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Thread: Project Runway Recap: 9/6 Episode 309: The Couture Challenge

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    Big Electric Cat jasmar's Avatar
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    The "Silly Walks" was my first morning chuckle. Thanks!

    And I liked the photo, at least, of Laura's dress. It reminded me of the gorgeous, classic Avedon shot of Dovima from the 50s. I don't mind classic.
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    uhhmmmm yeah? firechica's Avatar
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    just this side of sanity!
    i'm glad someone else took kaynes "cheers" to jeffery as the backhanded compliment that most southerners can spot in a heartbeat LOL
    in the south you can say anything you want about a person -- so long as you end it with "bless your heart" it sorta makes it all ok LOL
    southernwomen are the best at it -- an yes i am 100% southern! ;o) take that as you want -- bless your heart ;o) xo

    great recap -- as always!!!
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    harmless dolphin martini's Avatar
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    Quote Originally Posted by firechica View Post
    in the south you can say anything you want about a person -- so long as you end it with "bless your heart"
    My goodness! You are telling all our secrets! Of course, you can always start with "bless her/his heart..."

    Bless her heart, her dress looked like an escapee from the clown collar asylum...

    Great Recap!

    p.s. None of the dresses this episode excited me. I like Uli's and didn't mind Jeffery's though I thought it had been done already. Bless their hearts, nothing really said "wow."
    Shaken, not stirred.

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    FORT Newbie PenguinOnIce's Avatar
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    Jeffery's dress is sure an eye opener, bless his little heart!

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    Endlessly ShrinkingViolet's Avatar
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    I finally got around to seeing this episode, and what an awesome recap, PhoneGrrrl! Your opening paragraph was suberb, and it just kept getting better. The whole recap is quote-worthy.

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    I love that you know about fashion, I was thinking that, aside from the color, Jeffrey's dress reminded me of a Tomm Hilfiger dress from not too long ago...

    Still, brilliant recap, I love learning new things and your take on the show is right up my alley.

    I'm off now.. possibly to go help Nina look for her chin....
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