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Thread: 1/4 Show Discussion Thread **Spoilers**

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    I'm beginning to wonder if Santino actually knows how to construct a woman's bodice. Tim Gunn says that, instead of predesigning his creations, which is the normal process, Santino puts fabric up on the form and just keeps adding (and adding and adding).

    His tops never flatter or follow the form of an actual women's bustline - they actually flatten the profile. Heh - flatten not flatter. I'm cleverer than I thought.

    I suspect that Nikki Hilton was swayed by Santino's personality more than his dress. How can she POSSIBLY have liked those gauche, huge, braided straps? They looked very amateurish, like something I might put together with leftover scrap the night before Halloween.

    Man, to each his own I guess.
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    I am outraged that Guadalupe got cut!!! Granted, her derss was butt ugly, but at least she created something new. Marla's complete lack of creativity and confidence makes me wonder why she's still there. She never created a great design, and she doesn't trust her own style...what kind of designer doesn't trust her owne voice?!? Although Guadalupe created such an ugly dress, her barbie dress was adorable!!! I'm so disappointed...

    I loved Nick's dress, but maybe it was too sophicticated for Nicky Hilton's taste.

    Overall, I'm confused with the braids and poofy dresses. I guess I don't understand fashion.

    Next episode seems so unfair. Designers pair up and both of them get eliminated? The preview made it seem like Zulema and Cara were having a tough time, but I would be upset if they had to go because right now, only Marla truly deserve to go!!! Marla and Diane combination seems disaster to me. Marla with no vision and little skill, and Diane with conceptual designs with strings and patterns that complicated everything. But I really hope that they don't lose just because I want Diane to stay. If Diane can learn to do less, I think her designs can be fabulous.

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    Quote Originally Posted by spiffy View Post
    Why are all these designers so enamoured with straps?
    Tim Gunn talked about this in his blog last season. These challenges are so fast that no one has time to construct sleeves. In the Barbie challenge, Emmet had sleeves and TG commented on it. I guess we have to get used to straps.

    I thought this was an interesting explanation from TG's blog:

    Quote Originally Posted by onehotbitch
    Beautiful and with a great figure, Nicky Hilton is a leader in the younger socialite world. She's being groomed for greatness, so her every step must be thoughtful and strategic. Nicky's youth mitigates her need to be more conservative (she wears Heatherette after all), but her aesthetic must not be conflated with that of her sister, Paris, who more appropriately belongs in the category of entertainer. Therefore, Paris can risk looking like a float in a parade, if she chooses.

    I didn't think of it that way, but it makes Guadalupe's dress seem very inappropriate in this context. (Still, Marla should have been axed.)
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    Check out the results of the Rate the Runway section on the official site. Interesting. Nick's is first, followed closely by Daniel. Santino's design is 5th. Actually the way the rankings are now is exactly how I would have ranked them, with Marla's being last (although I really, really hated Zulema's).
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    Tim's blog name is onehotbitch!
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    Quote Originally Posted by SnowflakeGirl View Post
    I love the way Nicky is the "serious" Hilton sister because she dyed her hair dark and speaks at a lower register. It reminds me of the evil twins on Bewitched or I Dream of Jeannie.

    While I have yet to catch an episode (hard to do when my only access to Bravo is at the gym), looking at the dresses at the website, Nick's dress seemed like a clear winner to me. Santino's looked a lot like everything else he's done so far. And I think that those who have wondered about his ability to fit a dress to a woman's body by sewing rather than draping and tying may be right.
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    Has anyone been on Diana's on line journal - it may tell us where she will be in February -

    Thought her dress - wasn't a complete winner - but I did like the top and belt portion - and the bottom was o.k - didn't think it made the butt look any bigger than Danny's dress made his model's look

    More than a few of the designers are recognizable - Santino - Chloe - Guadalupe - Daniel F - Diana - but - I don't think that is a bad thing - and Marla's and Zulema's are recognizable - because they are always the ugliest - and Emmett's is recognizable - because it is always boring (but I did like his Muslin dress)

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    Once again Santino stays true to form and pleats and braids and bunches. Good thing he chose a light-weight fabric! Come on designers - break your own molds and put out something with a clean line. While I liked the bias strap on the back of Nick's dress, I would like to see him sew a straight hem - just for contrast

    Marla, Marla...let yourself go, girl! Tim thinks there might be a creative Marla buried in there somewhere - but, please - find her fast. You know, you really should have been given the airy kiss-off along with Lupe. Looks like they had budgeted to cut just one and bad design won out over knock-off bad taste.

    While Chloe does design a clean line, her colors are becoming boring. Come on Chloe...show us floating pastels or other contrasting jewel tones.

    When I first saw Daniel's print, I thought it looked tacky...but then the model swung down the runway and WOW - way to go!

    Zulema - back to the leather bustier. I seem to remember Tim say at auditions that "they" were sick of bustiers. While I (personal taste) like the combo of silk and denim, I can't get around leather and chiffon; or her hard attitude.

    Diana - interesting design but not one to make a woman go YES! I must have that.

    Kara - petite bust equals high waist. The petal skirt was interesting but the all black was boring.

    And Emmett - When you entered the competition it was to prove that you could design women's coutiere. Why are you making excuses now? Have you decided you really should stick with menswear?

    I'm trying to picture Nicky Hilton wearing Santino's design...yes, I see it clubbing, but not at a charity event.

    How do they get to scramble next week?

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    amd I the only wone who actually liked Emmet's dress? I think his and Nick's were my two favorites.

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    "Marla, Marla...let yourself go, girl! Tim thinks there might be a creative Marla buried in there somewhere - but, please - find her fast. You know, you really should have been given the airy kiss-off along with Lupe. Looks like they had budgeted to cut just one and bad design won out over knock-off bad taste."

    Actually, she just needs an airy kiss from a hot dude or woman, whatever her preference is. (With fashion, you never know). She needs to have a hot night with wildness. Maybe visit the weenie man a time or two. She's wound up so tight. And, if she's gonna go down, she might as well have fun doing it. Marla, call me.

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