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Thread: Alison Kelly - Season 3

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    Quote Originally Posted by Wiest View Post
    She just has a very casual and wispy tone about her, which I actually find quite charming.
    It reminds me a lot of Drew Barrymore's voice, actually.

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    She is adorable and skilled, I expect to see her at Fashion Week.

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    So sad to see her leave......
    Anyone knows if she has myspace or her own website ?
    Beet-red and break out in hives

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    What a crock of sh**... Vincent sooo should've gone instead of Allison.

    Now i have no one to root for =(

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    vincent is so ... ugh ... i have no words for him. alison deserved it. he just sucks. i can't believe it. couldn't the judges recognize all the other beautiful work she's done in the past challenges?
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    I'm not suprised Alison got cut, I'm just suprised she got cut before Vincent/Angela...

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    I expected Alison to be like 6th or 5th place -- she was really talented, and it sucks that she had to go.

    ESPECIALLY before Vincent -- whose dress wasn't even a dress at all.

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    Alison Kelly Interview with Entertainment Weekly


    Trash Talking
    The latest ''Project Runway'' ejectee, 25-year-old Alison Kelly, talks to Jessica Shaw about losing the recyclable-materials challenge and the difference between good TV and good fashion

    If you had asked a bunch of Project Runway fans a couple of weeks ago who would be in the final two, chances are quite a few of them would have guessed 25-year-old Alison Kelly. Next thing you know, after one ill-fitting paper dress on a zaftig model (Tim Gunn's word — not mine!), she's history. Alison called EW on Wednesday to tell us why she thought she'd won the challenge and why she thinks we have bad taste.

    ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY: Alison, if I had a bigger salary, I totally would have put money on you to make it until the end. I really thought it might be an Alison-Uli finale.
    ALISON KELLY: I think everyone is horrified. I guess they could only have one blond girl.

    When you were standing up there with Vincent, did you think there was any way you would be sent home?
    No. I had been in the top twice already, and I had never been in the bottom. I saw myself going very far. I was very confident that day.

    It makes you wonder if the judges decide based on that week's design or factor in past outfits.
    I thought they watched your designs from each episode and saw what you could do. I'd never been in the bottom before, and some of the other designers had — a couple of times. I couldn't really figure it out that day. I was completely shocked. I'm still completely shocked — to the point where I'm not going to watch this episode. But so many things are working out for me.

    Like what?
    I'm designing a 25-piece collection for Shopbop, which is launching in September. You'll be able to buy my clothes there. I'm teaming with a jewelry designer, Rachel Leigh, and she's going to be designing a jewelry line to go along with my collection.

    How is it that Vincent managed to stay when you're gone?
    And Vincent was standing backstage saying, ''I'm so f---ing ready to go home right now.'' I was sitting back there like, ''I am not ready to go home.'' But it's reality TV. It's dramatic. I was, like, really peaceful and likable. I think I didn't bring enough drama.

    Do you really think you got kicked off for not bringing enough drama?
    That's the unfortunate thing about TV. At the same time, I think I came across really well, and I've gotten so much exposure from it. The fact that I was eliminated is going to cause so much attention. People are going to be shocked and appalled. I'm one of the only designers that has a clothing line and has my own label and makes a collection every season. It's going to bring a lot of attention my way.

    In retrospect, do you wish you'd made that multicolored miniskirt work, instead of making that paper dress?
    No. I loved the colors and pattern and everything, but it wasn't going to look right. All I had was paper. I had to work with what I had. I went to art school, and I did a lot of sculpture classes. What I had in mind was designing an outfit out of paper that would inspire an outfit out of fabric. I wanted to sculpt something you can't make out of fabric, something that would stand on its own. I looked at the piece, and I absolutely loved it. A lot of the other designers did too. We always talk about who we think is going to win that day, and a lot of people thought it was me.

    What was up with the hair-bow situation?
    I had an idea for the hair, to do a little bow. The hair people put up her hair, but they weren't going to do the final bow until right before she went out. They did this huge flop instead of this tiny bow. I got a lot of crap from the judges for styling. But it was out of my control. The hair wasn't how I wanted it to be.

