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Thread: Project Runway Recap: 8/23 Episode 307: Mommie Dearest

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    Great recap!

    Friends don't let friends wear ponchos!! I don't know why that struck me as so funny, but it did.

    And it was a though-the-looking-glass moment with Vincent as the calm voice of reason and wisdom!

    BTW, blogging project runway is doing interviews with the moms and sisters--Kayne's and Angela's mothers so far. They really are nice interviews and both said that they had a great time. They weren't told they would be modeling until they were in NY, but the two so far said they had fun with it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by April235 View Post
    As for Jeffrey, oh my god, being a Southern girl I know that you never ever EVER talk to anyone, especially a stranger or someone you've not known for very long the way Jeffrey did and definitely NOT if they're older than you (...like someone's mother!). I can't believe his own mother didn't jerk a knot in him, because I know my mom would have if it were me!
    on the polls on the PR web site, i have sided with jeffery before, but this time he was way out of line. i also like that the judges questioned him on not making something that the customer wanted. i know she was his mom but even she knew that he was out of line but she backed her son. that was wrong too.

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