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Thread: Robert Best - Season 3

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    Magic Mayo

    Time Warp

    I really liked Kayne and Robert as partners...they brought the quirky funny that I have been missing from Andrae and the others in season 2. I hope they did alot of that over the three to four weeks of filming the show and they both make it to the end.

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    chez moi
    Is Robert the one who made that "feminazi" comment about Angela? (It was a bit hard to tell from the brief bit they had). If so, I am really beginning to hate this guy.

    Apologies to Robert, it wasn't him....it was Jeffrey. Just to show I'm sorry, I'll root for Robert next week!

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    I was looking back at my year old InStyle [september 2005]
    And I noticed a page where Jewel was wearing a Robert Best cocktail dress!
    It was black and had a really cute bow. I liked it!

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    Robert Best on the silver screen

    During the first eopisode when Robert said he worked for Isaac Mizrahi, I thought he reminded me of the young assistant who worked with Isaac in the 1995 documentary "unzipped" (the original project runway). If you have seen it you will remember him as the guy who said "i scrim, you scrim, we all scrim for the scrim..."; although he little resembles his former self. I have now confirmed this, having watched the movie a couple days ago "Robert Best" is listed in the credits as part of Mizrahi and Company. I realize that it has been ten years but wow has he changed. Good luck Robert I'm rooting for you!

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    I liked that he made fun of having to tell a "story" on this week's episode. He was game and played along, but he knows it's still TV.

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    even though he grosses me out he does make really cute stuff

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    Best in Show

    Out.com Exclusive: Project Runway’s hilarious Robert Best talks about working for Isaac Mizrahi, comparing Barbie to drag queens, and who on the show he’s happy to never see again.

    by Jeffrey Epstein

    Anyone who has caught even a moment of the new season of Project Runway has no doubt laughed out loud at something Robert Best has said. Luckily, the designer is also extremely talented—if he weren’t he wouldn’t have been designing Barbie’s dresses for the past 10 years. After the Utah native graduated from Parsons, where the series shoots, he spent time working for fashion luminaries like Donna Karan and Isaac Mizrahi before heading to the Left Coast, where he currently resides.

    You seem very comfortable in front of the camera. Did you go to the Barbizon school for models or something?
    Absolutely. I would say the Barbizon really taught me everything I needed to know about being on camera. Actually, having been at Mattel and Isaac Mizrahi was good training—at the time I was at Isaac, they made the movie Unzipped. That was my first experience having someone with a boom around all the time. At Mattel I’ve gone on the Today show to talk about Barbie and have done radio. At first when I saw myself I was like, “Is that what I look like?” But I’m used to it.

    How was doing the show?
    Overall, it was a really fun experience. It was twisted in ways you can’t even imagine., There's no way in the world to prepare for the experience you go through. Every minute you’re surprised or caught off guard or feel like it’s a bizarre, surreal dream you’re hoping ends soon—but doesn’t. But part of you wants to fight because in real life you control how you present yourself; when you’re doing this show, you don’t have the control. You don't have the mic, Heidi does, and you hope to get on her good side. Different people control what you look like so you have to give over worrying about that sort of thing. You can’t fight the production. If you try, “I wanna be portrayed as the funny, nice guy,” you’re gonna lose.

    Since you went to Parsons, did you already know Tim?
    I did know Tim from my days at Parsons, which was interesting. The experience of being back at Parsons was very full circle. You’re learning the craft when you’re at school. And then you come back and you’re practicing it. So it was kind of like old home week.

    Did it help knowing Tim?
    Not remotely. I wanted it to, certainly. But it’s all based on merit. Everyone has a different experience that may help them, as in the case of the second episode—Kayne’s experience with pageants certainly helped us. You don’t know what the challenges are going to be. So even knowing Tim, in the end, is a moot point. But it helps to have someone rooting for you in your corner. And Tim always appreciated my sense of style, so it’s good to have someone like that around.

    You and Kayne seemed to get along great.
    Kayne was a hoot and a half—that’s his quote. He was great. So funny and easygoing, the kind of personality that if you’re going to do a challenge, he’s the person you want to work with. When you’re not cracking each other up, you’re getting the work done. We got along very well. We have a similar sense of humor. It helps that we’re both gay.

    You’re gay?
    I know, shocker.

