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Thread: Final Three

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    We are at the point where the designers entire body of work and style are taken into account. I say that Jeffery and Michael are a lock for the finals and it doesnt matter what they do in the next two challenges. I suppose they could fail miserably but I doubt that will happen.

    All three of the others have the same problem; narrow range. Which narrow range would make better TV? Kayne. I think that is easy. Would we want to see Miami Beach, Upper eastside circa 1955 or Pagent Street Wear?

    I am going to guess that we see Laura go this week, even though the previews suggest it.
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    Jeffrey, Michael and Ulli in the final.

    Jeffrey is the off beat slot. How DID he win that couttiour challenge? That yellow plaid dress was butt-ugly!
    Uli has the female slot
    Michael has the winner's slot unless he screws up terribly.

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    Michael, Jeffrey, Laura

    Laura, because the previews make it look like she won't
    Michael, because he's good and my favorite
    Jeffrey, because he's the one to win it all

    Jeffrey is the type of designer they want to win. He's established, has a business with more distribution than any other and will be the type to jump out first. I think this is what the show is looking for, not me.

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    I agree with Rosebud. And I think Kayne might be presenting the "red herring" fourth show. I have a feeling Uli will make that same dress one time too many and be auf'd in the upcoming week.
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    I think Uli is out this week. She is heard on the preview saying she is making a hippy cocktail dress. That is going to be the last straw for the judges. She has been asked to step outside her comfort zone and this is squarely in it.

    So Michael, Laura, Jeffery with Kayne the decoy.

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    I saw the preview too, and when Uli chose that print I immediately thought she was putting herself in danger for elimination. But guest judges have made interesting decisions in the past, sparing clearly marked targets because they found them appealing (Santino's jumpsuit), or choose their dress as the winner (Wendy's Big Bird costume). Uli might get a save like this.

    I also wouldn't underestimate Kayne's capacity for tackiness.
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    Kayne or Ulie
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    I'm going to modify my previous formula because I just realized something.

    Before I had said the formula was:

    1 male with talent -- Jay,Daniel
    1 female with talent -- Kara Saun, Chloe
    1 village idiot of either sex, talent optional, only ability needs to be to cause trouble -- Wendy, Santino

    But I realized that one of those people has to be a minority -- Kara Saun, Chloe. Since there are no women minorities this time (I don't think Ule counts) That leaves Michael, so.....

    1 male with talent - Michael
    1 female with talent -- Laura or Ule
    1 village idiot -- Jeffrey

    There is only one place in the final three to determine now.

    And since they want to leave us hanging....Kayne will be auffed tomorrow night.

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    Out of the five that are left, I'm hoping that Uli, Michael and Kayne are the final three. Though today I was watching through all the old episodes (I love that Bravo shows all the episodes so far on Wednsdays), and I'm starting to worry about Uli. Many of her designs are very similar to one another. I'm worried that she her designs for the final show might all look too much alike.

    Oh, and if I would've posted in this thread earlier, Alison would've definately been in my final three. I felt that she was a great designer who the judges never really noticed... until she had one not great design and was eliminated. If it wasn't for that paper dress, I think she would still be on the show and have a shot at the final three.
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    Quote Originally Posted by ladidanz View Post
    Michael, Jeffrey, and Uli are my top three choices.

    The only reason why I toss out Laura, is, I think her pregnancy might get in the way. Its hinted on the next show's commericial, that the stress and time contraints are conflicting with her pregnancy. It could effect her designs. But I think her sleek look is what the Bannana Republic wants. To bad, so sad.

    But it'll be a tough finish for first. Uli is great with prints and colors, Jeffrey is a good designer, Michael has a fresh head of great ideas and his follow-through is for the most part, on-point.
    The only reason I am skeptical about Laura being eliminated is for the simple reason the previews are implying it. I have a feeling they are trying to lead us in another direction in an attempt to make it a surprise. I will have to watch tonight's episode, though, to see how it goes. I think it will be either Kayne or Uli next. Kayne--for being tacky. Uli--for making the same thing again that she always makes. Of course, Laura does that as well, but she is a better taylor and the judges always seem to like her better. The judges also don't harp on her as much for making the same thing as they do Uli.

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