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Thread: Laura Bennett - Season 3

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    I really like Laura. I don't think she's boring either. I think she's actually a fun person. She seems to have a good perspective in life -- semi-nonchelan and semi-caring. I really loved it when she went off on Vincent. He's the one who needs a dose of realty check.

    I understand why others think her designs are boring. Well, I think her designs are very elegant and classy. I wish I can sport some of her designs (not the high-waist ones though, maybe some dresses).

    I actually hope that she would be in the final three. I would love to see her does her thing and create a collection that personifies beauty and elegance!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Brandy View Post
    I'm sorry, I just do not like Laura. She's like a cross between Bree of Desperate Housewives, and Cruella deVille.
    Hihi, I love her for the very same reasons
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    obviously, She and Mom go to the same hairdresser AND use red dye #3.

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    I like her more and more. She is a contender for fashion week.

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    "Cruella deVille"?

    Man, I knew that joke I made a few pages back about Laura demanding 100 more Pomeranians from Mood was going to come back and bite me in the a-- uh, ankle.

    (Hey, that's about as far as a Pom can reach without a stepladder...)

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    I didnt like her too much when the show started.. her clothes were old ladyish and boring.. but they were well constructed and not too "safe" or too "out there". I am not a fan of like business suit attire. especuially w/ fur- But this weeks episode really changed my view on her- the dress she made was gorgeous! I was so please to see her do something like that- It was still very much her but it wasnt that same business dress huge lapel thing she seems to like. Also she looked very pretty w/ her hair down like that.Her personality is pretty cool too... She seems to be sweet but still have alot of backbone...I kinda wanna see her make it to the final 3.

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    Maret: Haha, fair enough.

    SurrnderDorothy: I honestly hadn't read the entire thread when I posted that. If it matters - I have thought that about her since the earliest days of the show.

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    If you look at the bonus footage on Bravo's site, you'll see several scenes with Laura that are quite endearing. In one, she and Robert are joking about how she is the mean witch from Wizard of Oz (Heidi is Glenda the good witch).

    And in another, she receives a box of brownies with family photo attached. She is obviously very loved and right away said she'd bring it to the workroom for all to share.

    And in the preview for this week, she expresses concern about Kayne. She thinks he's going to get nailed on the runway. She says she likes him a great deal and is worried that he may get hurt.

    I've done a 360 with Laura. Started out loving her, then thought she was too holier-than-thou, and now loving her again.

    For me, what I once thought was a holier-than-thou attitdue has now turned into a caring mother-hen attitude.

    Anyone who can poke fun of themselves and demonstrate emphathy has my vote.

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    I think that Laura is completely endearing. She's a strong woman and mother, speaks her mind, and cares for others. She is talented, educated and has a strong sense of vision.

    I feel that many people turned on her after she evinced hesitance in playing with the dog she received. Well I don't think wanting/not wanting a pet makes a person better/worse. I mean really, how does wanting a pet or liking a dog make someone a better person? And I for one applaud her for being levelheaded in stating she'd rather save her energy to take care of her children.

    Touch my bunny, stroke my cow.

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    I like Laura a lot, too. She's been my favourite since the beginning, for reasons I can't explain. I just really groove on her Mona Lisa smile and her quiet/sane manner.
    Still crazy, after all these shears

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