    Was there anyone else you really loved on the show?
    I loved to hate Laura. I loved to make fun of her, and she would do the same to me. Vincent, for all his nuttiness, is the greatest guy. I really enjoyed Vincent. He truly marches to his own drummer, but I enjoyed the tune. Michael Knight was the best roommate ever—and such a rock star.

    Who got on your nerves?
    Keith. The good thing about Keith was that he was so full of himself that it didn’t matter if anyone didn’t like him. Because he liked himself enough for all of us.

    You worked for Isaac Mizrahi. How was that?
    That was a trip without tickets. It was an awesome experience in terms of the true fashion, Devil Wears Prada experience. Really being in the thick of the industry, meeting incredible people, and getting a hands-on of what it means to be in the eye of the storm because Isaac was wildly popular in the press at the time—he and Marc Jacobs were the face of American fashion with respect to the classics like Ralph and Donna. Isaac and Marc were the up and coming. But there’s no love lost between us.

    What made you move to Los Angeles? It’s not really considered the fashion capital of the universe.
    I needed to get a tan and work out more, so I figured I should move to West Hollywood. I wanted to meet hotter men. [Laughs] I’m totally… serious. [More laughter] I wanted to get away from Isaac because I was slowly being driven mad. I needed a new job. I thought a change of life in general would be good for me. A friend of mine said I should work at Barbie and when I learned they were headquartered on the west coast, I thought, Why not?

    What do you think of Barbie?
    Barbie rocks my world. She’s awesome. One thing I have found interesting working on Barbie is how many opinions people have about her. She can be a love or hate thing for people. You hear how she’s caused people to have eating disorders. I think those people are whiners and they should shut the **** up. Stop blaming a doll for your problems. It’s amazing that she’s a fashion icon and a legend. I think I’ve reached more people designing for Barbie than I ever did when I was working in high fashion. When people love her, they really love her. It’s amazing the many places it’s offered me opportunity to travel to: Japan, England… It’s pretty incredible.

    You made some reference about her being a little like a drag queen in the first show.
    See, but I thought that was a good thing. I applaud drag queens and I love their work.

    Are you dating anyone?
    Not a soul. I’m not one to not look. But men are crazy. Who needs ’em? I’m not actively pursuing. Plus, I want to have children. And when you tell men that, it sends most of ’em running into the woods. If I can’t **** and leave you, I want no part of you. I’m a very happy person. I’m very fulfilled in my life. I’m looking for a relationship to complement my life, I don’t need it to solve my problems.

    What’s the reaction been like since the show began?
    Unbelievable. I had no idea how popular the show was. I love the show now that I’ve been on it. Literally, and it sounds like a joke, I’ve had people scream out of car windows. It’s amazing. And it’s not just men who want to sleep with me. It’s women. It’s children. It’s small farm animals. It’s great to be involved with something that has such a positive effect on people. And hopefully it’s great exposure.

    What’s the biggest fashion faux pas a guy can make?
    One of them is tanning. Over-tanning to the point you look like an Oopma Loompa—and this is for men and women. You see this in the gym ad nauseum. When your skin starts to resemble an orange pleather handbag, you need to step away from the Mystic Tanning hose. It’s near criminal. Another one is—especially in gay men—wearing clothes that are so tight and painted on. Like T-shirts that look like they were made for someone else. Wear your ******* size. Or wear clothes that are a little bit roomy. It’s OK. All your hours at the gym are appreciated. Otherwise we don’t want to see your puffy-ass body in a Baby Gap T-shirt.

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    I had the opportunity to meet Robert last weekend. The nicest. most genuine person you will ever meet. He signed doll boxes and posed for pics with his fans for 4.5 hours and i never saw a "fake" smile while the picture was being taken or an insincere sounding word to anyone. Granted, I already liked him, but, I like him more now


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    Robert has been a favorite of mine from the beginning. Loved his comeback when Kaine suggested using all of the million sequins her bought for Miss USA's dress!

    His designs have been tasteful. Apparently, the Barbie clothes my daughter's doll wore were designed by someone else

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    Robert has an ample bust and his tank tops are just not fitted properly to give the right support. I really like his designs but find his Stevie Wonder sunglasses a bit much in the sewing room. It's probably meant to be ironic rather than haughty, but it's getting tired. I think he has one of the most appealing personalities and is my favorite along with Laura.

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