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Thread: 09/06 Show Discussion **Spoilers**

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    As much as they raved over it, do you think Heidi or Nina would be caught dead in Jeffrey's monstrosity? Of course not.

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    The judge in Paris (forgive me for not remembering her name) questioned his use of cotton fabric and called Jeffrey's work "audacious". At the time I didn't think it was a compliment but I guess that's what the judges want. It looked like she had wrapped a set of king sized sheets around her tiny little body!

    I watched the show with my mom and we both loved Kayne's dress. It looked gorgeous on both models - absolutely loved the colors!

    Michael's dress immediately tranformed into "great" when he folded down the bunny ears. It's a shame someone didn't suggest that before he presented it at the party!

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    Jeffrey's was really cute. i could see Heidi or Nina wearing it.

    Kayne oh Kayne...that dress was a mess. it was totally a pageant gown and in no way couture. it was pretty but there was no taste. he's totally the Nick V of hte season.

    Laura's was elegant but i guess it was old to them...i think Michael should have been in the bottom with Vincent though.

    Uli's was just OK. nothing to rave about though it was pretty.

    and to the poster above...i think when she said "audacious" she just meant very risky. different interpretations for a different culture.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Secret View Post
    Jeffrey's dress was really the only dress that fit that image (at least in MY head) of runway couture.

    Honestly, though, it makes me feel icky that I'm semi-defending Jeffrey. In the grand scheme of the show, they should have given the win to Uli, but it didn't surprise me that they had him win back-to-back. (That way, when he's in the final three it will be more 'believable' /pure speculation)

    I HATED Vincent's and I am relieved that he's FINALLY gone!
    I was very happy with last night's results and agree Jeffrey's dress was runway couture. When they introduced the challenge I immediately thought of Austin Scarlett's wedding dress from Season 1 - which the judges claimed was more "couture" but horrible as a wedding dress. Jeffrey's dress was not something I'd choose to wear but it was definitely like a work of art - it was interesting, intricate, well-constructed, and looked fantastic on the model.

    I did like Uli's dress but my appreciation of it was dampened by its similarity to her other dresses. The braiding, the halter-esque tops, ... no prints this time, but still similar to the first two challenges.

    HATED Vincent's (awwwwful, stiff, and with shoulder pads?!!!!); I actually liked Kayne's; Laura's was a little "done;" Michael's was at least a good effort... especially once he tucked in the "bunny ears" - haha.

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    Haute Couture challenge… I always like to translate this term to “outrageous, custom-made”… Keeping my own somewhat ridiculous definition in mind, I’ll rate last night’s creations.

    Ranked in order of “outrageous, hand made, designed gowns” with my personal “what I would wear if I was blessed with a model’s figure” preference after each:

    Jeffrey – Most outrageous. And from what we’d seen, all handmade/sewn/whatevered… I loved how Marilinda strutted it down the runway, but I don’t really remember the Paris model selling it nearly as much. I liked the idea of taking an extremely atypical yellow, plaid cotton fabric and making a wild custom gown out of it. Maybe not those two fabrics in particular, but in an ugly/beautiful way, I could see how it won. Personally: 5th

    Kayne – I loved it. I’m sorry. Maybe it was a little busy. But I still loved it. I could see Nina’s point, maybe if he left one element out (possibly the gather-y slit in the front?) he might have escaped his “tacky” pigeonhole. I do hate how they’ve pigeonholed him into a “tacky little Vegas/pageant box”, but they have. His dress was the most well made, and, with the help of the corset ribbons, the best fit. I don’t think that the other designers, making the same dress, would have done as well, but who knows? And, it looked amazing on his PR model (I forget their names, sorry) with her coppery hair. Personally: 1st

    Laura – I think she did a nice job. Even though it’s been done before, so has everything else. There are no new designs. New versions, yes, but not original concepts. I liked that she challenged herself this time by making a dress with sleeves (which the designers, keeping the tight deadlines in mind, are pretty much avoiding – I’m looking at you Uli!). It was tailored nicely, and in Paris, looked very nice with the movement of the ruffle on the platinum, waifish model with the red lipstick. This is the only time I liked the Paris model better than the PR model (not a slam, because Camilla is one of two favorite models this season, but her harsh hairdo (even with the extensions it was very helmet-like) was too jarring an image next to the soft, romantic ruffle). I was keeping my fingers crossed to hear some explanation of how some of the designs suffered (Michael’s egg spatters, Laura’s crushed ruffle) due to outside circumstances, but if there was, we didn’t get to hear it. I don’t think she deserved to be standing there next to Vincent’s monstrosity, but as we get down to it, and his was the only one that was bad, that kind of stuff happens. Personally, 4th.

    Uli – Same dress as usual, with a more expensive fabric in a solid, classy color. I’m over it. Didn't really make the point of the challenge, which is semi-unwearable in a way. She made it well, there was nothing “wrong with it”, it was very wearable and pretty (I could see Heidi wearing it to an event), had it not been, they would have eliminated her by saying “we want to see more from you, we’re bored” and kept horrible Vincent on for another week. Personally, 3rd.

