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Thread: 1/4 Show Discussion Thread **Spoilers**

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    Did anybody think that Marla's dress top looked just like a mash up of Daniel F's lingerie from the last episode but worse? I really wanted Marla to go, but no, and this is another dumb decision (the other one being Satino > Daniel F). Atleast Cara (another model which I hate), is stuck with Marla, so she goes, the model does too, because do you seriously think anybody will choose Cara over their current model or any of the other ones?

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    I think they should send Santino to Queer Eye for a makeover...he looks like something you'd find in a House of Horror.
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    I forgot to mention Kara! Her dress was stunning.

    I think Nicky didn't choose it because as lovely as it was, it was maybe a bit sophisticated or 'old glamour' for Nicky and she's looking for what will get her some ink... but still be this side shy of 'what was she thinking'. Kara's dress has been seen in some form before... with the weirdness hanging off it, Santino's was more likely to get her some ink.

    Kara's dress would've been flattering on an actress though... hers and Nicks were more suited to the red carpet. I think Nicky just wants to get that solo shot in the tabs and celeb mags. With a little caption under it about how her clothing line has braiding too

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    I completely agree with all of you who have said Santino's dress was too busy both on top and with too many layers on the skirt. I only think it worked for Nicky Hilton because she doesn't have much of a bust line. If anyone who had a bigger chest wore that dress they'd end up looking fat/bulky (even if they were just as thin otherwise), especially given the short waist and crazy layers.

    My favorites were Nick and Daniel, though I liked Andrae's, Emmett's and Cara's dresses as well. Chole's did not fit right, reminiscent of Daniel F in the semifinals. It'd be a great dress for a Tara Reid moment. Diana's was meh only...looked terribly 80's to me. Zulema's was terrible, but not as bad as the bottom two, just a tad above in my estimation. I was torn between auf-ing Marla and Lupe, as they both were "sad". I think I would have eliminated Marla because she copied the Chole dress (and poorly at that). Lupe's was butt-ugly, but at least it was original and not copied right out of the dossier.

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    Another celebrity judge and another decision don't agree with. First Nancy O'dell and now Nicky Hilton.

    Overall I thought there was too much black, I would have liked to have seen a bigger color variety in the gowns.

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    First, I have to say that I am LOVING this show!!

    Nick and Santino have been my favs from the beginning. However, my opinion of Santino gets lower with each episode. I didn't dislike his dress from this show, but I am starting to wonder if he can create a design without all the braid/trim/embellishment stuff. It started out interesting, but I'd really like to see some more variety from him. But even more, I cannot stand his hater attitude. Nick is fantastic and Santino knows it, but did Santino even give him a "good job/congrats" for winning the Barbie contest? NO, instead after this win he pulls the "it doesn't matter if I lost the Barbie competition because THIS ONE was SOOOO much more important" - blech! I can't stand that! Santino may be a good designer, but it is his attitude that is wickety-wack

    There were a number of designs that I liked from this show (Daniel, Kara, even Emmett), but I still though Nick's was by far the best. I am loving his designs and his attitude

    As far as the Marla/Guadalupe situation. I hated both of the dresses, but I really thought Marla should have been out for her copy-cat design. At least Guadalupe's was ....unique.

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    The auctions page for the current episode (Social Scene, Episode 5). Very interesting to see which order the bidding is in!! Nick's dress is first, and Marla's is last - with Zulema close to last too... the viewers have opened their bank books and spoken...

    Link: http://projectrunway.auction.shopthe...php?category=6

    I had a feeling each episode the clothes would go for more money... the first episode, prices ENDED where (or below) they are starting this time. Nick's is already over $500.

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    Awesome episode! Nicky Hilton looked like sh** on a stick at her 'party'. Her hair was so matted and flat

    The Chloe dress that Marla copied was hideous anyway, how hilarious was it when at judging Heidi goes "you wore a dress just like that, I'm surprised" translation: wow, you don't have any taste, why are you on my show

    Santino is a one-trick pony, as some of you mentioned. As much as I love my Chloe Dao, her dress did not fit and was a wickety-wack variation of her 'clothes off my back dress'. I would have chosen Kara's dress, it was gorgeous, but I agree that it's not Nicky's style, it's my style, give it to me

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    The thing that bugged me most about Marla's was that she copied the design then altered it to make it look about as unattractive as possible. How can a stick figure model end up looking frumpy and/or pregnant? That took effort. Pulling the diamond-shaped panels into the navel was the opposite of a sexy look. Truly, that dress was hideous and she should have been out even without considering that she copied it.

    I wish Diana would cut down on her "conceptual" stuff because I thought the bodice of hers was nicely done. I liked the straps with rhinestones and the very fitted style done with different textures. If she had paired it with a simple skirt instead of a mish-mash it would have been a great dress.
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    First time I have checked out the auction. Pretty interesting. Thanks for the link Brandy.

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