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Thread: 8/23 Show Discussion **Spoilers**

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    Hi - First post

    Well, I can see I'm alone in my principles on several points - lol! - but here we go...

    Jeffrey was not as bad as he was made out to be.

    True, he did not "blow sunshine up her a**", but was very matter-of-fact.

    I think both parties were not putting their best foot forward. I feel like Angela's mom is someone who may get her feelings hurt easily and does not feel good about her body image. I feel like Jeffrey does not always take others feelings into account when he speaks and sometimes lashes out too strongly when he feels he has been treated with disrespect.
    OK, not totally alone. I seriously disliked Angela's mom. I thought she was a whiney, annoying woman just like Angela. I though Jeffery started out trying to talk to her and then things escalated. It's highly unfortunate that he called her out of her name in his interview, and I would say that he does have the Santino trait of lashing out like an injured animal when he feels disrespected. So I'm not giving him a pass, but I am saying I thought that one was a two-way street.

    Vincent... I didn't like the dress per se, but it was a real garment, much like the Miss Universe dress he made (which was a real dress underneath whatever that was he did to the shoulders). I started thinking this last week, and I'm going to go ahead and call shenanigans on Vinsanity. I think he really can do better than he has been doing but I think that somewhere in his mind he decided upon the "strategy" of playing the Crazy Guy Character on the show. The clothes on his website are normal, wearable clothes. The dress he did today I thought was dull, but it was a normal dress. The CrAzY GuY thing is all types of annoying, but so far it's worked...

    Uli was robbed, however. I could not disagree with Closet Fan more (no disrespect, of course). I LOVE prints and I almost ALWAYS wear printed tops, and they look FABULOUS on me. A lot of us big girls aren't trying to hide and like flowing fabrics and bold prints. So far I would wear every single thing Uli has made. And it was clear Kayne's mom loved it too.

    Michael this week - eh. I've never liked shirtdresses and I thought that it actually aged his model.

    Robert. Robert Robert Robert.... I knew that if he did another boring outfit he was out. And since I DO love prints, I thought the same thing the judges did. When he said he was going to do a Kimono style top, I just KNEW he was going to use some gorgeous print. Instead... yeah. HOWEVER I loved that all of the other designers loved him and I feel he got the sendoff he deserved. I really dug Robert. I don't think he was boring at all. He was smart and funny and he will be missed on the show for sure.

    I like this board a lot.

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    WOW! First the Jeffrey is being aufed edit, and then the Vincent win & wtf was up with Angela's outfit-bad fit, bad deisgn & not what her client/model wanted -just horrible- Does she even know who Audrey Hepburn is?
    I am not happy about the judging on this episode but I must say the producers really know how to shake things up.
    Three questions:
    1 Who made Vincent's outfit? It was nothing like his previous dresses- especially the fit- looks like the producers/judges (some of whom wear both hats) needed a Vincent win to keep him in the competition.
    2 Why not ask all of the designers how they felt their mothers looked? I would love to see what Laura thought of the nastiness that Angela created for her mom. And why wasn't what the client wanted taken into consideration?
    3 Why not let the designers work with their own loved one? Why put them with a model/client who does not want them to win? These models had no incentive to win or even help their designers at all.

    Finally, Anyone else sick of the arbitrary way the judges critique the designers? They seem to be speaking out of both sides of their mouths.
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    I have to say the real shocker tonight was the pictures of Kayne as a child. I knew he had a little weight around his midriff, but I had no idea he was that big growing up. Wow!
    "I've got soul, but I'm not a soldier." The Killers.

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    , TDRock! Glad to have you here, and that was a great first post.

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    Go Jeffrey

    Personally, I detest Angela and her mom. Yes, Jeffrey was being an arse - but if there's one thing that bothers me more than rudeness, it's mental weakness and melodramatics. Now I see why Angela turned out to be the uber-annoying person that she is. She and her mom need to develop (1) taste and (2) backbones.

    I agree with TD's first post!!!
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    I agree with whoever said that Vincent's dress reminded them of the Motorola logo--I felt the same thing when I first saw it...and I really didn't like the outfit.

    I think Jeffrey's ego got bruised--I think that, perhaps in a big city way, Jeffrey felt threatened...and he does what many people do, he lashed out and then protected himself. It all, I think, was a tragic misunderstanding... I think Jeffrey WAS trying to solve the problem--he didn't know how to make something that would satisfy himself and his client's wishes...and I could feel that Angela's mother wanted to help him and didn't know how...but when Jeffrey walked up to Angela's mom complaining about the dress to Tim, the defenses went up and Jeffrey went to battlestations...

    He said that he was just being honest--but sometimes, being honest isn't the best policy...but, a lot of people get trained by their experiences when to stop caring about what others think--and that's what I saw in Jeffrey here...

    I didn't like Jeffrey's outfit...but I didn't think it was the worst, either. And it WAS something in HIS vision--and I think the judges gave him credit for that. I'm not totally buying into the "the judge's are keeping people just for drama" conspiracy that it feels like everyone on this board is projecting onto the judges this year...

    Someone on here said--what would people rather have...nice people who sometimes make boring clothes...or mean, nasty people with weird crazy ideas? I think, time after time, the fashion industry has proven to side with the mean nasty people with weird crazy ideas... So many designers are out of control ego maniacs...but they make fantastic clothes.