    Michael – Because I knew it was made poorly (not his fault, I felt bad for him, but that’s the point of the competition) I have to put him here in next-to-last-place. The dress was nice, if a little bland, the cupped fabric in the boob area was odd… kind of reminded me of shriveled shoulder pads, but what a difference when they tucked them in! It was a pretty color and a nice dress, but the fact that you could literally see the mistakes and fixes puts him down here. Hey, at least he kept within the confines of the rules, by fixing with needle and thread, as opposed to glue, which brings us to… Personally, 4th (though, if the seams were fixed – maybe if they had given them more than 20 hours to make a couture gown--and the bodice was redone to incorporate that last minute change, it would be number 1).

    Vincent. It looked like a pattern, not a dress, and ugly at that. It was not creative, the brocade was awful, it didn’t fit well. The sleeves just looked ridiculous because they didn’t fit well, although they probably would have looked equally insane had they fit perfectly, and the color was blah, and I hate his attitude, and that freaking Victorian-doorknob looking rosette “tail” was further proof that the guy is delusional. Personally, Number 6.

    I too loved Heidi's dress during the runway show... best thing she's worn in a long time, both on PR and off.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Secret View Post
    Shoot me, but I actually really liked Jeffrey's dress, too. I wasn't completely crazy about the color choice, but I felt like he really took the COUTURE aspect of the challenge and ran with it. And I'm not a fashion expert by any means, but when I think of haute couture, I think of dresses that are a bit over-the-top, exaggerated, with 'weird' angles, lines and.. definite creativity.

    Jeffrey's dress was really the only dress that fit that image (at least in MY head) of runway couture.
    I agree with you. I'm not a Jeffrey fan in the slightest, but his outfit was couture....

    which is why I don't like couture, lol.

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    Okay - I have spent time since my last post, snapping all SORTS of shots of the Paris gowns. Then, tried to move the folder, and the computer said "nope... can't" and ERASED them all! I have no idea what happened, but there were so many other jpgs in there... sigh.

    But here is the shot I was working on before that happened. This is Kayne's gown - it's one of the ones being asked about anyway, so...

    (I lightened the 3rd pic a bit so you could see the details better. The other 3 shots show the true color.)

    I had more shots of it, including the best part of it (IMO) the skirt... I will try and snap some more shots tonight. *goes away to weep quietly*

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    It's great how this show has democratized fashion but the truth is that the bulk of viewers out there in Middle America just don't get it. Just like they don't seem to understand that clothes drape better on tall, skinny women.

    How many PR viewers out there have seen Dior Couture or Gaultier Paris (Jean Paul Gaultier's couture collection)? Those shows are pure spectacle and the clothes are typically way over the top.

    Kayne's dress was indeed pretty. But it still smacked of "pageant" and the top did overshadow that beautiful, voluminous ombre skirt.

    Uli's was reminiscent of a Valentino. Much in the vein of what she's always done, but still great, with lovely details.

    Jeffrey's was a little too Vivienne Westwood-ripoff but it did fit more into the mold of couture in terms of the originality aspect.

    Micheal's design (with the bunny ear boobs folded down) would have been a great example of less "audacious" couture if it would have been executed properly.

    Chanel (I think) did something very similar to Laura's years ago. It was somewhat refreshing seeing a long-sleeved evening dress.

    As for Vincent, good riddance. You cannot loudly proclaim your talent as you're literally gluing the damn dress together.

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    I dunno... I am from Middle America, although I live in L.A. now. They get fashion magazines and fashion runway shows on internet and cable Tv just like on both coasts. My mother bought every fashion magazine there was, as I was growing up.

    I think the popularity of Project Runway in itself attests to the level of sophistication (if that = knowing who designers are) and taste out there. I think it was some of the comments in the show, and the way they were made, that some objected to. People realise that clothes drape better on "hangers with a head" as Kathy Griffin puts it.

    I agree with Nina that fashion has been democratised already - because it's been made so much more accessible.

    Couture however isn't pret a porter and is not meant to be as wearable by the average person - I can see Uli's gown looking great on Uma Thurman for instance (the Paris model resembled her) but not on the average woman with lumps and bumps. And that's just fine.

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    I did a happy dance when Vincent went home. I was so tired of hearing him talk about how great he was! And he kept saying how "turned on" he was about stuff - gross!

    My thoughts:

    Kayne - I also thought the judges were too hard on him. I loved the overall shape and flow of this dress. The corset may have been a bit glitzy, but who cares! If he had covered it with material more like the skirt portion they probably would have complained that it was too "matchy"!

    Uli - Very nice and pretty, but I have to agree with those who said it looks just like everything else she has done. I was really surprised the judges didn't call her on it (or maybe they did and we just didn't get to see it!)

    Michael - I really like Michael. He seems so nice and non-gossipy. Unfortunately I didn't love this dress. However, he took a risk and that is what Tim told them to do. He gets props from me in that respect!

    Laura - So boring. Especially after the collar got flattened!

    Jeffery - Yuck regarding the fabric and his attitude. I wasn't that surprised that he won because it was more "edgy" than the other designs, but I didn't think it was that edgy for him. I agree that his model totally sold this dress for him - she has a great walk! When she turned around for the judges I thought the back was even worse than the front, it was really "patchworky".

    Vincent - awful!

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