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Thread: Vincent Libretti - Season 3

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    I also think he should've been gone LONG ago. Just from reading his interview in the post above it seems that he's delusional and rather pathetic. Remember, a TRUE artist recognizes their strengths and weaknesses...at least Michael acknowledged the failings in his outfit (likewise Laura knew that her outfit wasn't the best she's done).

    On a side note, while I thought Jeffrey's outfit deserved to win, the textile design was very reminescent of a Christian Lacroix look from years ago. Also, the overall gown reminded me of a lot of John Galliano's early works. Just thought it was interesting that Nina dinged Laura for her "Yve St. Laurent" dress...

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    Bye Bye Vincent! God Bless =)

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    Adios Vincent, get your perscription filled and join your family on Earth

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    Vincent's Exit Interview on BravoTV.com

    Did anyone catch Vincent's interview on the Bravo website?

    He seemed completely normal.
    So is he really a kook or was he edited that way?

    I still think he was seriously nuts.

    Whaddya'll think?

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    I got a snarky email from Vincent

    I noticed that Vincent had a myspace, so I sent him a message. I was peeved after reading his EW interview (where he plays the blame game), so I told him that Tim Gunn isn't giving him a hard time, for he was trying to do his job on the show in giving out critiques of designers work. I also mentioned that there is no way in hell that Michael Kors is intimidated by Vincent's designs. Then I told him his stuff is retro and old looking (he thinks his stuff is cutting edge).

    So he emails me and says "Funny, you are the only one who feels this way cause I get nothing but positive feedback."

    Can u believe this guy, insane is too kind a word to describe.

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    Ha. Must be nice to have that thick of a filter going through life. He seems to just change reality to suit himself.

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    After reading the EW interview (as well as watching bonus footage),I truly believe this guy is seriously delusional.

    Vincent, next time break the Prosac in half!
    Reality is merely an illusion, albeit a very persistent one. -Albert Einstein

    The difference between stupidity and genius is that genius has its limits. -Albert Einstein

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    I was just disgusted by his "this gets me off" comments. We don't need to hear that.

    I always wondered, from the very first week, what the heck he was doing on the show and why I was sitting home watching it...I mostly do knitwear, I've designed some dresses in the past but didn't actually sew them, so I know my technical skills when it comes to construction aren't nearly as strong as someone like Chloe or Laura, but I at least am in touch with reality and don't think baskets make for good headware or that ridiculous 60's short sleeves are fashionable. LOL. Hmm....season 4? (Too bad there isn't enough time in the challenges for knitwear....)
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    Quote Originally Posted by falconeddie View Post
    ...Then I told him his stuff is retro and old looking ...

    So he emails me and says "Funny, you are the only one who feels this way cause I get nothing but positive feedback.". Can u believe this guy, insane is too kind a word to describe
    Insane to some, eccentric to me. And... it would take all I could muster to respond to an insult such as this in a more dignified way than he did.

    What could a reasonable person have expected for a response?!
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