    You didn't seem too happy with your model. Was she really that big? I mean, was she a size 4 instead of a size 2?
    No, she's a lot bigger than me. She's absolutely gorgeous, but she shouldn't be a runway model. She's maybe a size 8 or a 10. She's not thin at all.

    Why would the producers put in a model who's not runway-model size?
    So people like me get eliminated. They threw in someone who had scoliosis whose shoulders are three inches different. Did you ever notice whoever's designing for Nazri often wins? There are three models who seem to win. It's because they have model bodies. I was cursed from the beginning. I had the model with scoliosis the first time — that's why I don't think I won the dog challenge. And this time, my model chose me. I was like, ''Oh no!''

    There seemed to be a lot of tension last night between Laura and Vincent after the runway. What was going on there?
    I definitely felt the tension rising. Laura was pissed off because she really liked me. She couldn't believe it was me [who was voted out]. I'm glad they showed that.

    It seemed like you and Uli got really close.
    She was really great and really supportive. She had just become my roommate. I was living with Angela and Laura. They weren't my favorite roommates.

    Okay, you must tell me what it's like living with Laura and Angela.
    Well, we were barely ever there, but I think I related to them the least of everyone on the show. Especially Angela. It's so funny. She was such a strange bird. Sleeping a foot away from her every night was not my favorite thing.

    From where I sit, Angela and Vincent are absolutely the weakest links on the show. How did you all feel internally?
    I thought they were definitely the weakest links on the show. But both of them are so completely outrageous and crazy that they make for good TV.

    You had some controversial friends — Keith and Jeffrey. Was it awkward for you, especially after Keith left?
    Keith was my best friend there. Him and Jeffrey. I really felt bad for Keith. It's just really unfortunate because he was going to make it far. I thought he was going to be the golden boy. It also just really broke my heart that he may have been insecure enough that he thought he needed something to fall back on. It's really not fair if somebody has pattern-making books when the rest of us are winging it. I had all these mixed feelings. I felt bad for him and his ego but also was hurt that he could have had an advantage over us when he won. It just made me sick.

    And Jeffrey? He seems to be a bit of a controversial character.
    He's definitely an elitist. He thinks he's the best one there. He's playing up his character, though. He's really nice and down to earth and awesome, and I like him. I understand his aesthetic, and I think his clothes are great. We just relate to each other. He says what I'm thinking but don't want to say.

    I love watching Jeffrey and Laura bicker. He hated Laura's dress this week. Do I have bad taste if I think her dress was kind of great?
    I think Laura's clothes are appealing to people. The thing with Laura is she's a really good seamstress. She's technically really good. My favorite piece was the one she made this week. The other stuff I find kind of hideous. She did two jackets with fur collars. I thought they were disgusting. But it's Michael Kors on the panel, and it's classic and elegant, so he loves it. My stuff is edgier.

    Did you think there was a judge who got your style?
    I thought Heidi did at the beginning, but then she turned on me. I think Vera Wang did. I liked having her there. I think my stuff is fashion forward and innovative, and that can be intimidating or not understood well. These four people happened to not like what I did on that day. It doesn't mean I'm a bad designer.

    Now that you're out, who's going to make it to the top two?
    I'd have wanted to see either me or Jeffrey in the end, so Jeffrey. And no one else really blew me away, honestly.

    Are you in touch with the other designers still?
    Yeah, Malan and Keith. I saw Laura at Mood the other day.

    Really? Does that mean she's working on her final collection?
    Who knows? I was there too.

    Well, maybe you were there because you were allowed back on the show and you are also now working on your final collection. Or maybe I've just lost it.
    Don't worry: Getting back on the show comes into my dreams all the time.

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    She seems really bitter about the models. I mean, I like her, but I feel so bad for her model. An "8 or 10" is pretty damn healthy, and she's acting like it's jiggly obese and a blight on society. I don't know, that interview just makes me see her in a really different way. Why do people have to be so prejudiced about weight in this country?

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