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Thread: Questions for the Final Three Designers

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    Thanks, guys!

    It looks like we won't get a live final interview, so I'm submitting our questions by email. Last chance to submit a question if you haven't!
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    For all-

    To what extent did the designers you picked to help you influence your final design?

    How well do you think the final, surprise design fit into your collection?

    What did you feel like as your models were walking down the runway at Fashion Week?

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    So many questions, so little space to write!

    To all three: Why weren't there more PR models in the final? From what agency did the models come?

    Chloe, are you friends with Emmet? I thought you two made a good team during the BR challenge.

    Thanks for a great season Chloe and Daniel.

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    Yeah, I want to know what Dan's tattoos are!

    One more... What was you favorite piece in your Fashion Week collection?

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    OMG, I have so many questions I want to ask!

    Which designer(s) have you grown closest to since the end of the show?
    How often do you see the other designers?

    Sorry if I posted too many...

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    For Chloe - Who or what do you credit as your first influence - as far as how you define style? (First, as in, your early life - not first as in current favorite, although it could be both the same!)

    For Daniel - Who is your 'fashion hero' and why?

    For Santino - If you had to choose, would you rather be rich or famous?

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    Did i somehow miss the threads with the final 3's interviews?

    I've looked quite a few times and can't seem to find them
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