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Thread: Malan Breton - Season 3

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    Thanks Dogbat!

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    I'm still rooting for him.hope can seeing him in the 4'th season,.I really really do.Encourage him!!!!Guys.
    Otherwise,I don't think the hottest man in this season is him!!!not that keith.

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    I just visited his website and really like his fall line.

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    Quote Originally Posted by inanna View Post
    I just visited his website and really like his fall line.
    He's also got a My Space Account:
    http://profile.myspace.com/index.cfm?fuseaction=user.view profile&friendid=56910928

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    Quote Originally Posted by I'm so over me View Post
    Me three!! I really thought Malan would be this season's Santino, but he's just a boy, a little lost and insecure and kind of sweet in his way.

    Malan's exit interview killed me. He said something about feeling ashamed but he has nothing to be ashamed of. Unlike Vincent and Angela, he showed a lot of class during the judges questioning. I wish Malan had stayed and Heidi had given her auf to either Vincent or Angela (or even better, BOTH! ugh!).
    I agree. Malan seemed kind of creepy at first, but he wasn't too bad. Kind of sweet, as you said

    Vincent should have left...mit keine auf wiedersehen
    Jade needs to get laid - Nigel Barker

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    Malan interview with Entertainment Weekly


    Gown But Not Forgotten
    Malan Breton, the second designer to be dismissed from ''Project Runway,'' discusses why his dress went wrong, his maternal issues, and how his voice drives women wild by Jessica Shaw

    No doubt plenty of you thought Heidi, Vera, Nina, and Tara were on crack last night for getting rid of the curiously accented Malan Breton instead of petulant Angela or wacko Vincent. Malan's not thrilled about the outcome, but he's happy to talk about his art, his mother, and why his voice causes women to disrobe.

    Malan, I'm very surprised to be talking to you today. Were you shocked to be in the bottom two?
    Thank you. You know, I was a little surprised. I did realize it was a pageant gown she needed and not a red-carpet gown. I think in the back of my head I had a sense maybe it wouldn't go well for me.

    When you saw Miss USA Tara Connor walk into the room, were you excited by the prospect of designing for her?
    I was very naive to the pageant world. I had a Miss Teen New York walk in one of my fashion shows a couple of years ago. One of my really good friends was a Miss Oregon at one time. I was very naive to the whole concept of pageant dresses, except big shoulders and lots of rhinestones. I didn't want to give her that. I really design art. It's couture. It's really high-end couture. I guess most people don't understand that's what it is.

    Did you think Heidi and the rest of the judges just didn't understand your dress?
    I think it was very nice the comment that Heidi made, that the ruching was very pretty. I think if I had had more time, it would have been more balanced.

    Of course, I don't usually think of pageant dresses as the most beautiful examples of fashion.
    I know, I know. My feeling is what they go for are really divine reproductions of what celebrities have already worn to events. When something new comes along, they don't want to see that. They want to see the glamorous thing that Halle Berry already wore. Couture can be incredibly beautiful or incredibly artistic. It takes a true collector's eye to appreciate it.

    When you were working on your dress, were you aware of all the Vincent and Angela drama that was going on?
    Everyone was aware. I think we were all really trying not to listen and put it out of our minds and focus on what we were doing. As a team, working with Katherine was absolutely amazing. It was all about making sure we had enough time to do certain things. When we saw Angela and Vincent, it was very interesting. It was Vincent's baby. I don't think he really wanted a partner, to be honest with you.

    Were you upset on the runway when Katherine told Heidi you should go home?
    I knew the design elements were my choices. The piece itself, from start to finish — some of it wasn't quite finished — it was all my idea and my direction and whatnot. Katherine was able to bring qualities to it as well. For a moment I was a little shocked. Afterwards, I realized this isn't her fault. This is totally my doing. It was a huge undertaking. I maybe bit off a bit more than I could chew.

