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Thread: 9/13 Show Discussion **Spoilers**

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    I'm so happy that Laura won this challenge. She really, really deserved it in my opinion. Go team Laura!

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    Posted this in the wrong thread- mean't to post it here-

    To everyone who was concerned about Jia Santos-
    She was a model at Malan Breton's runway show at Stylelounge just this past Monday Sept. 11th

    Malan also used PR models Moon, Amanda, Maralinda, Nazri, Clarissa and season two vet Danyelle Villemanay

    Daniel Franco (from season 1 & 2) also showed and used PR models Nazri & Jia (two that I know of, maybe more). Tim Gunn was there for both shows as was Chloe, Diana, Marla & Emmett. And Angela!
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    Quote Originally Posted by Winston Smith View Post
    Once again Kayne gets flipped auf by the fickle finger of fashion.

    I love how the judges question the taste level of the designer who created a "working girl" outfit, but spared Jeffrey's "cheap" hooker dress.

    Project Runway is comedy!
    Jeffrey is going to stay no matter what he does. He's the villain, they have to have somebody fill that position and it's him. It would be kind of fun if in the next show - which has to eliminate either Uli or Laura -- he did something genuinely bad (bad design, bad sewing, the worst of the worst of everything) and watch the judges squirm trying to find enough good things about it to justify keeping him in. That might make the show worth watching

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    Poor Kayne had to go. First on taste, second on inability to execute pret a porter (ready to wear) which is a key component of creating a "line." I suspect Uli will be the decoy for the same reason, as she's shown that she does not want to work with any fabrics with heft, doesn't do pants, and eschews structured pieces.

    The handling of the Jia thing might seem weird, but think of it this way. On the day of the accident, they are in the middle of a challenge and want to keep things moving. Even though production knew it was fairly serious, Tim's "Jia's had an accident" keeps the focus on the challenge. By the time they did the final editing on this episode, it was clear that she would be fine. That's all the general audience needed to know. Of course, there are those of us on this board who have followed this since the accident and would have understood a deeper treatment of the subject, but I suspect that we are a very small minority relative to the audience size.

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    I loved Laura's dress. And Michael's. I hope Jeffery bites it next week.

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    Funny Face

    Quote Originally Posted by CourtneyLove View Post
    random question: for those who have seen the Audrey Hepburn dancing commercial, set to Back in Black, for gap.. what movie is that? haha
    THat delicous movie is Funny Face. Love it, like I love all her films.
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    it was completely worthless that Vincent and Angela got back...i mean honestly, that twist was just a big waste, it was painfully obvious those two werent going anywhere...lol

    I honestly thought Laura's dress was utterlessly dreadful, it was so 'chewnty'...i think they just played it to be nice to keep her in, i think thats why when Laura had her critique, Heidi had a long pause and called michael to critique first...i really just didnt like Laura's dress. Jeffrey's and Michael's were my top picks...Kayne's was nice too, but i hated the back.

    Now that Laura has won, I have a feeling she's gonna switch up models. Mainly cause her model overstepped her boundaries by trying to tell Laura what to do...of course she was trying to help, but i think it would be aggrovating nontheless.

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    I am really disappointed that Kayne went home over Uli, because he was trying to come out of his shell and expand his horizons, whereas, personally, I don't see any of the other designers trying that. It pisses me off. I just hate how rigged this show has become. I only watch it to see the designs anymore.
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    At the end on the next week's preview, they said that the judges didn't feel that they had to have 3 shows.

    At first I thought they were going to do something cruel like just do 2 shows. Now, the next morning, I think they may be saying that they would be willing to do 4 shows in the finale.

    But Uli needs the boot. I can only look at the same thing so much.

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    That was a funny twist, but I guess not funny to the contestants. I knew Vincent and Andrea would be sent packing, though. Vincent's dress had some potential, but Andrea's looked way too vampy. I thought Andrea would've learned to tone it down.

    Michael's dress was amazing, and Laura's was beautiful. I would've worn either. Laura deserved the win, and I thought Josephine Baker too when I first saw it.

    Uli's- more of the same. I guess that's her signature, but yeah, she could stretch herself like she did last week.

    Jeffrey's-- Ewwww. What was that? It looked like some throw away from Judy Jetson's closet, not a cocktail dress. Way too much.

    Kayne-- Actually really good. The minimal white cost him, though. Why don't they recognize that he's growing while others, like Jeffrey, are still the same? I guess they see it as a matter of taste, and see Jeffrey as more fashion forward. I'd take Kayne anyday. He left with class, and was truly charming.
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