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Thread: Project Tim Gunn?

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    Project Tim Gunn?

    There was an interesting little item over at defamer.com yesterday.

    They are L.A.-based and have mostly movie/tv/entertainment items. Somebody who took an NBC/Universal survey said there were a lot of questions about Tim Gunn on there. Would you like to be his roomate/best friend/personal shopper, etc. and what kind of show would you like to see him in - makeover/reality-based/advice/behind-the-scenes. etc.

    Sounds like they know a good thing when they see it. Let's hope something comes of this.

    Personally, I can't imagine anything I rather see more than Tim and Andrae in an odd-couple variation -- written by Santino, of course

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    I'd like to see him in ANY show, DAILY.

    Like that movie "Ed" where Matthew McConaughey's whole life was broadcast 24 hours a day, I'd like to see THAT much Tim Gunn.
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