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Thread: Michael Kors: "She looks like a..."

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    I'm so over me

    Michael Kors: "She looks like a..."

    I can't wait for the next batch of Judge Michael Kors' hilarious fashion analogies. This season I'm definately going to record them for posterity. Here's some I remember from Season 2:

    Andrae's Garden Party Dress: "She looks like a doormat!"
    Diana and Marla's Banana Republic Challenge: "She looks like she's about to serve me coffee!"
    Raymundo's Barbie Challenge: "She looks like barefoot, Appalachia Barbie!"
    Santino's Figure Skating Challenge: "She looks like a baboon exploded on her ass!" <---actually that was Santino imitating what Michael WOULD say hahaha.

    Do you guys remember any others? There was one about Guadalupe sewing socks on her dress, and the actual criticism Michael came up with for Santino's figure skating dress had something to do with a Thanksgiving turkey being chased by Indians. Priceless!

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    I think the mainly struture of his speech is "She".

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