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Thread: 8/30 Show Discussion **Spoilers**

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    Quote Originally Posted by ProvidenceJamie View Post
    I have three words after watching tonight's episode: JUMPED THE SHARK.

    Kind of like when the Brady Bunch went to Hawaii.

    jumped the shark came from happy days -- when the fonz actually jumped a shark in an episode -- just fyi ....

    i am glad angela is off - and i'm glad she had to sit her A** on those damn granny circles for hours before they did it to her -- now maybe she will realize just how tacky they are ... i totally agree - she was NOT a jetsetter ...
    and for those complaining that heidi didn't explain the challenge well enough -- jetsetter is defined as : ..one of the in-crowd, one of the beautiful people, one of the glitterati, trendsetter, person about town, member of café society, social climber --
    basically its a person that is always on the go - TRAVELING -- come on -- how could you NOT think the Jetsetter would be traveling -- wether by plane - boat or train?
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    Quote Originally Posted by redsox girl View Post
    okay-Uli's outfit won't work in middle-america (I'm assuming that's what they mean) but Jeffreys rock star outfit will? Come on. Their critisizms are so hypocrytical.
    I took it to mean that it won't work in jet-set cities that aren't in tropical climates. Like London, for instance, or Tokyo.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Critical View Post
    I seriously just want to shake Kayne and snap him out of this sequined, Elvis-inpired nightmare. The last few weeks have been horrid.
    I think he was just at a disadvantage here because that's definetly something he'd wear. His designs though for women are nothing like that. I'm sure he's happy he escaped this challenge but if he isn't good in the next one he'll probably go home.

    And i'm starting to get the feeling Vincent might make it to the top 3. He's somehow managing to duck every elimination he should go home in.

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    I thought the same thing last night, that the show put on a proverbial leather jacket and went flying over the shark!
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    This ep was interesting for me. I'm not sure why all of you are hating on Vincent's design. His first priority was to make something that would stand up to travel. He finally made something that was comfortable and easy to move in. I think that's why he "middle of the pack" sailed through.

    As for Jeffrey, I think the producers are making sure that we don't see any hint of balance in his personality. Some of the bonus footage indiates that he's not as evil as he appears. For that reason, I believe he's slated for the #3 slot, even if he wins out. I did like the outfit, but I thought the tee shirt had a bit too much [FA edit] on it.

    Uli, Uli, Uli. What WERE you thinking? Same dress as usual with slightly less execution than usual. The bands on the skirt just didn't work with the cut of the top.

    Kayne just can't "let it be" Everything he does has to be embellished to death.

    For me, Laura and Michael were the only ones who pulled off "international jet setter" Michael's was perfect as is. Laura's just needed a different choice of accessories to mix up the look. Her dress would have worked with leggings under for casual, or with a glam wrap for evening.

    Thank goodness rosette girl is gone. Other than the Hepburn dress, I've hated most of her stuff. Linen for travel? I don't care how little she knows about the jet set life, she did know that it involves a jet. The pants (minus the butt roses) would have been cute in something matte with a touch of stretch. The top was just horrid and the bag was way too big for her size and the proportions of the outfit. She may have vision, but she doesn't have an "eye." Bye, bye, Angela.
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    Kayne. He is already successful in a pageant dress business. It suits his style perfectly. I think that is where he will stay. The publicity he will get from this show is all he needs to soar. I question if he really even wants to do other work. They may try, very hard, to nudge him into high fashion just to see what he would do with his own collection. There is a curisoty factor here.

    Uli, has turned out to be the one trick pony we all predicted afer seeing two of her creations. This dress was just bad. Boho chic with tropical colors just does not work!

    Jeffery is the required villian but since he is skilled he will definately make the final 4, if not 3. His line will be interesting and dramatic and a nice balance to Laura and Michael who have fashion week written all over them.

    Vincent, I can see him making the final 4 but not 3. He is sliding by and has skill to keep this position. If the judges really are not told of their personalities then he has this shot.

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    I just finished watching Angela's exit interview and must admit she was very gracious. She likes Jeffrey's aesthetic, this surprised me. She also thinks that she and Keith were like oil and water. After all the abuse that Jeffrey heaped on her and her mom Angela had the perfect platform to skewer Jeffrey and she did not. I admire her restraint because I doubt Jeffrey would be as gracious and mature in return.

    I also listened to Tim's podcast (19 minutes long), I hope that they have some outtakes on the critiques of the clothes at Parson's Paris, Catherine was very cutting of Kayne and Angela's outfits and we only saw a small bit of it.

    I can see Michael and Laura in the final three. Vincent I hope not. Jeffrey I want not. Its a toss up between Uli and Kayne, these two need to step up their game.
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    From now on, I think we'll see the judges focusing on the collections they want to see. Forgetting personalities, I'm SURE they want Michael and Jeffrey for balanced aesthetics. Since Uli and Kayne are stuck on a single style, that leaves Vincent and Laura to battle it out for 3rd and the decoy.

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    I can see Laura, Michael, and Jefferey in the final three. I see Kayne in the final four spot and Vincent in the final fifth, with the sixth ebing Uli. Vincent seems to to have something the judges like and I can see the judges gettinb ored with Uli FAST (finally!). So I'm really interested to see what's going to happen...
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    I am most fond of Kayne and Jeffrey. Kayne's outfit wasn't really that bad. It's kind of a party outfit.

    I am glad they all got to go to France.

    Final 3--given that I have read some of the early spoilers
    Click to see Spoiler:


    #4 is know it all Laura
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