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Thread: 9/13 Show Discussion **Spoilers**

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    Quote Originally Posted by CourtneyLove View Post
    hey, Heidi told them it would get rough. SHe's all "i told you witches, don't mess with me and my pregnancy hormones.. Seal? Make me some hot chocy... I'll be home in a bit.."

    I'm enjoying this. honestly.

    Is Heidi pregnant again?

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    She is now, I don't know if she was (or found out she was) during taping this season. It was in the news in late June...

    She had that great red maternity gown at the Emmys. Best thing on the red carpet.
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    I am going to miss Kayne! His comments this week were hilarious - when he compared Angela and Vincent to cock roaches I was rolling on the couch laughing!
    If only Kayne had included a little more white in his outfit - as a trim on the bottom of the dress perhaps? or used a print with some white in it? Jeffrey's outfit did not even look like it was designed for a human body with all that poofy mess all over it... It was definitely NOT a cocktail party dress.
    Kayne's dress looked like something a real woman could actually wear to a party and his clothes all fit. Sorry Kayne, but if you had used more white, you might still have been in this competition.
    I'll miss your comments, but congrats on making the top 5!!

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    Anyone know where I can find screencaps of the episodes? There is an outfit Heidi wore last week that I'd like to pass on to a seamstress.

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    Quote Originally Posted by realitynut View Post
    Anyone know where I can find screencaps of the episodes? There is an outfit Heidi wore last week that I'd like to pass on to a seamstress.
    I don't know where you could get a screen cap of a particular outfit. Why don't you just tape it the next time it's on, take the tape to the seamstress and show her that. It would probably help her more to be able to see the outfit "move" than a screencap would anyway.

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    Awwww heck....

    Quote Originally Posted by AKat View Post
    Jeffrey is going to stay no matter what he does. He's the villain, they have to have somebody fill that position and it's him. It would be kind of fun if in the next show - which has to eliminate either Uli or Laura -- he did something genuinely bad (bad design, bad sewing, the worst of the worst of everything) and watch the judges squirm trying to find enough good things about it to justify keeping him in. That might make the show worth watching

    They'd just call it "cutting edge" and Nina would say something like..."that's it, that's now, that's exactly what we mean..."
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    I'm finally able to share my rankings of this week's show.

    I'll open with an honest lament of "oooooooops..." I really did think that for whatever reason, Bravo decided to "spoil" the guests for this week, by showing Laura's comment in the preview. I know it's reality TV, I know that she was saying it with a degree of sarcasm/disdain... I just thought it was more disdain than sarcasm. But, if you've been following me around the boards for more than a day or so, you are well aware that I am never right about any reality show. Well, maybe "never" is a strong word, let's see: I picked Kelly Clarkson early, I knew Byron would end up with Mary, I knew Jade would go way too far on ANTM, I knew that that Richard guy from Survivor was creepy, despite never watching a single minute of the show, but that's about it. I guess I'm lucky that I could put my shoes on the right feet in the morning.

    Side note: This show has enough drama on its own without manufacturing any, the business with Heidi not divulging their challenge until they got to the bar and dragged out the Ever-Clueless Angela and that Patron Saint of Village Idiots, Vincent. Whatever. I'm getting really sick of it, but I can't not watch!!! I can't believe I even managed to not watch it on Wednesday, and waited all that time to watch it Thursday night.

    Anyway, let's get down to business with the actual Runway Rankings:

    Laura: Wow. Despite her emotional meltdown this week, she turned out a great dress in such a short period of time. It looked like it took a lot longer to make. I really like the shape: sort of a fitted baby-doll (not as flouncy, but keeping the main silhouette) with the square neckline, and a modest (not indecent like most would have done) skirt length. I loved the sparkly strands, the hint of glimmer on the bottom inside the black lace, neither were overdone. This lady has great taste! I also loved the bag that went with it. Number 1!!!

    Michael: Came really close to winning for me (and the judges, I honestly thought they were going to give him the win) but I just loved Laura's because I favor vintage-looking items to more modern ones. What a great look though, and I loved the drape of the fabric. It was very well made considering the asymetrical-bodice and wide belt had no effect on how lovely the dress draped. Number 2!!