    That's what fashion rewards...and that's why Robert is out. He never did anything that I felt was inspired. He makes clothes...instead of being a designer with a point of view. I think it was right that he was auffed this week.

    That said...I didn't find a lot to like this week. I didn't like what Uli came up with...I really didn't like with what Kayne did. I wasn't bowled over by Angela or Laura. I'd have given the win to Michael, I think...but, is that just because his model was the most modellish? That's a fair cop.

    I almost wish they would have had Susannah & Trini from BBC America's "What Not To Wear" (definitely NOT the hosts of the US version of this show--ickk!) as guest judges for this challenge (although I can't fault Michael Kors' mom...she was perfectly delightful.)

    And, now that I think about it--there's an inherent unfairness to this challenge. You're the mother or sister of a designer in a competition...and you're told to help another designer make you look good...and you're going on the runway to sell the work of someone who might make your son/daughter/brother/sister be eliminated.

    I think THAT probably got Jeffrey's paranoia going...and while I think he lashed out a bit quickly and much too harshly for the reality of the circumstances...I think I understand his reaction.

    Very interesting episode--fair challenge or not--and it certainly got us talking...


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    Hi, TDRock! Great first post

    Oh, where to start with this episode. Lol. I'm glad I'm not the only one who felt Jeffrey's mother was patronising to Angela's mother. It was bad enough her son made the woman cry - but then to be told to "move forward" as if it was day school, was a bit much. Especially since that speech began disguised as a comforting gesture.

    Women in my family do tend to put on some weight as we age. I know from shopping in the double-digit sizes. And I heard about the shopping difficulties growing up, too. It's very simple: all people want to wear something flattering, and normal looking. Something fashionable, pretty much. Most people don't want to look like Mazeppa from Gypsy.

    And enough with the bat wings. I know those might be easier to tailor... but it's tired, IMO. That said - Uli's outfit was still pretty. Not everyone dislikes the flowy, bat-wing blouse. It's just, those, and huge floral prints, are sort of the Yugo of plus size fashions, IMO. (Paisley - close enough.)

    I can see the judges' point about Robert's design, but I disagree there too. Between his and Jeffrey's or Angela's, his is the only one that has a prayer of selling at, say, a Macy's. I can't even imagine a buyer putting the other two outfits in a store, let alone a customer wearing them.

    I agree that having random assignments would have been more fair. And much less humiliating. It was too obvious that the slimmer models were the preferred among designers. The judges likely did not assign relatives to the designers because it's tougher to design for someone whose taste and even looks, you're not familiar with. It's easier if you know Mom looks great in a two piece suit, or better in a dress, or glows in fuchsia, for instance. Also, I do think that some of the models intentionally showed their displeasure, as a competitive ploy. Hopefully the judges took that into account. That in mind, Angela's mother showed wondrous restraint on the catwalk.

    I thought Jeffrey's design was awful, and in a perfect world, he should send a written apology to Angela's mom. That's all

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    I liked Ula's design but Vincent's was my second favorite.

    As for Jeffery, he is a rude idiot. All the woman said was she didn't like the colors. So, instead of selling her on the color, he attacks her. And then designs something awful looking. He did a bad design in colors the woman didn't like and he attacks her? I don't care if he is recovering addict, the man is also abusive.

    Robert did a boring design. He's been doing boring designs. While I hated Jeffery's outfit, Robert had just turned out one to many yawners.
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    I don't believe Jeffrey will be in the Final Three. His days are numbered, just as Robert's were. It's just that of the two, Robert's continuing lack of vision/point of view was a little more unacceptable than Jeffrey's behavior in this challenge.

    I still say that Ulli should have won. I thought her outfit made her plus-size client look very nice and confident--and since y'all have been saying how hard it is to find nice plus-size clothing, that's no mean feat.

    But again, I can't help believing that there is some built-in prejudice on the part of the judges here: They may ooh and ah over Ulli's creation, but they are not going to pick a loose (but flattering) plus-size garment over a more form-fitting, fashion-forward dress on a way-thinner woman. If one even could make the case that Ulli and Vincent both had nice outfits, I'd give Ulli the edge for designing well for a harder-to-fit client.

    And this challenge should not have been family; it should have been all plus size women. That would have been fairer, and it would have eliminated the embarrassment experienced by some of the plus-size women in this challenge, since they would not be competing against thinner women (like Robert's sister in that boring dress).

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    Hmmmm. I had a bit of a hard time with last night's installment. On one hand, we get Jeffrey, who has absolutely no ability to walk in anyone else's shoes. On the other hand, we get Angela's mom, a passive-agressive if I've ever seen one. Oil and water. That said, I thought his dress was an ugly bag with a neckline that wouldn't look good on anyone, let alone Angela's mom.

    Unfortunately, Robert got sacrificed for "good TV." Yes, his was boring, but IMHO, was only the 4th worst. My bottom 3 was Jeffrey by a mile, Laura, then Angela. My top 3 was Michael, Uli, and Vincent in a "flip a coin" tie. Kaynes was ok, but I agree about the neckline and the too much coral.

    If Alison got aufed for making her model look bad, Jeffrey should have been aufed last night.

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