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Thread: 1/25 Show Discussion Thread **Spoilers**

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    Okay, after watching this way too many times I have come to the conclusion that Kara should have gone home. Like others have said, it was way too simple a dress. I like Z's dress. It was pretty and kind of Western design interwoven with the African garb. It looked like she put some thought into it whereas Kara's looked like it took a half an hour to do from start to finish. I liked Z, but maybe her urban motif will not work because she's just not there yet to make it more universal to sell to a wider market. Kind of the same problem as Gudelupe who targeted "happy-girl rebel" group, Diana who cornered the geek-not-getting-out-of-the-house market, and Marla's "I'm an older woman darn it, and I'm proud of it" market. But Kara's didn't look like she really even tried. I guess I represent the "dude-in-need-of-a-life" perspective.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Weinie View Post
    I guess I represent the "dude-in-need-of-a-life" perspective.
    I am right there alongside you on this one.

    I also think Kara's was horrible enough to go home. I liked Z's concept, but I did not like her execution. To me in no way did it represent or interpret any aspect of an African dress. Other than color that is. But just by using the color red doesn't mean it is some 'new' or 'innovative' form of an African garment. Nonetheless, they are both not up to par to be in this competition.

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    Unless something really bizarre happens tomorrow, Kara will be going home this next episode, big diff, except to the card carrying members of the Zoozilla Tar and Feather Association ("ZooTFA").

    I have next to no familiarity with African garment design, or any kind of African design, can someone with any more knowledge or familiarity than myself point out any connection between African design and what Zoozilla produced? Other than the color? I'm really curious.

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