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Thread: 09/06 Show Discussion **Spoilers**

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    Quote Originally Posted by TokyoNiGHTS View Post
    Did Michael just say "I'm sweatin like a whore in church"?

    I too giggled at that

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    A couture dress in two days?? Yeah, I can buid a car from scratch in three days.

    What else is new from Uli, another halter dress!! I thought it was similiar to the one from the Ms. USA challenge. Same braiding and it was only one color. If she makes to the final three, I can see her fashion show. Multi print halter, multi print halter, multi print halter.............She bores the crap out of me.

    Jeff's dress looked like crap, therefore it was the most couture. I could pass off as a picnic tablecloth. I'll admit, his model sold that garment

    Kayne outfit was beautiful. I don't get the judge's problem with him. He's from the south, gay, and prom dress store owner so he must be tacky.

    This was Laura's weakest performance. Luckily, it was her first time in the bottom two. For a minute, Heidi almost got me. I hope she can pull it together next week.

    Micheal's outfit reminded me of Malan's and I was worried that the judges were going to eat him alive. Even though this was his first time doing couture, I thought he did a decent job considering the timetable.

    Vincent is finally gone and it should of been done weeks ago. It was a couture version of his waste management outfit. With him being gone, I wonder what happens to Jia?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Kepi37 View Post
    I too giggled at that
    I thought it was nice that he wasn't trying to pretend like he'd just made the most amazing dress in the world like you often see with the designers when they have to know they've made a bad dress. Just look at Vincent this week with his comments. "My adress is so sophisticated. There's no other designers dress here that is as sophistcated as mine. And BTW, i'm really turned on right now!".

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    Quote Originally Posted by Secret View Post
    Shoot me, but I actually really liked Jeffrey's dress, too. I wasn't completely crazy about the color choice, but I felt like he really took the COUTURE aspect of the challenge and ran with it. And I'm not a fashion expert by any means, but when I think of haute couture, I think of dresses that are a bit over-the-top, exaggerated, with 'weird' angles, lines and.. definite creativity.

    Jeffrey's dress was really the only dress that fit that image (at least in MY head) of runway couture.

    Honestly, though, it makes me feel icky that I'm semi-defending Jeffrey. In the grand scheme of the show, they should have given the win to Uli, but it didn't surprise me that they had him win back-to-back. (That way, when he's in the final three it will be more 'believable' /pure speculation)

    I HATED Vincent's and I am relieved that he's FINALLY gone!

    I couldn't have said this better myself.

    Kudos to Michael. I absolutely love him......
    So what he had a bad challenge tonight, but something tells me he has the capability of being able to come through in a clutch.
    "Say hello to the bad guy"

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    Quote Originally Posted by queenofitall View Post
    Here is how I ranked the gowns

    1. Kayne-Loved it. I thought it was beautiful.
    2. ULi-Loved the muted colors, and the beadwork
    3. Michael-I like the runching, but agree with the judges how much better it looked when he folded the material in.
    4. Laura- I thought the same think about a dress from the 80's a romantic look
    5. Jeffery-I hated the fabric. Made me sick just looking at it.
    6. Vincent- About time, the fit was bad, the fabric was bad. no no no is right.

    Glad he is gone. but will be even happier after the judges stop kissing Jeffery's behind and realize how ick his work really is.
    I loved Kayne's dress too. It was simply beautiful. His model looked hot, and it glided.

    Jeffrey's--did I see a vagina as the dress went down the runway? I swore that the word vulgar was going to come out of nina's mouth, but you know she was looking there as well. I think she's got a thing for the ladies. Did it even fit right? It looked all bunched in places

    Laura--not getting her. She's a one-note

    Michael--His dress wasn't that bad. Better than Jeffrey's.

    Kayne should have one.--The man is amazing, and that dress was something.

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    A group of sharks is called a shiver (you can also use the term school, but I think shiver sounds better!)
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    What is Haute Couture?

    Costume and Fashion history would not be the same without Haute couture.

    Haute Couture is a French phrase for high fashion. Couture means dressmaking, sewing, or needlework and haute means elegant or high, so the two combined imply excellent artistry with the fashioning of garments. The purchase of a haute couture model garment is at the top level of hand customised fashion design and clothing construction made by a couture design house. A model haute couture garment is made specifically for the wearer's measurements and body stance. The made to measure exclusive clothes are virtually made by hand, carefully interlined, stay taped and fitted to perfection for each client.
    Well I think that description fits Jeffrey's dress. I can see why they picked him...he thinks outside of the box.

    That said I loved Kayne's dress the most. Just beautiful. Uli's was beautiful too, but she's beginning to look like a one trick pony. Jeffrey's was interesting but i wouldn't wear it. I didn't care for Michael's or Lauras too much either. Just okay. I can't believe someone threw an egg on Michael's dress! What's with French people anyway???

    Finally they send the right person home. Be gone Vincent and good luck! Really, I mean the good luck part!

    Next week it looks like we'll be watching Laura's pregnancy induced hormones kick in. It looks kind of funny.

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    Does anyone know how the judges actually score the competitions?

    If it is from a series of questions such as fit, fabric, color, style, innovation, creativity etc.
    This may explain why some outfits score higher (or lower) with the judges than with the audience- We, the audience looks at each outfit in it's totality- but if you break them down into smaller categories with each receiving a certain percentage of the total score, things can look quite different.

    What got me thinking this way was when Heidi said "Katherine gave this really high scores" as opposed to "A really high score".

    But this is from a really old Andy's blog:
    Kors, Klum, Garcia, and company are scoring each dress as it comes down the runway. They score from 1-5 (5 is the best!) and also write down comments and questions that they'll soon throw at the designers."

    This way of judging just sounds too simplistic, but what do I know......????
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    Reality is merely an illusion, albeit a very persistent one. -Albert Einstein

    The difference between stupidity and genius is that genius has its limits. -Albert Einstein

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    Little self edit- just rewatched the ep. & Heidi said "Katherine gave this a really high score". My bad
    Reality is merely an illusion, albeit a very persistent one. -Albert Einstein

    The difference between stupidity and genius is that genius has its limits. -Albert Einstein

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    Well my comments about last night's dresses.

    Kayne's....I really liked it, thought it looked classy and that he spent a lot of time on it. Don't understand the negative comments. Doesn't the designer Galliano's dresses look over done too?

    Laura's....no surprise the dress is showing a lot of chest (without the cleavage), but I didn't dislike the dress.

    Uli's.....I liked the dress, thought it was very nice, and I've liked almost everything she's made but I'd like to see her design something fitted with sleeves. It's not as difficult to design a halter.

    Jeffrey's....Ewww, I just didn't like it, can't understand why he won. And someone pass me a nice gritty sandpaper so I can scrape away that tattoo around his neck.

    Michael's....Agreed with the judges about the extra fabric on the chest. With them removed it makes a much nicer dress.

    Vincent's....Didn't look that difficult to make (and I sew), so glad to see him gone...can't wait to listen to Tim's Take!
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