Hey guys, please try to keep discussion of the show in the show discussion thread...comments in the recap thread should be specifically about the recap and/or telling Speedy how terrific he looks in ladies' lingerie.

So yes, Speedy, another excellent job! You have a wonderful way of being both hilarious and succinct, making each recap a fun, breezy read, like something I'd like to read by the pool with a fouffy drink, if only I had wifi on my laptop. Yup, Speedbump recaps are refreshing like a little vacation!

Only a few of the lines that had me chortling in my mochaccino:
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Pssst…Santino: Yakov Smirnov just called. He wants his hat back.

What challenges you? What drives you? Well, for me it is being able to fit into my mint green thong every summer. But for the contestants I suppose it’s the gig waiting for them at Banana Republic. Meh, tomato- tomahto.

An audible “Oh Snap!” was heard around the world.

The gloves are off bitch. I predict a death by sewing machine sometime soon.

It is Danny who puffs out his chest and gets all Rocky on him. It’s time for Nick to change his panties, suck it up and just do it. It’s the middle of the show. There’s always an inspiration segment in the middle of the show. And just as quick, Daniel’s tough personna is followed with an “I love You” and a response of “I love you too but not in a prison kind of way.

I think I’ll stick with recapping and forgo my dreams of being a fashion anaylst.