    Uli: Stepped just a smidgen outside of her comfort zone. I get the feeling more and more that she just refuses to pander to the Project Runway ideal of being a "well-rounded designer" (snort!) and she wants to be more niche-market, more fingerprint-oriented, a la Diane Von Furstenburg (my first thought, too, although others have previously brought this up). I respect that very much. Who knows if she wants to win anyway, when you consider that usually the winners of these shows are 2nd/3rd/4th placers. Are these the first sleeves she's done on the whole show? I get where she was going with these sleeves, and I did think that maybe if they liked Uli more, if they didn't need to criticize her to justify their choices all the time, maybe Nina would have praised the sleeves. But I don't know. I liked it, I thought it was pretty. Number 3!!

    Kayne: Poor Kayne. Had he just used a more structured, wider, better-quality ribbon threaded through the back of this nifty dress, I think he would have been safe. The dress was nice (and showed the judges he's willing to sell out to their opinions by editing his instincts) and I liked the back, but just was so disappointed in the white ribbon. The white ribbon he used looked like the tulle I'd wrap a gift box in, it was wilted and too-thin, at that. Also, perhaps if he lined the hem and sleeves of the dress with a white "machine stitch" (I desperately need that help with technical terms, someone, please!) it would have went a ways toward being a black and white dress. Number 4.

    Jeffrey: Ugh. I know where he's going, but he's just too stubborn to even give an inch towards making something elegant and wearable. I think his appearance on the show is just to further publicize the business he already has, and perhaps getting money to fund it further, without changing a single thing. Pleather stockings? I don't even know what to say. At least it wasn't as bad as the gruesome twosome, so... Number 5.

    Vincent: Not going to spend too much time on this, because their return to the show was just a ridiculous stunt. It was way too short, and that black eyelet reminded me of the clothes in the store I used to go to in the late 80s and very early 90s (when I was a size 2, a club kid, and wanted to look like a slut) that sold things cheap, for the sole purpose of making the wearer look like a cheap skank ho. I thought Nina's eyes were going to pop out and roll out of her head when this came down the runway... or was that expression during Angela's?

    Angela: I'm not even going there on the bolero/shrug. It's all been said, quite eloquently, already. (I love you guys!) But the ticky-tacky half inch ruffle around the hem, and bordering the back was just too horrible to describe. I laughed my butt off when Angela stuffed her extra fabric into a frame bag pulled off the accessory wall, and tried to justify it!

    Farewell, Big Daddy Kayne! (you rock, Courtney_Love!) Hopefully we are saying goodbye forever to Vincent and Angela. Maybe by bringing them back this episode, they'll bring back some talented designers during the last days of the final three (when they bring in some previous ousters to help out the final 3 with their collections)... I'm thinking Kayne, Allison, and Robert???

    Final postscript: I do think that they did a shabby job of mentioning Jia's accident. The general public watching the show, probably doesn't read spoiler threads like we do. I tried to put myself in their position, and between the time of Tim's intial announcement, there was nothing in the edited episode that showed any worry for the safety/well being of this girl. That title card at the end was a poor attempt at saving face...
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    Quote Originally Posted by realitynut View Post
    Anyone know where I can find screencaps of the episodes? There is an outfit Heidi wore last week that I'd like to pass on to a seamstress.
    I might be able to post one.

    Which outfit is it?

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    Quote Originally Posted by corprip View Post
    Her husband is Peter Shelton, a partner in Shelton, Mindel and Associates. He is an architect, and his firm did the Ralph Lauren flagship store in NYC. Laura worked at the firm too.

    I hate to drag all this out again, but I think Laura was indeed drinking on the show. It didn't seem like they had an alternative to champagne, but I could be wrong. It's taboo in the new Puritan America for her to even think about drinking, so I hope she doesn't get tarred and feathered for it.
    They may have had sparkling cider available for her, and Heidi if she was pregnant again at this point (don't know the timeline, but its likely).

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    It's pretty likely the producers made a safer beverage available, for insurance reasons if nothing else. But I think everything that can be said about this topic already has so - ???

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