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Thread: 2/1 Show Discussion Thread ****SPOILERS****

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    I actually agree with what you were saying, though... maybe he does have a semi crush or just a fond liking for Andrae as a friend. According to the Andrae interview here (I just read it) they seem to still keep in touch. Andrae does seem the least judgmental of all of the designers (also Daniel, but his natural bearing would mean Santino wouldn't be goofy on him) and does seem to naturally bring out Santino's goofier side you're right.

    Daniel's sense of humor seems more dry. I keep thinking of a very chic Frenchman for some reason, when I see Daniel! And the French wit seems to me overall very 'dark' (but just as funny). They are an interesting and diverse bunch, that's for sure!

    I mean, I know Vosovic is a Slavic name but hey. LOL It's just the impression I get from Daniel. He is very dignified or something.

    I agree that Nick's flower dress was not so hot. I think it was a combination of being loathe to haggle (he was brought up with money and just may find that, the dreaded v word, vulgar) without even thinking of doing so - plus, I think it was still bothering him that he lost his model. I think the fun was not back in the game for him yet. I mean he seemed to only have one bouquet! How in the world to make a dress from that??

    It was so funny when he said "why did I have to stay long enough to do the *** make a dress out of flowers task?" LOL!

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    In the previews for the show that aired this past Wednesday, Nina said that she wasn't impressed anymore. Did they actually air that? What was she referring to?
    "We all know that we're going to get beat tonight." - Melrose (ANTM Cycle 7) when Monique gets eliminated from the CoverGirl / Queen Latifah challenge.

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    No, I never saw that statement in the actual show. I can't recall now but what was she wearing? Maybe as before it was actually a clip from another episode.

    They have some new preview clips now (since Flower Power aired) for "Makeover", someone (Nina or Heidi) says "I just don't like it". The judges seem very underwhelmed, this upcoming time.

    Chloe must be in a pink dress (in "Makeover"), I can definitely see a hot-pink dress on a dress form now, in more than one shot. I know Santino's not wearing it! LOL

    I hope someone gives Chloe a Mary Tyler Moore type flip hairdo... I think she'd look sooo cute in that!

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    See..... whikle I agree with the fact that Kara's dress was good..... the top was wow... while the skirt was just "meh", while Dan's entire thing was cute.

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    Is the runway show going to be with the designers and not the models? That should be fun!

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    I was wondering that too! It appears that way, marlap.

    SuperBrat, I thought the skirt on Kara's dress was OK because being plain it drew more attention to the very detailed top part. More would have veered into Santino territory - just my opinion.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Brandy View Post
    I also wonder whether editing cut out just enough so that the "That's because you're German" reply made no sense?
    It was almost like they were saying "You have bad taste because you are German," lol.

    I was surprised they were wowed by Chloe's dress, which on another night by a different designer would have been derided as "too simple." Anyone could have made that at home from a simple pattern.

    And I was surprised they were so wowed by Daniel's dress, which, hello, did not look finished. What was all that fabric hanging out at the top, the model's bra? Or part of the dress, which it looked like. How come others were warned not to leave any fabric showing, and yet he was lauded for making a dress that showed a lot of sloppy muslin? I like him as a person but felt the judges were too biased in his favor re. that dress.

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