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Thread: Vincent Libretti - Season 3

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    I'm a Vincent fan.

    My theory about the rant....For a guy who quit his job, dipped into his 401K, and didn't make the final 3, he is probably very stressed about money. I've been there and know the frustration that festers and then blows up when a even a small bag of fruit spoils and has to be thrown out. Being on edge for every penny does that to a person -esp. when you have a family to care for.

    Funny how he got dogged for dogging others, but lots of others dogged others and didn't get dogged. He is eccentric which makes him an easy target. Vincent was a square peg in a round hole on the show.

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    I can understand his being upset about his shirts being ruined. But to carry on & on like that, seems to speak of some type of mood disorder. I'm sure the stress of the show and his financial situation didn't help, though.

    He's a good sport when people make fun of him to his face though. I'll say that for him. I doubt I'd have just smiled and said "you said that already" if someone called me "delusional" in front of colleagues and on national television. I'd have at least shown my displeasure facially. Vincent didn't seem to mind.
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    Vincent is an eccentric. I'm sure he would be a nice guy when not stressed and probably running on a few hours of sleep. I don't like his designs. I think he is not someone who can do designs for the mainstream audience, but more for a subset of people who are into retro, quirky things. I do agree that he is a bit delusional and I do not understand how he thought Tim was trashing him. Tim always stuck tot he work--not the designer personally--unless vincent is only interested in positive feedback about his designs and considers anyone questioning him to be out of line.

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    I'm not sure whether this is old news. I don't know when the episode originally aired, etc. It just aired today in rerun.

    But Vincent appeared in an episode of Extreme Makeover. The episode was about Jeff Mittleman, a comedian who has always made his nonexistent chin a topic in his standup act. Jeff decided it was time that stopped and a makeover might spark his career.

    At the end of the episode, friends/family were invited to a small stage show at which Jeff's new look was revealed. Vincent was there, in a new, looser hairstyle, and without glasses. He had no lines, as he was in the audience. But he did gasp, smile, applaud & so forth. I assume the woman next to Vincent was his wife. Seems like a nice lady - no visible eccentricities

    Anyway I thought that was kind of funny. Reality tv shows seem to keep 'crossing over' each other these days. Either that, or people who want to be on reality tv, will turn up anywhere they see a camera. ha.

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