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Thread: Robert Best - Season 3

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    Robert Best - Season 3

    Birthday: 1969-06-23
    Hometown: West Hollywood, CA
    Education: Parsons School of Design

    Robert Best, 36, is a Principal Designer at Mattel where he has worked for Barbie Collectibles for ten years. Prior to Mattel, Robert worked in New York for such fashion luminaries as Isaac Mizrahi, Anne Klein and Donna Karan.

    Robert grew up in Utah and was schooled in New York City at Parsons School of Design where he was awarded the “Student Designer of the Year” award upon graduating. He resides in West Hollywood, California and has designed hundreds of dolls while at Mattel &emdash; including the “Best Models” collection featuring the completely new Model Muse body and off-the-catwalk clothes and accessories. Some of the other Barbie dolls that Robert has created include Millennium Bride Barbie Doll, Crystal Jubilee Barbie Doll, Billions of Dreams Barbie Doll, Wedgwood Barbie, and the Fabergé series. He has also designed such celebrity dolls as the Audrey Hepburn series, James Dean and Marilyn Monroe.

    Oscar De La Renta continues to be an inspiration to Robert, whose own design theory is based in simplicity: good fabrics, classic lines, and feminine details with a touch of whimsy. “I basically think of Barbie as if she is real, and even though there is fantasy in my work, I always think of what a real woman would wear and then translate that into doll-scale.”

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    Somehow I doubt there will be a Barbie challenge this year, as this guy would have a definite unfair advantage. Very interesting background!
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    Isn't this the guy who is saying something to the extent of ... ."I enjoy being the bad guy"?

    Not so sure I'm going to like him. Even if I didn't see the commercial, the picture in the above bio is enough for me to say.. "Oh ok. Moody one alert!"
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    I agree, Maveno.. this one comes off like he might be the arrogant prick of the pack.
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    Interesting. I am going to like him, I think.

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    Oscar De La Renta continues to be an inspiration to Robert, whose own design theory is based in simplicity: good fabrics, classic lines, and feminine details with a touch of whimsy.
    Sounds promising!

    He's familiar with Parsons, too. But I guess that won't be much of an advantage, lol. Does "worked in New York for such fashion luminaries" mean he actually designed stuff for DKNY? Doesn't Donna Karan design all her own stuff?

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    Agree that he looks arrogant. Okay if he's got the skills to go with it. Barbie background is interesting, at least.

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    I'm half half on his interview. Hm. His style of speaking reminds me of someone...Santino? Or....Nick. Hm.
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    I must say I really, really liked that dress tonight. I thought he should have won.

    for me the results were...


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    Hello, I am new to these boards.

    I am fortunate to actually know Robert Best. He is one of the sweetest people you could ever meet and is actually shy which does come off sometimes as being a little arrogant. After being around him for about 7 years I am used to it and once he knows you he is a real cut up.

    He does some fabulous work in fashion for real people.

    I hope he does well in this competition and that everyone will keep an open mind. He is anything but a prick lol.

    His dress tonight was cute and just a small taste of what he can really do. If you like or love couture he will be your guy. He likes clean lines and a somewhat tailored style. Sophistcation is how I would describe it.

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