    Were there any designers on the show whose dresses excited you?
    The one person I was really intrigued with was Laura. She, to me, epitomizes the sensibility of a woman being so secure in herself that she can walk out in the streets of New York in a brilliant dress and not be intimidated. What she creates is along those lines.

    I think a lot of people were moved last night by what you said about your mother and how she used to tell you that you'd never amount to anything. Are you in touch with her now?
    We don't really speak very much. I've spoken to her once or twice. We have very different viewpoints on things. I think it's for the best. Maybe one day there will be a relationship with us. I have an amazing family of friends. They're my surrogate mother. We're all artists. We give each other what we need. That's my family. I have a goddaughter who is amazing as well. In my first show she couldn't walk yet, but in my second show she walked holding my finger.

    That's so sweet! She's going to be very excited to have you as a godfather when it comes time for her high school prom.
    I look at life and my experiences, and I've seen so much, and I would love to give that back to anyone. I look at children now, and I remember what I went through as a child.

    Did you move around a lot as a child? You mentioned on the show last night how difficult it was to be torn away from this group when you were just settling in.
    Yes, we did move around a lot. You pick up and have to make new friends. But now I've lived in New York for 10 years. It's been an amazing place for me.

    Where exactly is that accent from?
    I was born in Taiwan, but I've lived all over: Hong Kong, Australia, California, Hawaii, Georgia. I speak seven languages: Spanish, French, Mandarin, Cantonese, Italian, Japanese, and English.

    No wonder I couldn't place it. Do people come up to you on the streets now and just ask you to speak?
    Once upon a time, many, many years ago, I worked at a restaurant. Women used to offer to take off their clothes if I would read them the menu. It was hilarious.

    Are you still in touch with the other contestants?
    When I went to the New York premiere, I had a chance to see the other contestants. We just kind of said hello. We didn't really catch up and did our own thing. It was nice in the working environment the first couple of episodes because there was a lot of camaraderie. Everyone was really excited to see what everyone else could do.

    From watching upcoming scenes, it seems like things will quickly devolve. Maybe you got out at the right time.
    I would have liked to have been a little bit more involved. I would have liked to have won — let's be honest. In two shows I had a chance to show what I could do as a designer. I'm grateful that mainstream America can see that I'm really devoted to what I love. It's very organic for me, very real. Each one of my gowns is like a child to me. It's a piece of art.

    What are you up to now?
    Right now I'm in the process of doing two couture gowns — one for an A-list celebrity; another one is a B-, C-list celebrity. I've been in talks with a ballet company in New York to do costumes. In 2008, I'm going to be releasing a series of 13 short films. Hopefully soon I'll be working on a theatrical show. I'm auditioning now. I'm going to be fine. I'm incredibly motivated. In the next five years I'm going to see my name along Donna Karan and Helmut Lang. There's no question in my mind.

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    I grew to really like Malan, at first he seemed so pretentious and affected, but underneath, he was really likable. I loved the ruching on the dress as it was very organic and reminded me of beautiful wood patterns. However I agree the execution was flawed as it was heavy looking, exacerbated by the dark color. All said and done, Vincent is a loon, a freak to the nth, less talented and should have gone.

    Touch my bunny, stroke my cow.

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    i was thinking that he was going to kill himself after he got booted. they highlighted all of the negative things about his life during the episode.

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    I didn't like him at first - he was actually one of my least favorites- but then grew to like him. I was really disappointed he was voted off (I even got a little teary eyed, but that's just because I'm a bit of an emotional loon). I wanted to see more from him. I think he has loads of talent.

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    Originally Posted by roses4me
    Perhaps Malan will be asked back if nest week is the show when someone is "asked to leave" and they need a body to fill in the gap? I hope so, that mom of his sounds like a shrew. How can any adult squash a child's dream? It's purely evil.

    Oh please please bring Malan back. Bravo let the sand-in-the-spiniach lady from Top Chef back for a second chance! That would be so great! I am in LOVE with him!!!!

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