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Thread: Laura Bennett - Season 3

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    Maybe she adopted the flapper look to audition for a production of "Chicago."
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    Magic Mayo

    It's Entertainment!

    Quote Originally Posted by dogabone View Post
    Maybe she adopted the flapper look to audition for a production of "Chicago."
    Or with the total "look"...the remake of the movie, Whatever Happened To Baby Jane!

    Oh, maybe they're doing yet another version of Stephen King's, The Shining and she's been tapped to play the "old lady in the bathtub"!

    **I give full credit for these movie titles to those fans on the net who first observed that Laura had great potential to be cast in them!

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    Tim says she's the "mom" of this season, whatever that means. I'm not sure if that's a mom in a Wendy Pepper stab-you-in-the-back kind of way, or more like Marla be-there-for-moral-support kind of way. She looks a little Wendy Pepperish, but I want to give her a chance.
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    alanaaa Coconut Oil's Avatar
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    I actually think she looks pretty nice. A mess in her style, but I don't know, I'm defending her.

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    Team Renee//Team Sarah// DreamOf1000Cats's Avatar
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    I think this woman is fabulous. Her personal style is great in my opinion. I think what is perfect about her though is the statement -

    "I never dress down."

    That's pretty darned fabulous in my opinion. Also -- love the red lip, its dramatic but hey, that's Laura. Her coat was lovely, and glamorous - and certainly well received.

    She's my favorite thus far.

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    FORT Fogey
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    So far, she is one of my favorites, but it's really too early in the show to know the contestants well enough to form these kinds of judgements.

    As a mum of 2, I'm already in sweatpants and a minivan. She's not only right, but inspiring.

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    Are you buying HER or her design philosphy/aesthetic? Do you recall what Pauline Trigere or Coco Chanel or Yves Saint Laurent or Christian Lacroix looked like physically? Yet their designs sold/sell like the proverbial hotcakes. [mod edit]
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    Why do these people always look so much better on the show than on the pictures? I guess they're just not photogenic...I thought Keith, Robert, and Laura looked terrible in the pictures, but they look really good on tv.

    I really loved her design -- I think it should've won the challenge (as much as I like Keith).

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    Laura's coat was HOT HOT HOT! The only thing I didn't like was that it was prob gonna be noisy..otherwise,I think it was great. I am looking forward to her other designs.

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    Magic Mayo
    Laura came off much better personality-wise on the show than I thought she would. I didn't see any hints of Wendy Pepper in her (but I will probably still have a nightmare or two because the real Wendy Pepper was shown on "Road to the Runway"!)

    I still think those wide, low-cut dresses she wears are really unattractive on her. She looks much better in a button-up blouse or the turtleneck she wore in her bio tape.

    Her coat with the fur trim was nice, but I, myself would prefer a few less bangles on it. She tailored it well, though.

    It's too early in the season for me to really pick out carved-in-stone favorites, but I don't dislike Laura as much as I thought I would. Let's see how far her architecture/fashion design takes her.

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