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Thread: PR team on Larry King Live Friday 8-25-06 on CNN

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    Quote Originally Posted by LoveJoy View Post
    Exactly how are they responsible to the public? Be specific.

    PR is not real. They are not living a real life of a designer. How many designers work only in recycled materials? How many get the chance to go to the Big Tent at Fashion week? Very few. The designers only get to pick models from the ones supplied, not the ones they might like. Heidi is not the best judge in fashion. Even Tim Gunn, the Parson's master can't pick the winners. It is 100% fake. So why must they be held to some social level of morality? The industry is not. Have you ever heard a fashion model tell you about fashion shoots? About how the clothes are often pinned onto the model and held in place for the best shots? About people who tell you to drop 10 pounds or else you won't work in the business. About designers who get ripped to shreads by critics? That is real. This is not.

    The show is not trying to give publicity to new designers. It is trying to make money with the allusion that one of these people could be the next big thing in fashion. But Neither Jay or Chloe have done that. Even Banana Republic dropped them, probably because no one wants to work for them and lose their 'name. The people show up hoping for publicity and of the few who get some most do not. Santino said that so many people contacted him but very few are real with interest in his clothes. One could argue that Kara Sun is the most successful designer from the show. And she didn't win. And she has a business and designed for Heidi. Jay is just a mess looking for attention IMO. Even he admits that being a designer is mostly business and less design, which this show does not teach.

    So I ask how why is their some moral requirement when the show is nothing like reality? Why must it be responsible for what some kid thinks watching the show? Is it not some parent's responsibility to explain this is how the world works and you need to get a thick skin to deal with life's ups and downs? Must it end each show saying that all women are beautiful regardless of shape when in real life that is not the case?
    They are responsible to the public because they are on television and the very nature of the show creates media celebrities that have an effect on children no matter how carefully a parent might explain what is real and what isn't. I am assuming you are very young and do not have children or I think you would realize a little bit better how overwhelming the effect of celebrity can have on teenagers.

    Of course the show isn't real in a lot of senses. I have posted before that I find it very stupid to make them use recyclables and idiotic things like that. But we do get to see some of what goes into designing and what some people are capable of. That is why I watch the show. And I wish they showed more of that. But producers seem to think viewers want more conflict, so they put on whiny obnoxious people like Jeffrey, Vincent, and Santino and keep them on there long after their expiration dates.

    And no, they don't need to tell everybody they are beautiful, but beauty is very much in the eye of the beholder. If you seek beauty in people you will find it. If you just judge very superficially by looks, you are missing a lot out of life.

    Not every woman is going to be a model, but just about every woman can be helped to look better. That should be the goal of fashion in general and of this show too. There is no reason on earth for anybody to behave the way Heidi and Tim behaved to Alison's model or the way Jeffrey behaved to Angela's mother. That behavior is true ugliness.

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    Quote Originally Posted by 5DogWorld View Post
    Honey, it ain't stupid. Exactly who did you listen to when you were a teen on the subject of "cool", your parents? I doubt it VERY much... or just maybe what all of your friends and/or cool people on TV were wearing/doing/saying? Is it just BRAVO, nope. On the other hand, when a show with this kind of ratings just plays the same tired "Size 6 is fat disgusting and saftig" rap, it's disappointing. Any time there's an opportunity to make a move toward positive change, and it's not taken, it's disappointing.

    Television is ubiquitous, it's visual, it's aural, it's on in some homes (and a lot of kids' bedrooms) 24/7. This latest generation were raised with a CONSTANT bombardment of marketing images. There is truly nothing more pervasive or more seductive in shaping our attitudes. Do parents have a responsibility to explain the difference between "reality television" and reality? Sure. But I'm guessing most are just changing the channel...


    P.S. Ever see Fahrenheit 451?

    Well said. My parents are very loving and intelligent, but I currenlty struggle with the urge to either starve myself or start exercising immediately after I eat. They didn't tell me to do this. They didn't ignore me or emotionally abuse me. I got this from images outside of the home, from Hollywood. Everyday I look at my waistline and think about what I can do to make it smaller, eventhough it's already rib cage and fairly slender. You cant' blame parents for everything. I chose to give in to the ridiculus images, but those images are almost EVERYWHERE and just because it doesn't effect you doesn't mean it doesn't effect someone else.

    When I was in college my parents kept telling me I was too thin and I went to couseling. I look back at those pictures and you can see my arms bones. I thought I finally looked good.

    The show may not be 100% real on its own, but it represents industries (fashion, Hollywood and Madison Avenue) that are really narrow minded as to what beauty is.
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    See Heidi Nina & Tim answer some e-mail questions after the show (not shown on-air)

    Reality is merely an illusion, albeit a very persistent one. -Albert Einstein

    The difference between stupidity and genius is that genius has its limits. -Albert Einstein

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    Thanks! That was great! LOL @ Heidi's reaction to the Alison question. But I won't spoiler it by saying more.

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