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Thread: Final Three

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    Quote Originally Posted by MsFB View Post
    I'm hoping for a michael, laura, jeffrey finale. Uli bores me.

    Is the finale show on the 20th?
    I have only watched for a few weeks but i think those 3 would be my picks. I like Michael the best, and can't stand Jeffrey's arrogance. I have loved some of Laura's designs, but I'm not sure she will come out on top.

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    What if there are only two?

    The previews are hinting at a change in format this year. Heidi says they're "not committed" to having a final three. That could mean there will be a final four, or maybe a final two.

    So if it's a final two, my guess would be:

    1. Laura (Wins)
    2. Jeffrey
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    hi guys,

    there are pictures floating around the internet of the final four collections, and I have to say I am completely shocked! Some of the designers definately choked!!

    I dont want to say anymore, but there is one designer who clearly stands out, and its not who you think!!

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    I think if they arent commited to a final 3 then they would take all 4. I think that they might know some people speculate and know who is going to be auffed right before the finale... so they want to make it unobvious and take all 4. I dont think that (unless two of them screw up HORRIBLY) they would only decide on two to take.

    OR... when they sad that theyre not commited to a final 3 they mean that they arent going to edit like they usually do... which sadly I think that Micheal would take third.

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    Posted by Tim Gunn in "Tim's Take" at bravo's site:

    I just want to add that everyone should fasten their seatbelts for one helluva ride into our final four episodes! Speaking of, I hear rumors that people think that there is a Final Four for this season, because four designers showed last Friday at Olympus Fashion Week. Those of you who saw seasons one and two will remember that this is always the construct: four designers show, because the audience has yet to see the episode that eliminates the fourth designer. Watch what happens!
    The implication here is that there is at least one decoy among the final four like previous years, but you never know. I'm hoping Tim hasn't gotten as whorish as the producers when it comes to teasing viewers to watch.
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    DJ: You can talk more in detail about the runway show, in the "Fashion Week Spoilers" thread - if you want to.

    Fashion Week **Possible Spoilers**

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