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Thread: Final Three

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    Quote Originally Posted by stephy501808 View Post
    Vincent,the one who will must be in the final three,lead by jia's his model forever,and that report.
    I think he will be there too. There's usually an underdog element in the final three. I also think that Laura will be eliminated. She's getting too much confessional time not to walk. She'll probably be the shock elimination going into the final four. Uri--no story, little camera time. She's gone. Vincent makes good tv, and he's got a good story. I don't think he's the worst designer, and I'd like to see him go.

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    Quote Originally Posted by busilis32 View Post
    I wonder if having a somewhat successful business in Florida will not count against Uli. It might not be so great for the show to have another contestant who, like Chloe, takes the prize and goes back to doing exactly what she was doing before.
    I don't think they care. They are making a television show. They want to make sure 3 skilled designers end up in the final 3 because this is part of good entertainment and maintains the integrity of the contest. After the finale onto the next season for Bravo. What the winners do is up to them and out of their scope of interest.

    I agree that Vincent is not a shoo in for the final 3. Michael, Laura and Jeffery are the strongest contenders.

    I don't think Uli is going to break out of her box enough in the time left to survive. She would have to create something very different in the next two challenges to make it. She and Kayne are probably the next two out. Kayne cannot pull it off either.

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    I can't help but think something is up with Vincent. We know the judges often nail him on the runway, but we don't see alot of it. And, we don't see alot of Jia.

    Possible scenarios:
    Vincent is a total knob (& I'm a Vincent fan!) and they have to give him a nice edit for fear of some sort of retribution
    Vincent is a total nut and they only have minimal footage available suitable for airing
    Vincent does something great at the end and pulls up from behind and editing is saving it for later

    Still, I always come back to the idea that there must be something about Vincent the judges like or else he wouldn't still be here. If they wanted strong personalities, they wouldn't have let Malan go when they did, so I don't think it has to do with drama.


    I read on another board that the F3 are Michael, Laura, and Jeffrey. Vincent is the decoy and something "happens" with Uli.

    If this is true, Kayne gets the boot this week.

    IMHO, I see Laura and Michael in the F3. While I think Laura would deserve the win over Michael, I think Michael needs it more. Uli and Jeffrey have "specialties". They are too narrowly defiend to advance to the F3. I suppose the same argument could be used against Laura, but I still think she has shown more range than Uli. And gowns and such are just not Jeffrey's "thing".

    Love him or hate him, Vincent pushes the envelope and comes up with something very interesting week after week. He is definately the most diverse of the remaining contestants so I see him going to the F3.

    I adore Kayne, but Elvis did him in.
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    I'm hoping Uli heard and took to heart the comments about her Florida style and goes against her inclination this week just to see if she can do it. If she can pull off something "different" then I see her in final three.

    Michael for sure. His muted hip hop is just street wise enough to appeal to a wide clientel.

    To me, Laura designs for herself and has become boring. While her construction and tailoring are impeccable, I don't know if her vision has legs.

    Jeffrey, unlike Michael, does not have a mute button and while over the top rock and roll may be interesting, it doesn't have lasting appeal...there is always the next new pair of ripped jeans sliced diagonally instead of vertically.

    Kayne designs gowns for stage poses and has proved that even for himself he thinks of the bright lights in his designs.

    Vincent takes the Jacki-O A line short sleeved dress and messes with it. Or he makes art pieces as in performace not wearable art. He really needs to stop reinventing the '60s.

    So - my three - some against my own inclinations are:


    Jeffrey perhaps to final four with Uli to five and Kayne out next.
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    Here's the final three scenario as it's been presented to us in the past two seasons:

    1 female designer with talent
    1 male designer with talent
    1 village idiot of either sex, talent optional, only necessary trait is to be obnoxious and cause trouble.

    Now, given these three criteria, we have:

    Uli, Laura
    Michael, Kayne
    Jeffrey, Vincent.

    Pick one from each row and you have the final.

    Now, of course, they know we are on to them by now, so they may try to do something sneaky like: 2 female designers and the village idiot. Hopefully they won't because that would eliminate Michael and he is the most talented.

    Anyway, whoever gets eliminated this week, we will have one of those three categories sewn (pun intended) up.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Rum View Post
    My Final 3

    Michael - He is very likable and seems to be the one the most people are rooting for. I think both the judges and PR audience are curious to see a collection from him.

