, and not insult our members for commenting on the characters on a TV show. We expect everyone to play nice.
    Site Rules

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    Quote Originally Posted by corprip View Post
    I absolutely love Jay's collection! He is still my favorite PR designer. I think after the next season, they should do a design all-star season with all the final three's. It would be AMAZING TV. Think Santino, Jeffery, and Jay all in the same room.
    As someone who just suffered the last couple of months thru Big Brother All-Stars, let me state that I am now officially jaded against an All-Star ANYTHING from now on.

    Besides, the point of the show is to give new designers some experience and exposure. After appearing, it should be up to them how bad they want to make it in the industry. Otherwise it becomes like manufactured pop stars: Talent not required as long as you make good TV.
    "Whatever you are, be a good one." Abraham Lincoln
    What is an "MFWalkoff?"

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    This is strictly based on my opinion!

    I don't think that Micheal is going to win for the simple fact it is to obvious! Everyone (or mostly everyone) ,without reading spoilers or looking at his collection , thinks he has it in the bag. This is totally like season 1 where everyone though Kara Saun was going to win, but then boom, Jay does. I wouldn't be shocked one bit if Jeffery won this thing to be perfectly honest! Whether Micheal loses or wins, he has a very bright future ahead, as well as the rest of them!

    By the way, I'm new...HI!

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    I agree, it is totally possible Michael won't win it. With the whole model mix up controversy, I even fear he gets auf'd next. Jeffery still has a little bit of that freak show aesthetic that Tim Gunn is nervous about prevailing on PR. But he's not a judge, so he won't be deciding. I'm still betting on Michael for the win, though.
    "I've got soul, but I'm not a soldier." The Killers.

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    I am terribly, terribly disappointed in this seasons fashion week showings.

    I kinda think Michael got the boot, he has a previously booted model it looks like. Uli probably won and got Nazri.

    Laura - old and boring.

    Jeffrey - very cheap looking, im seriously disappointed.

    Michael - I'm kinda mixed...it was either really nice, or really bad.

    Uli - out of the four, is my favorite. some of her pieces are so pretty! but again, all of her pieces are so similar to what she did on the show, nothing really stands out.

    I watched an interview on E! and they showed clips of celebrities saying they liked Michael's showing...so im more so thinking he got the boot.

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