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Thread: Final Three

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jake8203 View Post
    I remember at the start of this season that Tim Gunn said that these designers were the best that they had ever had on the show and they were all "professionals". Anybody else here if these were the best then how bad were all the rest who didn't make the show. I think this is by far the weakest set of designers of the three years I've watched, plus the fact that except for Keith who got the boot, the rest are incredibly boring. The only real designer that should win is Michael. He at least shows that he thinks about his work and is able to rectify mistakes. Brad was just a train wreck and should have been out earlier. Laura is an "A" number "1" bitch who's designs are dated and as unattractive as she is. Angela, honey, you don't get to have a "trademark" desing like those rosettes until you actually have a job in the fashion industry. Robert is a boring as the sack cloth he designed for Jackie "O". Kayne should go back to Nebraska and see how many crystals he can pile on Miss North Dakota's next "costume" Jeffery I kinda like (actually I like his ink better than his designs, lol.) Vincent poor lost sheep, doesn't really seem to know where he is or what he's doing. How do all of the rest of you feel about the quality this year?
    i think they're an extremely talented group.

    in episode 3 we got to see what they wanted to design without really any limitations from the show (except the doggy outfit) and almost all of them produced really amazing stuff.

    with Laura, if you don't like her style then you probably won't like her clothes but she does have talent and vision.

    Kayne, i don't like this guy but he makes beautiful dresses. hopefully he'll be able to do more than just flashy stuff though.

    i think even Vincent is very talented and if he could pull himself together he could make some really really beautiful stuff.

    Jeffrey is freakin annoying and immature but i think he has a lot of talent and creativity.

    Bradley had a vision too and i loved his doggy outfit. it was very now. i guess he just didn't know how to handle the pressure.

    Robert scares me on a number of levels but this guy deserves to be in the final 3 no doubt.

    anyway, i'm not really sure what you're basing your opinions off of...
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    Michael, Kayne and Laura.

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    Quote Originally Posted by corprip View Post
    I love to see what others think about the competition. So I'm posting my speculation on the final three (or at least my hope for the final three) and I'm curious who everyone else thinks will make it.

    My final three:

    Next to be eliminated:
    Vincent (please dear God, make it Vincent)
    I have to reassess now. (Dammit, I always get it wrong.)

    Uli (or Robert)

    I'm unsure of the third. It's very possible Uli will skate to the final three by being utterly uncontroversial, and Robert might bore Nina again. But Either of them deserve to make it. I just don't think Angela will.. not that she is untalented, she just has a major propensity to F-it up.
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    Let's review who's left at this point...


    Vincent - He's been at the bottom of bunch of challenges and never once near the top. And that he stayed over Allison is practically a crime.

    Angela - Although I repsect her for turning around her "unable to lead, unable to follow" image, I don't think she has the talent that some of the others have.

    Robert - has faltered too many times. His "recycling challenge" dress was good, but not great. Unless he does a 360 pronto, I can't see him making it much further. Sad, because he's a great guy and a lot of fun to watch.

    Dark Horses:

    Uli - That someone as talented as Uli is my pick for fifth place is saying a lot. My hunch is that she'll have a bad week and be auf'd. Likewise, if she ended up in the top three I'd be neither surprised nor disappointed.

    Jeffrey - I really believe he's being kept around as this season's Santino... talented? Perhaps. Grating? Definitely. A prima donna? Absolutely. Frankly, I abhor his garments and holier-than-thou attitude. I'm hoping the judges clue in before the final episodes and get rid of him (and his freakish neck.) Further, if any of the designers are stuck in a particular design rut, it's Jeffrey. His unwillingness to do anything outside of "grotesque" box could easily be his downfall.

    My picks:

    I'm selecting these three, primarily because I feel the judges want to see their entire lines more than the others. I know I do.

    Kayne - Despite his near-fatal "recycling" dress, I think he'll bounce back. The judges seem to like him and his track record has been good. And you know a full line of originals from him will be elegant, colorful and fun.

    Michael - This season's Daniel V. Talented, well-spoken and nice. I don't know if he has the chops to win, but I sure would like to see what he'd enter.

    Laura - I've said it before: Laura just needs to break out of her mold a bit and she's got it in the bag. Her construction and entirely individual sense of style make her a very strong contender to take it all. Of all of the contestants, I can visualize her being a designer more than any other. So what if she's had some mouthy, abrupt moments... do you think Diane Von Furstenberg is a sweetheart?
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    My final three are Laura, Michael, and Uli.

    I'm expecting both Michael and Laura to place -- and between Uli and Robert for the third.

    I would have said Alison -- but we all know how that turned out.

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    Quote Originally Posted by CuckoosNest View Post

    Laura - I've said it before: Laura just needs to break out of her mold a bit and she's got it in the bag. Her construction and entirely individual sense of style make her a very strong contender to take it all. Of all of the contestants, I can visualize her being a designer more than any other. So what if she's had some mouthy, abrupt moments... do you think Diane Von Furstenberg is a sweetheart?
    Or for that matter Calvin Klein, Giorgio Armani or, I don't know, MICHAEL KORS?

    Sad, sad double standards.

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    aaargh... just lost my post... anyway...

    With Alison aufed, it's time to reassess.

    From Tim's podcasts, it seems that Nina has slightly more say than the others. When the judges are on the fence, Nina's preference seems to win out. I see Nina wanting to see collections from Jeffrey (think Jay), Laura (think a nastier, more driven Chloe) and Michael (think Daniel V with a lot more experience and slightly more of an edge)

    Of those three, Jeffrey is most likely to take a big risk and place third. Boring Laura comes 2nd with incredible construction but too many comparisons to stuff being done by contemporary designers. Michael takes it all. I think the models would work extra hard to show for Michael, and the presentation would be stunning.

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    Robert, Kayne, and Vincent are who I would like to see now. Used to be Kayne and Vincent.

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    My Final 3

    Michael - He is very likable and seems to be the one the most people are rooting for. I think both the judges and PR audience are curious to see a collection from him.

    Jeffrey - Whether you're particularly impressed with his skill or not (I am not), he is somewhat of an antagonist--much like Santino was. Also, he brings a different style and attitude to the table that I'm sure will make a very interesting collection and competition.

    Laura - She has been consistent throughout the show and the judges seem to enjoy her designs. She also poses opposition to Jeffrey, which leads me to believe she could be kept around to cause sparks both on and off the runway.


    Kayne - We saw this past episode that he can have a tendency to get carried away, and that could eventually hang him. However, if he prevails, he could take Jeffrey's place.

    Uli - She has also been consistent throughout the competition, but the judges may grow tired of her going with the same concept all the time. She is much like Laura in that sense, so it may simply come down to whose style the judges like better.

    At this point, I can't imagine Michael not making the final 3. He is consistent, a fan favorite, and the only one to have won multiple challenges thus far. He'd have to create something drasticly awful to not make it.

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    I thought Angela was going to make final three as the designer we love to hate, but I think Jeffrey will take her place. He is a nightmare, but I think he knows how to design (although I don't think he is as great as he think he is), and he makes a great villain (from the producers point of view, I am guessing. To me a great villain has to have some charm, and Jeffrey has none. Who would have thought I would end up missing Santino?)

    As for the other two (or three), I don't venture a guess. I wouldn't be surprised if they get rid of Michael just to create controversy. He totally deserves to be in the final three, in my opinion, but being good doesn't necessarily have anything to do with making it in this show. When it comes down to it, PR is a bit of a crock. I just stay with it for the ocassional glimpse of quality.

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