    Jeffrey - Whether you're particularly impressed with his skill or not (I am not), he is somewhat of an antagonist--much like Santino was. Also, he brings a different style and attitude to the table that I'm sure will make a very interesting collection and competition.

    Laura - She has been consistent throughout the show and the judges seem to enjoy her designs. She also poses opposition to Jeffrey, which leads me to believe she could be kept around to cause sparks both on and off the runway.


    Kayne - We saw this past episode that he can have a tendency to get carried away, and that could eventually hang him. However, if he prevails, he could take Jeffrey's place.

    Uli - She has also been consistent throughout the competition, but the judges may grow tired of her going with the same concept all the time. She is much like Laura in that sense, so it may simply come down to whose style the judges like better.

    At this point, I can't imagine Michael not making the final 3. He is consistent, a fan favorite, and the only one to have won multiple challenges thus far. He'd have to create something drasticly awful to not make it.
    Things seem to be unfolding as I thought they would a couple weeks ago, but I want to elaborate. I'm now beginning to fear that Vincent may just make the Final 3. He started off very poorly (and still doing an awful job in my opinion) but the judges seem to have warmed up to him. Heidi is always defending him and he's even won a challenge. Now I'm not so quick to count him out. I think he and Jeffrey will be battling it out for the 3rd spot.

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    Allison had a theory that the winners had the models with runway bodies. If that theory is correct Jeff will go home.

    It would be great to see what Kayne would put on for a show. But the judges are starting to whoop up on him. I am afraid he'll go.

    I think that Michael for sure is in there. To get some really different things, it would be nice if Jeff and Kayne made it in. Laura would bore me. Bore, bore, bore.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Lizard View Post
    Allison had a theory that the winners had the models with runway bodies. If that theory is correct Jeff will go home.
    Allison, as cute as she is, was bitter aabout getting auf'd and blamed her demise on her model. In the statement above, she implies that the models dictate who wins and who loses, which in turn implies that the designers have nothing to do with it.

    This is just another way for her to beg responsibility for designing something that was not appropriate to the model she was working with. She should have taken her model's figure into consideration when coming up with a design. The judges did the right thing.

    In the end, I don't think a statement like this made by Allison can be taking seriously.

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    Michael is getting a winner edit. Meh designs met with overwrought praise really being pushed like day old sushi.

    Jeffrey is an apoplexy of hideous personality but undeniably strong in vision, with a Santino edit.

    Laura is pure elegance, and has a salty way about her but also undeniably strong in vision with excellent tailoring skills. Her obsession with couture is giving her the Scarlett edit.

    Those are my top three. The Santino edit never wins. Michael doesn't have enough personality or skill to pull off a Jay Caroll edit. He's more a Vosovic. So assured of his own good taste and skill he never realizes it when he's boring and missteps. The winner is Laura with a Chloe Dao edit, or Michael for no paticular reason other than they're pushing him so hard, he's popular, mild, has no serious lapses and is male, black and straight. INC is a better fit for his pseudo hip-hop sensibility than Laura's Chanel meets St. John's meets Dior.

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    I don't think the designers are especially hungry for or thrilled about the INC mentorship. I think they want the exposure, mostly. In some cases more than the $100K and freakin' Saturn Sky Roadster.

    I'm actually hoping Michael doesn't win only because he'd be freer to do more stuff and Bravo won't "own" him like they would have Jay McCarroll. Wasn't that the reason he turned the prize money down, because of all the strings that came with it?

    I actually don't see Michael being "pushed" on the audience at all. His first few designs (especially the coffee-filter dress and dog challenge dress, where "zaftig" Alexandra DID have a waist!) landed him in the middle and it wasn't until the last few challenges he started getting his due.

    If anyone's day old sushi, it's Vincent! As scary as Bradley's Cher outfit was (and I quite liked Bradley) his Twiggy one was way worse, I have no clue why he won the Everyday Woman challenge with that Carol Brady reject dress and his immobile trash dress was worse than Alison's paper brioche. Not to mention his black tank dress that was 1,000 times more boring than Katherine's dog challenge dress, with it's beautiful color gradients at the bust.

    I'm not really a fan of most hip-hop fashion, but I would wear a lot of Michael's clothes.

    Even if he got the boot tonight (I hope not!!!) he'd still do fine. He has more than proven not only his talent, but also that he's a gentleman that would be pleasure to work with either as a colleague at a fashion house or as a designer with a client.

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