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Thread: Tim Gunn

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    Tim...Mr Gunn...whatever I'm supposed to be calling him, is going to be on 2 episodes of Ugly Betty this winter. I think they said that they would air in February.
    Before we begin, what are the parameters of the guessing game? How many guesses do I get? Is there a time limit?

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    Unfortunately (and understandably,) I don't have a subscription to Women's Wear Daily, so I can't read the full article BUT they announced:

    Liz Claiborne Appoints Tim Gunn Chief Creative Officer
    By Whitney Beckett
    Liz Claiborne Inc. is bringing out the big Gunn.

    Tim Gunn is joining the company as chief creative officer, a new post — and the first major appointment by Claiborne’s new chief executive officer William L. McComb.
    Which means Tim Gunn is leaving Parsons! I've heard that he was going to have trouble participating in the next season of PR based on scheduling at Parsons, so this makes me wonder whether we will see Tim again on PR, or even Parsons for that matter.

    I feel a little ill.. after Jeffrey's (undeserved) win, I was looking forward to a new season of PR to start with a clean slate. Now I wonder if it can ever be the same.
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    Tim Gunn was on Ugly Betty tonight (Feb. 1). He played in the Fashion Week episode. I'm going to miss him on PR, if he doesn't come back.

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    I'll miss him too. His comments were always great, insightful and helpful

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    Quote Originally Posted by corprip;2223157;
    Which means Tim Gunn is leaving Parsons! I've heard that he was going to have trouble participating in the next season of PR based on scheduling at Parsons, so this makes me wonder whether we will see Tim again on PR, or even Parsons for that matter.
    I read a couple of articles related to this and they mentioned that Tim would continue with Project Runway. One said that Liz Claiborne supports Tim's TV activities--some good publicity for them, no doubt!

    Since Tim mentioned that one of the stumbling blocks with him returning to PR was scheduling with the school term, this solves the problem. Perhaps a sponsor will come forward with space (Macy's?? Liz??) they would use instead of Parsons. I think they had workspace at Macy's for the FW show last season.

    ETA: PR will be at Parsons, according to the New York Post.
    http://www.nypost.com/seven/02022007...am_buckman.htm. Interesting, this one says they are still negotiating with Tim--other articles made it sound pretty certain he would stay on PR.
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    I hope Tim Gunn stays on Project Runway. His criticisms were always on point and were never mean spirited. I liked his role as the mentor and I don't think anyone else could fill that role.

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    Tim confirms he'll be back for Project Runway in this article.

    Tim Gunn Thinks Michael Knight Needs to Get Out of Atlanta

    Weíre glad Bravo resisted the urge to overexpose Project Runway, but itís killing us not to have a Bryant Park show to make bets on. So we found the next best thing: Tim Gunn, in the front row of the Heart Truth show.

    Didnít you get the memo? Youíre supposed to be wearing red.
    I donít know that I have any red in my wardrobe! Maybe I have to fix it. I saw the John Barlett show. There was a wonderful cardigan with red piping. Iíll talk to John.

    You have a new job at Liz Claiborne. Will you still be on Project Runway?
    Yeah! Thatís part of the requirement. My requirement. I said to Bill McComb, if I canít keep doing these things that are such incredible fun for me, then I wouldnít want to do that.

    Are any Project Runway alums showing this season?
    Malan is showing. Have you heard about Jay McCarroll? Is he showing?

    He showed in the fall ó it was great.
    But then why stop the momentum, is my question.

    Have you two been in contact?
    Regretfully, Iím not. Iíd like to be, but only if heís willing to talk.

    Are you in touch with season-three winner Jeffrey Sebelia?
    Yes! I am. He just has so many things on his plate. He just needs to make some very difficult and strategic decisions about what he wants to do. And Michael Knightís in the same position. Heís talking to a lot of people about a lot of different directions. I want him to come to New York, to be perfectly honest. I think we need to get him out of Atlanta. Which is not a denigration of Atlanta ó heís in too much of a comfort zone there, and heís so incredibly talented.

    What can we expect from next season?
    We havenít really even begun discussions yet. We need to determine when weíll have auditions. I think weíre going to have an even higher level of design come out of this. I love the fact that we can have a design dialogue and less of a discussion about things being poorly made. óRachel Wolff

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    Thanks for the link, SweetViolet. I simply adore Tim Gunn, and am thrilled he'll still be mentoring on PR. I'm one of thousands (millions? ) who feel he's irreplaceable, and the heart of the show.
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    Another article confirming Tim Gunn's return for season 4



    NEW YORK, NEW YORK (April 5, 2007) The Weinstein Company, Bravo, and Miramax are pleased to announce that Tim Gunn will return for the fourth season of the Emmy-nominated premier fashion design reality series PROJECT RUNWAY. Gunn will re-join the show as a mentor along with the panel of judges including designer Michael Kors, ELLE Magazine fashion director Nina Garcia and supermodel Heidi Klum. Klum will also return as host of the series, which is the most watched show on Bravo in the history of the cable network. The joint announcement was made today by Harvey Weinstein, Co-Chairman of The Weinstein Company and Lauren Zalaznick, President of Bravo.

    The Weinstein Company and Miramax are co-producing the show through their co-financing agreement. The Weinstein Company is the lead studio and is handling worldwide distribution.

    Tim Gunn stated, "I am thrilled to make it official that I will be back in the workroom for season four of 'Project Runway'. We're in the midst of casting the designers now and I can already see that it will be another amazing season."

    Harvey Weinstein stated, We could not be more excited that Tim is back to mentor and inspire this seasons crop of aspiring designers. His passion, creativity and dedication to the contestants and the world of fashion have helped make the show such a commercial and critical success.

    Bradley Buchanan, vice president of business and legal affairs for The Weinstein Company, negotiated the deal on behalf of Project Runway. UTA and Eric Weissler of Jackoway Tyerman Wertheimer Austen Mandelbaum & Morris represented Tim Gunn in negotiations.

    PROJECT RUNWAY gives aspiring designers a chance to break into the notoriously difficult-to-crack fashion world. Each week, a designer is eliminated from the competition after exhibiting their work in front of the panel of judges. The second and third seasons of this breakout series have generated critical acclaim and record ratings. The series has consistently been the top show on cable on Wednesdays among key demographics and has shattered the records set by the finale of season one. The series has been Wednesday's number one show on cable among adults 18-49.
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    Re: Tim Gunn

    This was in the "The Week's Best Celeb Quotes" in People magazine:

    • "The only time that I balked and almost had to be resuscitated was when someone told me that they loved [designer] Vincent [Libretti's] work. When I recovered, I had to persuade myself that they were confusing his work with that of someone else!"
    – Project Runway mentor Tim Gunn, on crazy experiences during his show's season 4 auditions, to Entertainment Weekly

    So we can assume that person he's talking about won't be in PR next season
    I miss his podcasts

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